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  1. So how is this game?
  2. Display Resolution
  3. Am I the only one whose mouse doesn't work?
  4. 5 hours into the game
  5. How to talk with the girl ?
  6. walkthrough
  7. Stuck, please help someone!
  8. Where is the savedata?
  9. Professor's Eye
  10. Who is the lady that does the voiceover for the trailer?!
  11. Eye
  12. [Fixed] Fix for stuck action menu?
  13. Entering the code....
  14. CPAL3D out error
  15. What was the sons name?
  16. Beat the game: my thoughts/review.
  17. What I Think of the Game (Review)
  18. Bad update?
  19. String Format Bug
  20. Code Theolex
  21. airport
  22. Please help !
  23. [Fixed] Game broke
  24. Ok sooo
  25. Unable to delete saved game
  26. esc key wont bring up the main menu
  27. Problem or Glitch from Morgue Dialog
  28. Problem with 16/9 Mode display option
  29. [Fixed] Game breaking bug
  30. Confused about resolution?
  31. So how is the game?
  32. Tom is mad at me.
  33. Saving a game
  34. Dialog is mute
  35. Ending... (does contain spoilers, don't read if you're not finished)
  36. Cannot delete saved games
  37. does some know where i can download the savegames?
  38. When is the next update due
  39. Just Adventure game review
  40. cpal3d crash on switching to window mode
  41. Petrenkov Door Glitch?
  42. Posters
  43. ePrison Review
  44. stuck
  45. Any games like this that are actually good?
  46. Display aspect ration questions & observations
  47. Mandatory sale thread: Is this game worth 5?
  48. Czech version
  49. Play as up to 4 different characters in the story?
  50. mouse and keyboard not working HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  51. No compatible video mode found for this adapter
  52. Mouse drivewn ,how to close game properly
  53. cpal3d error