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  1. No run game
  2. no sound+crash
  3. Hangs/Crashes mid game...
  4. Played demo.
  5. May Help
  6. Controller support
  7. A truly EXTRAORDINARY game (Hooray for local co-op)!
  8. Solution for crashes / bad performance
  9. Non XBoX Controllers
  10. When I install the game the demo also installs
  11. Mac version?
  12. config file?
  13. Thanks for the demo...
  14. Crashes Fixed - Change Format to English (Canada) in Control Panel
  15. This game any good?
  16. co-op
  17. Played Demo, didn't count?!
  18. Object not archievemt
  19. How long
  20. If your justing getting the treasure hunt achievement
  21. How do i make this stop crashing?
  22. Too bright!
  23. Dont want tostart game...
  24. Demo doesn't even start!
  25. Fail Demo
  26. Who else jumped the gun and bought the game?
  27. Demo Crash (With report)
  28. Demo messes up my monitor.
  29. Works perfectly
  30. How do I reduce the bloom
  31. None of the other things installed right
  32. Why am I just getting a black screen?
  33. Crash fix for ATI users
  34. Undergarden developers, Go To Your Happy Place!
  35. How to fix the game
  36. No Demo To Download?
  37. Steam's "Show forum" points wrong
  38. Game is bad IMO
  39. For those that like this game.
  40. A Beautiful Game
  41. can't even play
  42. demo crashes on startup
  43. Little glitch near end of first level .. be careful *bombs*
  44. Audio problems? LiL bears stop playing music
  45. Best bassline ever
  46. No sound
  47. Solved - Non xBox Controllers
  48. Resolution problems (demo)
  49. Tips for 100% map completion
  50. Full Version still has that Canada bug HOWEVER the game is awesome
  51. I want this game, but demo performs poorly.
  52. How do I reset the f'in resolution?
  53. Updates messed up my computer
  54. 99%
  55. Anti Aliasing crashes game
  56. repair/uninstall C++. WHAT???
  57. setup has stopped working?
  58. Problem changing resolution
  59. Level 2 Gem Location?
  60. And my luck
  61. Lost progress during a crash
  62. exiting takes way too many clicks
  63. Two questions
  65. Missing Content?
  66. Do the musicians have to be carried to the end of the level?
  67. This game is marvelous
  68. Major Lag
  69. Cant play the undergarden
  70. Undergarden Randomly crashes, no fixes work
  71. No music from musicians or world