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  2. first thread: if I have already purchased...
  3. Demo?
  4. Any chance of Steam Cloud Support?
  5. What A Mess
  6. Press Release: Guardians of Graxia Now Available on Steam
  7. Great Game for the price.
  8. Is this game worth buying?
  9. Multiplayer?
  10. Randomly Generated Maps?
  11. Cant get past the loading screen.
  12. Tips for a new player?
  13. impressions/suggestions (didn't play much)
  14. Modding and mega files
  15. Where's my profile gone?
  16. Wonky Achievements
  17. Just bought the game....thoughts
  18. Deck/Army Builder?
  19. 3 bugs I've noticed so far
  20. Multiplayer?
  21. Opponent's cards
  22. First impressions of a boardgame grognard
  23. Guardians of Graxia Question
  24. xfire
  25. events
  26. Are alternate choices marked as "Unknown Event"?
  27. Any way to figure out the events?
  28. Last level - "End the war"?
  29. Amazing game, some feedback from me
  30. Map Pack 1 Now Available!
  31. In the shadow of the Valley -> glitched?
  32. Anyone else seeing this ability bug?
  33. Events, how do they work?
  34. I have just bought Guardians of Graxia
  35. Possible attack bug
  36. Win a key to Guardians of Graxia!
  37. Panzer General Allied Assault - a question for the developers
  38. campaign 2, giants (spoilers)
  39. No Draw distance?
  40. Horsemen of K'lan quick fire bugs out sometimes? Anyone else getting this?
  41. Last scenario help (spoilers)
  42. Which skirmish scenario is the most interesting?
  43. Menu/Graphical Issues
  44. Map Pack 1 Screenshots
  45. Bugs
  46. Bugs & Issues (Read first before posting game issues!)
  47. Congrats Achievement Acquirers!
  48. Event list (major spoilers)
  49. Scenario 3 Issue: Possible cause of not getting credit for saving all of the villages
  50. Guardians of Graxia DLC Tomorow WOOHOO!
  51. Need a new desktop wallpaper? Here are three Graxia ones!
  52. Friday the 19th Launch/Crash Issue (Resolved)
  53. Game doesn't start at all
  54. Map Pack issue RESOLVED, you can now restore profiles & saves
  55. What does the new patch contain?
  56. WTF?! - Game Will Not Start Now!
  57. How long does the AI take
  58. One thing about battle value calculation, what I don't understand
  59. Another thing, I don't understand about moving
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  61. issues and kudos
  62. please, somebody help me~
  63. About mana
  64. Is there a good replay value?
  65. How does this compare to the Culdcept games?
  66. Stutters and chop
  67. New achievements, no map pack
  68. First DLC, any thought when the next will be released?
  69. Conquer Steam achievements and win a copy of the next expansion!
  70. war simulation
  71. Graphical settings?
  72. game doesnt start - configuration incompatibility?
  73. A Few Suggestion
  74. POLL: What more of would you like to see in an expansion?
  75. Guardians of Graxia FAQ
  76. is it true there is no multiplayer?
  77. French reviews of Guardians of Graxia
  78. Join us for Petroglyph's 12 Games of Christmas Holiday Giveaway!
  79. A secret winter attack approaches Graxia...
  80. Guardians of Graxia v1.5 update Now Live!
  81. Campaign Mission 6
  82. Wargamer.com shows off the first expansion screenshots
  83. No Cursor
  84. Unreadable card text
  85. Buy - yes or no for a noob?
  86. Before I said I'd wait until GoG had multiplayer
  87. Worth $2.50?
  88. How does one play this game ?
  89. Why you need to release the demo
  90. where's the map pack?
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  92. Major Graphic Problems
  93. "Failed to start (error code 51)"...
  94. No Draw?
  95. Launch Options
  96. What maps/units are the best for 25 defense and 15 kills achievements?
  97. Defense stats vs. health vs. attack
  98. A Quick Strike
  99. Game speed options are needed
  100. Suggestion: Margins between areas
  101. Suggestion: make the game more forgiving/predictable
  102. Possible to Discover All Unknown Events?
  103. Elves & Dwarves expansion random tile generation sneak peek screens
  104. Failed to start (error code 83)
  105. Does this game have unit upkeep?
  106. Is there a way to turn off the turn limit?
  107. Recent update?
  108. Latest Update cleared profile
  109. Elves & Dwarves coming February 1st - are you ready?
  110. Almost works with wine(linux)
  111. Elves And Dwarves? How?
  112. Random maps?
  113. Duration of Sale
  114. Difficulty level.
  115. Take a screenshot this weekend, win a mouse pad and key!
  116. Multiplayer
  117. So all the reviews say it's mediochre? How is it really?
  118. .......
  119. 45 mana max/ per round bug?
  120. Tower of Shadows
  121. Rise of Immortals unveiled (set in the world of Graxia)
  122. Printable manual?
  123. Summer Ticket Prize Booth Maps same as purchasable DLC Map Pack DLC?
  124. Game won't start
  125. Can't redeem summer prize
  126. Suggestions
  127. Games Similar?
  128. bug in skirmish
  129. New Steam Update?
  130. Summer Achievement
  131. Biggest problem here
  132. Fire Sale - Easy mode
  133. This game...I swear to God.
  134. I got the summer achievement while doing the tutorial.
  135. can't download the demo
  136. I call BS!
  137. Ticket Redemption Problem
  138. How to spawn giant in Scenario 2?
  139. Great game held back by issues
  140. 10 New Spell Cards.
  141. Recent review of Guardians of Graxia PC by Daily PC Game Reviews
  142. All text in-game reads “[TBL]“...
  143. Online or Local?
  144. Christmas Achievement - Gift of Efficacy (Savegame + Video)
  145. Game wont start
  146. Gift of Efficacy spell
  147. Gift of Efficacy Help and advice.
  148. Video Guide for the Achievement
  149. Unable to Enter into a game
  150. Campaign question: what can you take to the next mission?
  151. Trade Bunch of Heroes for a copy of GoG
  152. Can't move mouse on title screen
  153. How to start the game in window mode at 1600x900?
  154. Trading Amnesia or Fable for this game.
  155. any extra copies out there?
  156. Trading the witcher: enhanced edition directors cut for this.
  157. Day of defeat source
  158. Seriously, this is too hard