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  1. Beta...When?
  2. Post your reviews of MNC here.
  3. I can't wait
  4. Angry Joe Show Review (for XBox)
  5. Further plans in the future?
  6. Ignore all 'TF2 Clone' Comments
  7. I would like to know if alot of people are going to play this game.
  8. What Class Is Your Favourite?
  9. Dedicated Servers
  10. Being Cool to Noobs
  11. Character Customization (Visual)
  12. MNC 4-Pack
  13. Port of X360 or not?
  14. Reanimator Podcast featuring Uber devs
  15. Anyone have any MNC questions?
  16. Is it just me or is anyone worried about the sniper.
  17. The first question I had after viewing the Steam trailer.
  18. BETA Release
  19. Custom Classes in Beta
  20. Is the Beta only for those who pre-purchase before the 16th?
  21. Beta and my birthday
  22. Uber's PC games roots
  23. Local Co-Op?
  24. Port Forwarding
  25. How about creating official Steam Community Group for Monday Night Combat?
  26. So... this beta...
  27. beta release time(i think)
  28. MNC Hats?
  29. We Should Create An IRC Channel, And Discuss HOW MUCH WE WANT THIS GAME RIGHT NOW
  30. Dedicated server Questions
  31. I asked on the Official Forums, now I ask on the Steam Forums, Soundtrack?
  32. Official MNC Steam Community Group
  33. Voicechat/Textchat?
  34. Monday Night Combat BETA Official Issue/Bug/Support
  36. Servers?
  37. mnc.exe has stopped working
  38. Linux dedicated server?
  39. NO SOUND
  40. Predictions about the community?
  41. Hard To Get a Blitz Game Started!
  42. Please add ping meter to scoreboard
  43. Dedicated server files
  44. Map filter in server browser not working
  45. Suggestion: Add current player count to the server browser.
  46. 1600x900 res
  47. No 16:9 screen ratio?
  48. Cant see any servers too join.
  49. Just two words: thank you!
  50. Things all Supports should know
  51. No demo, no buy
  52. Stop Whining, Give Feedback Instead!
  53. Can we get an "Official Suggestion Thread" thread?
  54. What do like & dont like about this game.?
  55. I'm interested in this, but...
  56. Message to the devellopers
  57. Monday Night Combat Wishlist Thread
  58. Issue: Sometimes the server browser fails to respond to mouse click.
  59. Crashing and freezing.
  60. Gunner: Class notes
  61. Issue Report: Unable to create internet game
  62. Watch the Credits
  63. This server has -67 slots open.
  64. Dedicated servers
  65. How to change team?
  66. How can we "grapple" as the Sniper?
  67. Great co op, My review on this game.
  68. Can't Join ANY games
  69. Could somebody post a PC vid?
  70. Has anyone else noticed giant framerate drops when online, but not in singleplayer?
  71. What's the point of the Assassin?
  72. cant open the game xp sp3
  73. MNC Demo Video (not associated with Uber)
  74. Xbox 360 controller support.. even in menus
  75. LAN host crashing
  76. Can't open game
  77. Xbox360 vs, PC: hacks are out.
  78. Bullseye: the team distractor.
  79. No EU Servers?
  80. Please explain the sniper "nerf" to me
  81. Will there be a mac version?
  82. Attempting to make Dedicated Server
  83. Lets talk achievements.
  84. Is this game VAC protected?
  85. Uber. More...active marketing for the game in the future maybe?
  86. Monday Night Combat in MacOSX?
  87. Hud Error
  88. Is there a spectator mode?
  89. How do people already have an achivement for this game?
  90. ATTN: Dedicated Server Creators
  91. credits
  92. Quick messages
  93. Randomly Exitting to Main Menu
  94. not receiving the bet
  95. Really enjoying this game
  96. Sound Suggestion
  97. Server current players
  98. I cant hear any sound...
  99. Number of official servers?
  100. Is it really going to be ready to go in one month?
  101. Day 1: Thursday Night Combat
  102. CrossFire
  103. Fix the Lobby!!!
  104. Nice! Is it going to have cross platform support?
  105. Housekeeping
  106. MNC Lowers Vent Volume in the Volume Mixer
  107. DLC
  108. can i run this?
  109. are there any servers?
  110. Even the credits are awesome
  111. MNC Patch?
  112. Sniper Endorsements Optimisation
  113. Changelog for the "patch" plz
  114. Lost my custom classes and all settings
  115. Monday Night Combat Beta Update Notes 1-16-11
  116. Still no sound!
  117. Crash when selecting classes
  118. Connection problems after patch
  119. Game resets my router
  120. Console Sensitivity.
  121. Do I need port forwarding to host ?
  122. New bug when hosting ?
  123. Left Handed Controls
  124. Game breaking bug: No keyboard input
  125. Singleplayer tag earning
  126. Crashing while hosting dedicated server.
  127. What is the best class for SP ?
  128. Linux Dedicated Server?
  129. Multiple Dedicated servers
  130. Suggestion SP
  131. Sooooo what is the diffrence
  132. crashes even more...
  133. Man this is a crash fest now XD
  134. Devs are testing a fix now
  135. Unable to download beta - please help
  136. A couple notes and observations to the developers.
  137. Server Browser not working?
  138. Grapple kill crashes game
  139. Take the countdown off of blitz server
  140. Lack of Server Capacity
  141. Advertising from a friend
  142. Assassin Montage ^.^
  143. When is the new patch coming out...got an exact time?
  144. LAN Issues
  145. Impossible to get my server listed?
  146. No password protected for co op(blitz mode)?
  147. Crashes worse after crash fix
  148. Is beta going on?
  149. No sound
  150. Workaround for no HUD glitch
  151. Resolution 1360 x 768 NOT Available
  152. Lagspikes ingame
  153. How do you host?
  154. Hit notification
  155. Suggestions (more)
  156. Does this feel like a pc game?
  157. Dedicated Server Log
  158. Sniper
  159. Not able to connect to any server!
  160. Dedicated servers
  161. Cannot connect to any servers
  162. Some suggestions/bug report
  163. Patch 2 Broke my server
  164. Crash on Launch
  165. Xbox360 Button Layout?
  166. Problem with Sprites
  167. Assassin reveals her face!
  168. Patch 2 Broke everything!
  169. Bunny hopping exploit
  170. Shaping up to be a good game
  171. Assassins are OP
  172. Firebase needs a massive nerf
  173. Characters running in place, connection to server dies.
  174. MNC Frequently Asked Questions [Read this first]
  175. Possible cheat?
  176. 4 pack please!
  177. I'm sorry to bring this up again... But any news on the sound?
  178. Removing Hackers
  179. Config, or the likes?
  180. How Do I Host?
  181. Just lost my custom classes... again.
  182. No Blitz Servers At All?
  183. How long will this beta last?
  184. Adding more bots to the bot spawner was a good idea...
  185. Little problem
  186. Simple Assassin gameplay video
  187. MNC has given me an unfathomable craving..
  188. Jack Bot's Cousin
  189. Achievements not registering?
  190. Does the reload perk effect the Sins lunge?
  191. Overtime Shenanigans
  192. Connection errors?
  193. Really Fun
  194. What endorsements should i be using on a custom assassin class?
  195. A few suggestions. (uber please read)
  196. PPL Realy Needs to Learn
  197. Crash problem
  198. Chat in game
  199. 7.1 support. (megalodon, G-35, Conventional)
  200. Achievement/Protag glitch?
  201. Command Line Support for Dedicated Servers Discussion
  202. Are there any Config edits for slowing down server browser speed/pings?
  203. More resolutions?
  204. Vac sucks - what else is new?
  205. Game exits immediately after launching
  206. Match earnings
  207. How do you set endorsements?
  208. Constantly losing connection
  209. G35: Sound Fix
  210. The Gunner's Mortar, tell me about it.
  211. Steam X-mas Sale.
  212. How does the game split the teams?
  213. ' Insert bot' Rush.
  214. No Blitz Servers?
  216. Trying out different roles
  217. Overlay support?
  218. Crash BEFORE startup?
  219. HOWTO: Ban Hackers
  220. Protags
  221. SHPOOPLE!
  222. Possible Server Commands
  223. Seeing a bad trend
  224. Game will not startup
  225. Tanks too good?
  226. What is With the Gray Navels?
  227. G35/7.1 Audio now working in latest patch
  228. Voice chat
  229. changelogs
  230. Lost connection to Singleplayer Game?!
  231. Achievement Problem: 10
  232. crash at splash screen
  233. Excellent!
  234. Question for assassins
  235. Balance changes (Sniper and Assasin)
  236. Thanks
  237. Mouse sensitivity now is broken
  238. BIG UPDATE!
  239. Aimbot already it seems
  240. Can we expect a map editor?
  241. questions before purchace!
  242. Server Browser is all over 350 ping!
  243. Passworld
  244. [Crash] turret creation crashing in blitz occasionally
  245. Playing with friends?
  246. add support for offline lan?
  247. Crash in Blitz.
  248. [Possible Bug] Healing not being counted in Career
  249. how do i play beta
  250. Monday Night Combat Videos