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  1. oh yeah
  2. VIP code (beta access)
  3. Pre-release resources.
  4. MMO additional fees
  5. Is there a way I will be able to play this without steam running in background.
  6. Not on the Aussie store
  7. The obligatory "Is it worth it" Thread
  8. VIP Beta Key
  9. EU/UK Store?
  10. Game Launch Freeze
  11. pre ordered special ed. from steam
  12. Special Ed. Question
  13. What day will Rift crack the top seller list?
  14. No early start for Steam?
  15. Rift Pre-Order FAQ
  16. Problem with AMEX
  17. Rift VIP Beta Key (24 uses remain)
  18. key and pre-order
  19. WoW player here, few questions.
  20. Beta Timetables?
  21. What Are Your Plans?
  22. TF2 in my Rift?! Rift in my TF2!?
  23. Can I Run It?
  24. Rift/Tf2 items ?
  25. Beta Invites?
  26. New to MMO, and I have a question
  27. Do you have RIFT and TF2?
  28. Pre-ordered Rift from other location -- TF2 Items?
  29. No free trial? D'oh well
  30. Beta 6 patch notes are up!
  31. Selling TF2 spider
  32. Well Spun Hat code for promo weapons
  33. 4 Well-Spun Hat Codes for TF2 Promos
  34. Used my RIFT tf2 ticket--
  35. Oh how nice....
  36. Rift Preorder Coll.Edition
  37. Just A Question
  38. Thanks for the no region locking!
  39. Quick Question
  40. Trading a Rift Ticket!
  41. Beta question
  42. Rift Beta Shards as of right now?
  43. What's this game about?
  44. Pro Tip and Noob Question
  45. Promo Code!
  46. I'm pretty sure the promo codes are universally valid, so...
  47. Problem with Fees
  48. Help with Questions
  49. Is the Steam version of this game getting the Head Start?
  50. TF2 item codes question
  51. How to Download Before Release Date?
  52. So who's gonna play RIFT?
  53. Prepaid Cards anyone?
  55. TF2 Goodies
  56. Argh, Damn you Valve!
  57. Concerning RIFT's "Well Spun Hat" and Collector's Edition
  58. RIFT is so much like WoW that....
  59. typical_female_character_design.jpg
  60. Rift Open Beta starts Feb 15!
  61. Giving Away Well Spun Hat Code
  62. Realm of the Fae (Wiki)
  63. Rift website broken
  64. Wanna trade a TF2 RIFT hat?
  65. "special founders rates" available with the steam purchase?
  66. well spun hat claim code
  67. Another guy giving away the Well Spun Hat code
  68. Early Start on Steam?
  69. If anyone has a well-spun hat code...
  70. how long will you be able to enter the code for the hat?
  71. Monthly payments
  72. So I have, TWO hat codes.
  73. I have a rift code
  74. Please buy my code :(
  75. Who will you be Defiant or Guardian Faction?
  76. Anyone has a code left :(
  77. Open Beta client download link is up
  78. Dispelling the WoWhammer Myth
  79. Open Beta Suggestions to the new to Rift
  80. Trading hat code
  81. PVP Breaking News: From Trion Forums
  82. Hey RIFT people
  83. Free RIFT Promo Code
  84. Have a free hat.
  85. A Code for RIFT (HAT)
  86. Rift hat code
  87. FREE Well Spun Hat Codes at Rift Forum
  88. Trion Purchased Add to steam
  89. Tartagon Mounts
  90. Trading Rift Well Spun Hat Code. Looking for Runescape money!
  91. Attention hat code seekers, look here
  92. One,poss two, Rift Hat Codes from TF2
  93. 9.1 KB/s download speed yay!
  94. servers down already?
  95. Do you want RIFTS?
  96. Hat giveaway
  97. What is it with all these "selling hat" things?
  98. How Different From WoW?
  99. Invert mouse look?
  100. Head start through Steam client, or something else?
  101. Accidentily preordered the wrong version
  102. Standard or Collector's Edition - Which should I get?
  103. FFS mods make a FORUM for these TRADERS
  104. Purchased Rift
  105. Murlocs in Rift >.>
  106. Like those Justicar changes in Beta 7 patch.
  107. BT internet provider
  108. What are the circle pentagrams?
  109. I just bought this...
  110. Hat Code
  111. Is Rift similar to Guild Wars or Divinity II?
  112. Confused about platform sharing
  113. Price
  114. Concerning the free trial....
  115. Official Rift Forums
  116. Bought Rift from Steam, can't access - Help!
  117. Graphics
  118. (Video) Endgame Raid Content
  119. Pre-install?
  120. Where are the downloads?
  121. "You are not authorised to play this game"
  122. question
  123. What kind of character should I create?
  124. "We cannot add your CD-key...."
  125. Headstart for regular or collectors?
  126. Looking for a Well Spun Hat :)
  127. Why Rift is a Good MMO
  128. Preorder Key?
  129. Loading from steam...?
  130. Head Start (Early Access) Files Available Now!
  131. Help me getting excited...
  132. Warriors any good in solo PvP?
  133. Well Spun Hat..?
  134. D/L Error - No Steam Content Servers
  135. (Shadefallen) Wardens of Telara Guild
  136. First RIFT Phishing Attempt?
  137. This is not good....
  138. Running Rift Via Steam or Not
  139. still after a webspun hat code.
  140. Adding boxed to steam?
  141. A question about death
  142. Cant see ANYTHING!
  143. Well spun hat!
  144. Where's my Well Spun Hat?!
  145. If i buy rift today can i play today or is it too late for early access?
  146. Free First Month
  147. Issue: Audio loop after exit.
  148. Steam doesn't say I'm in game..
  149. Server Xfer Questions
  150. How large is the game world?
  151. When will i receive my Hellhound Pup ?
  152. Rift Client Error when run in Steam
  153. What's the best server for PvE?
  154. Monthly Cost
  155. More shards?
  156. 1 hour que line to log in! Yay!
  157. For god sake tell me what i do wrong.
  158. Steam Pre orders
  159. Can I still pre-purchase ?
  160. Pre-Order Mount
  161. Failed to Contact Key Server
  162. Sound Crackling
  163. Patcher trouble
  164. Servers Down!
  165. "Can my Computer Run RIFT posts here"
  166. No Headstart if u plan to use Gametimecards
  167. Help me
  168. error 2002
  169. Error #2002
  170. Graphics Problem
  171. Game looks promising, pity it's impossible to make an account
  172. Refund?
  173. Where is my Well Spun Hat?
  174. How to open Post
  175. Is Rift like Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
  176. So what other shards have level 50 toons?
  177. Patcher very slow
  178. Buy somewhere else, Full steam ingratiation?
  179. Have preorder but don't want your TF2 items? Trade them to me
  180. Bought Rift, Can't Play Headstart?
  181. EU Shards
  182. Low FPS?
  183. Can i buy and play straight away?
  184. My backpack and 4 pouches are full...
  185. Rift Wont Install
  186. The Pro's and Con's thread
  187. RIFT Livestream
  188. Is Rift a pass or should I buy it?
  189. Gifting L4D+Defense Grid+Portal for Well-spun hat code
  190. What faction should i be?
  191. Will Steam pre orders be receiving friend codes?
  192. AA and name plates...
  193. So did I break Rift?
  194. 2Q: Framerate limiting & Nameplates?
  195. @ downtime
  196. Cant Connect
  197. Icon
  198. worst drop ever ?
  199. connection Lag
  200. free rift hat code
  201. Livestreaming rift.
  202. After being addicted to WOW once, ...
  203. Pre-purchase help
  204. Rift Preview
  205. PVP vs. PVE servers
  206. Do I need to add Game time to play...?
  207. Do I need to add Game time to play...?
  208. Which pet?
  209. RIFT OR WOW
  210. Gifting TF2 to anybody who pre-purchased RIFT - want tf2 weapons
  211. Registration code
  212. Well-Spun Hat... just a party item?
  213. Gifting Half-Life 2 for TF2 weapons
  214. How big is the download?
  215. Tf2 bonus weapons
  216. Resetting bag positions to normal
  217. Can't login to either game or account management
  218. error #2002
  219. No trial = no buy
  220. selling my rift well spun code
  222. Retail CD Key
  223. Do you want a well spun hat? Would you like a copy of tf2?
  224. Activate Retail Key
  225. Rift hat code free!!
  226. Tank build
  227. Post Free Rift Well Spun Hat codes here!!!
  228. A Rift Review: The Tutorial Zone
  229. A Rift Review: Welcome to the Jungle
  230. Weapon crafting not gaining points
  231. Steam does not keep Rift up to date?
  232. Rift file permissions prevent non admins playing
  233. Hey there baby!
  234. Rift Questions?
  235. Best MMO i ever played
  236. Imposible to contact cd key server
  237. "Finishing the purchase"+error 2002
  238. Still just Super Sampling / Edge Smoothing?
  239. Latest patch broke everying
  240. Should I buy RIFT...?
  241. Unable to download.
  242. 83 files failed to validate?
  243. So how do you get the well spun hat?
  244. I have a well-spun hat code
  245. Over 9000? More like over 90,000!
  246. Register.bat problem
  247. Spun hat code
  248. recover
  249. The amount of hackers....
  250. Patch?