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  1. [Bug] Some Achivements Are Broken
  2. [Feedback] fire retardant suit
  3. [Suggestion] Dual Medigun
  4. [Bug] Bleed effects for DirectX 8 players
  5. [Suggestion] Dalokoh's Bar
  6. [Suggestion] Sentry replacement: Force field
  7. [Suggestion] Buff The Crusader's Crossbow
  8. [Bug] Selecting multiple items in your backpack yields no effect
  9. [Suggestion] spy marking enemys
  10. [Suggestion] Dispenser Loadout
  11. [Suggestion] The Weapon Tweaker
  12. [Suggestion] New Pyro´s Melee (Debuffer)
  13. [Suggestion] A new sapper for the Spy- The ticking trickster
  14. [Bug] No Grid View Icon in steam
  15. [Suggestion] Auto-Craft
  16. [Feedback] Make TF2 Accessable by the Colorblind
  17. [Suggestion] Pyro Core Change: Guarante MiniCrits on Burning Targets
  18. [Suggestion] The Everyone Update (~30 weapons!)
  19. [Suggestion] Powerjack and Gas Jockey Tweaks
  20. [Suggestion] Music loops on start menu?
  21. [Suggestion] Weapon Creation System
  22. [Suggestion] A couple new weps ideas and a new set
  23. [Suggestion] Buff Booties and Nerf Persuader, while not changing the Arabian Demoknight
  24. [Suggestion] Give the Eviction Notice the POW taunt
  25. [Suggestion] Turning the pyro into an offensive support class
  26. [Feedback] Vote and give Valve feedback: Which weapons need Beta changes?
  27. [Suggestion] Sniper SMG Idea
  28. [Suggestion] The Getaway: a stealth knife
  29. [Suggestion] The Mantreads: Boots are meant for kicking!
  30. [Suggestion] Lower Dead Ringer Damage Resist
  31. No More Blueprints?
  32. [Suggestion] SLIGHT Natascha Buff, reomve spin-up time penalty
  33. [Suggestion] Heavy Core Change Test - Slower Spin-up, Faster Spin-down
  34. [Suggestion] Pomson nerf
  35. [Suggestion] Phlogistinator Tweaks
  36. [Suggestion] Sniper Rifle Idea: The Lone Ranger
  37. [Suggestion] Half Life 3 Promo: Another Suggestion on the Crowbar's Stats
  38. Question
  39. [Feedback] Soldier Banner Revamp
  40. [Suggestion] Sniper Rifle Idea: The Crazed Gizari
  41. [Bug] The Strange Ullapool Caber Kills Count Problem/Bug
  42. [Suggestion] Engy Wrench Idea: The Fascinating Wrench
  43. [Suggestion] Man of Honor (Big Earner and Enforcer) fix
  44. [Feedback] What can we do to make the Quick Fix acceptable?
  45. [Suggestion] Buffing the Jag
  46. [Suggestion] Portal 2-style Action Menu
  47. [Feedback] Vote Thread - L'Etranger, Earner, Enforcer, Spycicle
  48. [Suggestion] New Scout Drink
  49. [Suggestion] Pyro's new set - The pyAiromaniac
  50. [Suggestion] Restore function and Gifted by tag
  51. [Suggestion] Sound suppressed pistol
  52. [Suggestion] Add an option to toggle the Scottish Resistance detonating underfoot stickies
  53. [Suggestion] Quick-Fix buff.
  54. [Suggestion] Reasonable Third Degree Balance
  55. [Suggestion] New engineer's wrench - The Energizer
  56. [Suggestion] Strange weapon ideas
  57. [Suggestion] New Engineer Secondary weapon idea: The Ronin Remedy
  58. [Suggestion] ScoutKnight -- a scattergun replacement
  59. [Suggestion] Spy-Baits Idea thread.
  60. [Suggestion] Backburner Changes
  61. [Suggestion] Another Garrote Wire suggestion
  62. [Suggestion] Try the Pain Train on Pyro
  63. [Suggestion] Silenced Revolver: The Heart Attack
  64. [Suggestion] New crate item type: 'Shiny'
  65. [Suggestion] Engineer Melee Idea: The 6 Million Dollar Wrench
  66. [Suggestion] What if afterburn...
  67. [Suggestion] Improve the Eureka Effect
  68. Anyone who have Phlog and can play on servers with low ping,I'm so jealous of you all
  69. [Suggestion] Weapon Set Bonuses.. For Weapons!
  70. [Suggestion] Test the sandvich fix.
  71. [Suggestion] Nerfs to balance the Tomygruvich
  72. [Suggestion] The Good Doctor (Engineer Wrench)
  73. [Suggestion] should the short circuit gain some metal back from projectiles it destroys?
  74. [Suggestion] Buff the Cow Mangler 5000
  75. [Suggestion] Valve, humor a Spy fanatic would ya?
  76. Some non-balance changes and fixes the game needs
  77. Commhud In Beta
  78. [Suggestion] Natascha rebalancing thread
  79. [Suggestion] double the consumption speed of the dalokohs bar
  80. [Suggestion] Battalions Backup?
  81. [Suggestion] Medigun Idea: The Schnelle-Munition
  82. [Suggestion] 2 Pyro weapons that are not flare guns, flame throwers or axes
  83. [Suggestion] Pyro Set: Enter the Dragon
  84. [Suggestion] Stock melee buff suggestion: Medic
  85. [Suggestion] ManBoats/Guntreads and Darwins Razorshield
  86. [Suggestion] Instead of Buffing Medic's Stock Melee...
  87. [Suggestion] Basic Mantreads buff
  88. [Suggestion] Nine Weapons - One Per Class
  89. [Feedback] How are we supposed to public play...
  90. [Suggestion] Mini-Crit Replacement Bonus for the Axtinguisher
  91. [Bug] Tomislav makes firing sounds when not firing
  92. [Feedback] Liberty Launcher Rebalancing suggestions 2012
  93. [Suggestion] Friendly Medic & Spy Disguises & Healing changes.
  94. [Suggestion] Make crits only deals x2 dmg instead of x3
  95. [Suggestion] Help Valve get player feedback in-game
  96. [Suggestion] Stock melee buff suggestion Part 2: Pyro
  97. [Suggestion] Splitting the Tomislav into two weapons: The Double-or-Nothing
  98. How much costs Ellis Cap in TF2 beta?
  99. [Help] We need more servers
  100. Spy-cicle change
  101. [Suggestion] New feature for testing - Give friendly Spies different cloak sounds
  102. [Feedback] Not Very Well Thought Out GRU Nerf That Would Maybe Fix Them Forever Probably
  103. Slightly different Market Gardener Idea.
  104. [Suggestion] New Revolver Concept: Curse of Vlad Tepes
  105. [Feedback] I have never noticed how quickly the sandvich is eaten.
  106. [Suggestion] Alternate Dalokohs Bar effect: Temporary health regeneration
  107. [Suggestion] How to fix the Enforcer (Courtesy of ungulateman)
  108. [Suggestion] Fix the Winger
  109. [Suggestion] silly enforcer idea
  110. [Suggestion] Give the Sandvich downside to Steak too
  111. [Suggestion] Different kind of downside to Beta Enforcer 2
  112. [Suggestion] Let's Rethink Sandvich and GRU
  113. [Suggestion] Bonesaws
  114. [Suggestion] Please allow the family buissness to be multi class
  115. [Suggestion] Very simple big earner and spycicle fix
  116. GRU downside idea
  117. [Bug] Phlogistinator instant recharge
  118. [Suggestion] A different downside for the tomislav
  119. [Suggestion] introduce shotgun that use slugs plz
  120. How Valve should really organize the classes
  121. [Suggestion] Buff Idea for the Winger
  122. [Suggestion] Stock melee buff suggestion Part 3: Scout
  123. [Suggestion] Short Circuit to drain uber/cloak instead?
  124. [Suggestion] Medigun - The Immolator
  125. [Suggestion] Soldier Shotty Suggestions.
  126. [Bug] "Performance report" going down...
  127. [Suggestion] Spy cloak: Blink of an eye
  128. [Feedback] Sandwich and Enforcer latest changes
  129. [Suggestion] Please change the milkman set
  130. [Suggestion] Dalokoh's buff
  131. [Suggestion] another way to see minicrit buff
  132. [Suggestion] Separate the Spycicle Into Two Weapons
  133. [Help] Simple Question
  134. [Feedback] Rate the sandvich change
  135. [Suggestion] alternate phlog idea
  136. [Suggestion] remove self-damage bleeding visual effect from boston basher
  137. [Suggestion] Heavy won't shout like a maniac while having the Tomislav equipped
  138. [Suggestion] alternate pomson idea
  139. [Suggestion] Heavy Shotgun Idea
  140. [Suggestion] Remove Airblast ability to push and extinguish
  141. [Suggestion] The Winger
  142. [Suggestion] Quick-Fix glows white while Mega-Healing
  143. [Suggestion] simple GRU downside idea
  144. [Suggestion] The Invisibility Machine (dispenser unlock)
  145. [Suggestion] Afterburn dropoff
  146. [Suggestion] Valve, you've fixed the wingers reload...
  147. Rocket Jumper Improvement
  148. [Feedback] Beta Enforcer Opinion Vote 1
  149. [Feedback] So how is the new Tomislav
  150. [Suggestion] Machina Change
  151. [Suggestion] BRUTAL Degreaser balance: no afterburn
  152. [Suggestion] Quick-Fix.. err.. fix
  153. [Feedback] JacquesLEBS suggestions for weapon fixes
  154. [Suggestion] Stock melee buff suggestion Part 4: Soldier
  155. [Suggestion] DR fix
  156. The Kitchen Pack
  157. [Suggestion] cp_doublecross (5cp version)
  158. [Suggestion] Every 2 months, remove the least used non-stock weapon
  159. [Suggestion] restore ability to eat your own steak
  160. [Suggestion] New Weapon - The Builder's Booster
  161. [Bug] Quick-fix democharge bug
  162. [Suggestion] After successful projectile collision check, recheck it with the hitscan hitboxes
  163. [Suggestion] How to make the Steak viable again after the Sandvich nerf
  164. [Suggestion] Spy buffs: Big Earner and L'Étranger
  165. [Suggestion] Valve, you properly nerfed the Sandvich....
  166. [Suggestion] Two medic ideas
  167. [Suggestion] Sandvich/Steak Tweak
  168. [Bug] quick-fix boston basher bug
  169. [Suggestion] Sandvich auto-aim
  170. [Suggestion] The Soda Popper needs to be reworked
  171. [Suggestion] A tiny buff for Invisible Watch & C&D
  172. [Suggestion] deadringer ideas
  174. [Suggestion] No crit sudden death cvar
  175. [Suggestion] Homewrecker gives mini-crits for 5 seconds
  176. How to Fix the Cow mangler 5000
  177. [Feedback] Let's Help Out Dr. Grordbort!
  178. [Suggestion] make the pomson drain cloak/ubercharge per hit
  179. Beta Enforcer Votes 1 Round 1
  180. [Suggestion] Something to test with the Wrangler
  181. [Suggestion] Winger fixing discussion
  182. [Suggestion] Vita-Saw-esque Soldier melee
  183. [Suggestion] Pyro need to have the way back. The Pyroporter
  184. [Suggestion] Issues with Gunboats/Teufort Tooth Kicker
  185. [Suggestion] Reverse the damage fall off of the Direct hit
  186. [Suggestion] Swap Random Crits with Random Mini-crits
  187. [Suggestion] [HEAVY] A (better) FIX for Sandvich
  188. [Suggestion] Dead Ringer Change
  189. [Suggestion] Random Dead Ringer Fix Thought
  190. [Feedback] Current Beta Enforcer - What's wrong with it?
  191. [Suggestion] Cowmangler charged shot goes thru teammates
  192. [Suggestion] give pyro medic speed?
  193. [Suggestion] Additional axtinguisher downside - ubersaw swing speed
  194. [Suggestion] CM5K: Minicrits when it would normally crit
  195. [Suggestion] flaregun that does dramatically increased damage vs buildings?
  196. [Suggestion] Physics reverser for the Pyro
  197. [Suggestion] Remove minisentry knockback
  198. [Suggestion] Improve Flame Thrower hit registration
  199. [Suggestion] New degreaser (or a new flamethrower)
  200. New medigun: The speedhax
  201. [Suggestion] A Bullet for Both Halves of the Brain: A Sniper Rifle Unlock
  202. [Suggestion] Direct Hit/Loch buff suggestions: Massive damage reduction as a miss penalty
  203. What was wrong with the Beta Pocket Soldier set?
  204. Looking for strange fists in Beta
  205. [Suggestion] disguises and ctf
  206. [Bug] Glitch on Hoodoo
  207. [Suggestion] Gamble duels
  208. [Suggestion] Nerf the Skill-less Laser Weapons
  209. [Suggestion] Two Enforcer ideas
  210. has an increased cloak drain rate for the enforcer downside been sugges
  211. [Help] Trading aint woking
  212. [Suggestion] Pyro buffs and nerfs
  213. [Suggestion] Useless Item Buffs
  214. [Suggestion] Short circuit buff
  215. [Suggestion] Creates
  216. [Feedback] Current Beta Enforcer - "What's wrong with it?" 2
  217. [Suggestion] Best Enforcer Idea Ever
  218. [Suggestion] Backpack Transfer
  219. [Bug] manmelter is reflectable
  220. [Suggestion] svf and mmmph
  221. [Suggestion] The new beta enforcer.
  222. [Help] Trading
  223. [Suggestion] DH/LnL idea
  224. [Suggestion] A Simple Downside for GRU/Equalizer
  225. [Suggestion] Projectile choping axe for pyro
  226. [Feedback] The Source Super Duper Kit
  227. [Suggestion] Buffalo steak hp regen bonus
  228. [Suggestion] Increase BB backcrit angle
  229. [Suggestion] three different ideas
  230. [Suggestion] Big Earner Changes
  231. [Suggestion] Degreaser balance.
  232. [Suggestion] new hibernating bear set bonus: ability to eat own steak
  233. [Suggestion] A Mantreads buff: the Shockwave
  234. [Suggestion] The Airforce
  235. [Suggestion] projectile hitboxes use a cylinder instead of a box?
  236. [Suggestion] The Defibrillator
  237. [Suggestion] Allow Scout to use SMG as an alternate primary
  238. [Suggestion] Okay valve, so you're not gonna balance the eviction notice...
  239. [Suggestion] Saharan Spy: I hope you like your tea
  240. [Suggestion] The Accurate
  241. [Suggestion] Translation
  242. [Suggestion] get normal trading back
  243. [Suggestion] reasonable downside for the 3rd degree
  244. [Suggestion] Enforcer nerf and Big Earner buff
  245. [Suggestion] Heavy/Pyro shotgun
  246. [Suggestion] Health related ideas that I've been thinking about
  247. [Suggestion] Sydney Sleeper: Should it mini-crit on headshot?
  248. [Feedback] Beta Enforcer Opinions Vote 2
  249. For the sake of pub play, another medigun that has no uber whatsoever
  250. [Suggestion] Drop system