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  1. So... any thoughts?
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  9. Is this like Goldeneye 007?
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  11. Comparing Blood Stone to QoS
  12. Is There Steam Achievments?
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  14. Hacker or bug?
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  19. Hope you don't need any bug fixes
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  22. I get stuttering in the game! Help!
  23. Does Razer ONZA Controller work?
  24. Three other players and I were able to play multiplayer
  25. How does this compare to Quantum of Solace
  26. Blood Stone crashes on startup.
  27. $30USD?
  28. Where do I report hackers?
  29. I click play and it crash...
  30. No dialog in cut scenes, other sounds working.
  31. Control prompts for 360 pad?
  32. New Moneypenny?
  33. Anyone got a manual for Blood Stone ???
  34. Game Glitch? Can't Proceed. Aquarium transmitter feedback loop
  35. quick review vague spoilers
  36. Can i run blood stone james bond on my pc?
  37. Is this game good?
  38. Multiplayer
  39. Is it worth $14.99?
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