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  1. can't get it to work
  2. The game install .NET framework every single time I launch it.
  3. Is the game worth it?
  4. Change resolution?
  5. Wiimote support?
  6. Mouse acceleration
  7. Really enjoying the game but AGH, HEADACHES
  8. [Solved] render: a necessary GL function is missing(shader 0)
  9. Is the whole series coming to steam?
  10. The game takes 5 times more time installing than downloading
  11. Sixth.Sense Achievement
  12. Issues with Beat
  13. WiiWare vs Steam
  14. Refund Policy
  15. Mac Glitch
  16. new problem: fullscreen resolution and crashes on ATI cards
  17. Review - 10 Dollar Gaming
  18. Not Responding
  19. hidden cutscene?
  20. Refresh rate
  21. What the [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] its still not working
  22. Help, cant play
  23. Prospective buyers: Resolution issue has been fixed!
  24. I'm having some trouble launching the game.
  25. Fresh Install, won't launch
  26. Crash when logging into twitter?
  27. Use a touchscreen
  28. Steam client must be running to play BIT.TRIP BEAT
  29. "failed to create fallback shader" error
  30. No Sound
  31. bit.trip saga or only beat?
  32. Mouse sensitivity...
  33. Difference between the difficulties?
  34. Co-Op
  35. Font squint blues
  36. Unplayable due to performance issues
  37. Difficult...I like it!
  38. And another thing that's "wrong"
  39. Does this make any sense? Fail sale is fail
  40. Problem !
  41. Um, I don't think the game is supposed to do this...
  42. Anyone use a controller?
  43. DirectX 9.0 Web Setup
  44. Black screen, then crash.
  45. No Sound
  46. effed up sound
  47. Black screen, but sound and input still works.
  48. Stuck in Descent
  49. Rules
  50. Dosent start
  51. OpenGL could not be initialized?
  52. Messed up Screen Resolution
  53. A possible solution [black screen at launch]
  54. Found a Fix!!!! (ATI Users, please read)
  55. Can't read the options text :(
  56. Works just fine on OS X!
  57. Yay, I've beat it!
  58. Stelladapter
  59. Help! stuck on a certain resolution
  60. [BIT.TRIP series]Any other installment coming to Steam?
  61. Anyone have a guest pass (if it's possible to have such a thing for this game)?
  62. Pad gets stuck
  64. Series as a whole?
  65. Way to alter the Visual Effects?
  66. Mac OSX 10.5.8 Unsupported?
  67. is there a waay to make this game windowed
  68. Weird lag issues
  69. Resolution Out of Range on startup
  70. Game won't start
  71. Game won't install.
  72. Growth Boss Help
  73. Black screen on startup
  74. Enough is enough !!
  75. Bit.Trip CORE Coming in 2-5 Months
  76. No progress bars visible
  77. wow....
  78. RUNNER Announced!
  79. Demo?!
  80. Game won't start
  81. OpenGL error... any solution?
  82. [SOLVED] Graphics problem on BIT.TRIP RUNNER
  83. BIT.TRIP Runner Applaunch Code?
  84. BIT.TRIP Runner Vsync and FPS Issue
  85. Solution for the NO SOUND issue
  86. bit.trip Runner: The Gauntlet
  87. Is 360 pad actually working?
  88. Queasy...
  89. BIT.TRIP Runner: No hard difficulty?
  90. OpenGL could not be initialized
  91. BIT.TRIP RUNNER won't start
  92. Cant install .net 4
  93. No tablet support
  94. Music+BIT.TRIP
  95. Dual Screen bug?
  96. Boss headache :o
  97. Improper folder name and location (Document folder)
  98. "Improved Particles"?
  99. Broke my desktop
  100. My review :D
  101. Splitted in sublevels?
  102. Update
  103. problem with OP screen dpi
  104. .net entry point not found
  105. Why is the paddle the same color as the background
  106. Mac issue SHOULD be fixed
  108. Black screen at startup then crash.
  109. The game don't start
  110. Long.Fall achievement?
  111. Graphics Problem
  112. Prelude Potato
  113. Help release Portal 2 early by playing BIT.TRIP BEAT!!!
  114. Growth has borken graphics
  115. Hurts to play
  116. I just bought it and it can't install due to error
  117. Alright, last question. For Bit.Trip.Beat!
  118. Flickering Graphics Problem
  119. Scroll Wheel as Controller?
  120. I'm getting an error: "sound:could not access device"
  121. An Issue with this game (Can't even play it)
  122. Halp! Game Desperately Needs V-sync
  123. How am i the only one without problems?
  124. Cannot Install
  125. Problem with the potato.
  126. PERFECT.SPECIMEN Achievement
  127. If you thought YOU had it hard...
  128. Game freaks out after beating <test>
  129. Input Signal Out of Range?
  130. Game won't load?
  131. A fix? (Out Of Range problem)
  132. Minor graphic quirk when playing in easy mode
  133. Everytime I click on the Test level on Bit.Trip.Beat the game crashes
  134. Black screen bug.
  135. Second <test> potato
  136. "Failed to create fallback shader" Error
  137. Beat is amazing!
  138. Fatal Error: No such file: Portal_2_-_Science_Can_Be_Fun.ogg
  139. Orange blocks go through paddle
  140. Question to devs
  141. no <test> level?
  142. Bit.Trip Beat Windowed Mode Mac
  143. My save data has been deleted...
  144. music influence?
  145. Text not showing up and other graphical issues.
  146. Unable to start on Mac
  147. Fatal error - Sound related
  148. Instruction Game Manual
  149. Level 1-1?
  150. You aren't going to unlock the Summer Camp achievement, so just walk away.
  151. Finished level 1-1
  152. So this is what epilepsy feels like...
  153. SUN.BATHING Achievement Explained
  154. Crash upon Start
  155. It's PARTAY TIM-- crash.
  156. Advice for Transition
  157. Not just the distorted screen...
  158. Does the paddle feel less precise for anyone else?
  159. Got the achievement, but not the ticket.
  160. Cant Launch BIT.TRIP BEAT
  161. The "Test" level is incredibly laggy
  162. HOUSE.PARTY achievement!
  163. Problem with BIT.TRIP BEAT & BIT.TRIP RUNNER.
  164. A question
  165. Start Up Issue
  166. Game Suggestions
  167. Unable to launch the game
  168. Announcement dates for CORE, VOID, FATE and FLUX?
  169. So you really have to beat each world without dying?
  170. SIXTH.SENSE achievement broken?
  172. Test level - ends, no game over or high score?
  173. ATI/AMD driver fix
  174. Mac version starts messed up
  175. Game won't close? (Windows Vista)
  176. Stuck at "Performing first time setup"
  177. Mac Version of Bit.Trip Runner starts messed up
  178. iPhone version
  179. Rest of the BIT.TRIP games.
  180. Bit Trip can't recognize my clicks?
  181. I feel a disturbance in the input
  182. Leader Board: Transition - Normal
  183. Game crashes as soon as it starts
  184. Daily Deal
  185. Super Awesome Crazy Fun Time!
  186. Unable to download Beat.trip beat
  187. Servers currently too busy
  188. Wheres the Soundtrack?
  189. Bought Soundtrack, but no know how to use it/download it!
  190. How to enable gamepad Support?
  192. Brilliant interpretation of the BIT.TRIP series' invisible narrative: human existence
  193. My reflexes aren't fast enough for this.
  194. Do I have to use an XBOX360 game pad to play this game with gamepad settings?
  195. Yes that gamepad acheivement IS possible
  196. MEAT.BOY SMELLS isn't too bad
  197. Inability to Enter Descent
  198. Display driver dies upon starting
  199. Need help before I buy.
  200. [H] 6 Coals,coupons [W] Bit trip beat
  201. [H] 7 Coal [W] Bit trip beat
  202. Whats the prize for doing the objective?
  203. Pink! Pink everywhere! What's the deal?
  204. Change/Disable background?
  205. [Video] First Impressions BIT.TRIP BEAT
  206. Can't start
  208. Bittrip collection weird pricing atm
  209. Should you get Bit. Trip Beat?
  210. BIT.TRIP BEAT bundle
  211. Beats going through paddle
  212. What if ...
  213. Got Wiimote working with Bit.Trip Beat using 1:1 motion
  214. Graphic card problem only in Steam version
  215. Beats and Me
  216. BEAT.exe system error
  217. Error when trying to launch
  218. Bit.Trip Beat Playthrough