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  1. Need Help Running This Thing
  2. Water Attacks By Enemy Magcians
  3. magicka wouldnt run help !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Server freaking out and corrupting savegame
  5. Multiplayer problems
  6. Magika Multiplayer game loads 99%
  7. 15 fps?
  8. Need help with graphics problem
  9. Hi. Any people from Asia/Singapore? :D
  10. Magicka problem... Can't find servers ;(
  11. Having Sever Connection Lag issues >.>
  12. Co-op
  13. problème multijoueur
  14. Magicka bathrobe still available?
  15. Magicka collection on Sale - $5
  16. What challenge maps have you completed?
  17. Anyone in North America still playing this game?
  18. Magicka expansion pack incoming.
  19. (SP) Game Breaking Ice Armor Spell
  20. Cannot join online games
  21. I want to buy Magicka GOTY...
  22. DLC Necessary for Achievements
  23. Magicka wont start. PLEASE HELP!
  24. Vietnam not showing in game!
  25. Magicka is designed for Multiplayer, not single, right?
  26. DLC suggestion
  27. Unique "Magicka has Stopped Working" problem
  28. DLCs
  29. Magicka Collection bug?
  30. i want to buy this magicka collection...
  31. I can only play level 1
  32. Has Magicka been fixed?
  33. Is the Lonely Island Cruise DLC worthwhile?
  34. I started with the m60?
  35. This review made me get it.
  36. The OFFICIAL "Add me so we can play Magicka" Thread
  37. Magicka 75% today.
  38. Stuck on healing myself
  39. Breaking the wood boards
  40. Laptops.
  41. Black screen when open Magicka
  42. add me for coop
  43. Splitting the Magicka collection?
  44. Holiday Spirit and Horror Props Item Packs?
  45. Cant get paste the crusher with haste
  46. Magika not there after buying.
  47. Complete Package DLC
  48. Magicka MP bar stuck at 99%
  49. Request: Please add complete upgrade pack to store
  50. Magicka Really Bad Stuttering
  51. Is there a quick way to check all DLC's you dont have?
  52. demo worked just fine, then full game stutters horribly!
  53. I Need urgent help! D:
  54. Magicka is cheaper on GamersGate - activates on Steam
  55. Bug - Dagon
  56. Party Robes DLC?
  57. How do I delete my character?
  58. Magicka without the DLC
  59. "Magicka Has Stopped Working"
  60. magicka not working(Not graphics card I think)
  61. Problem with coop
  62. Magica Crash when launching
  63. Customized Controller Scheme Not Working?
  64. Game breaking bug in chapter 10 boss fight (possible spoilers, not a crash bug)
  65. "failed to contact key server"
  66. (ANOTHER ONE) Magicka has stopped working
  67. Product key question.
  68. Where is my Magicka gift?
  69. Stars are Left DLC is Brilliant but very hard..
  70. Already have Magicka want to buy Complete collection
  71. Possible DLC Idea ? :P
  72. Ideas that must be done to make this game even better. to developers
  73. Magicka Unknown Error and Stuck in the Chapter I
  74. DLC
  75. Magicka is running very slow
  76. Cd key
  77. Weird problem
  78. [H] Magicka Collection + The Stars are left [W] Games
  79. Wanna play Magicka multiplayer
  80. "Other side of the Coin" DLC?
  81. how to play the stars are left in coop?
  82. co-op is the best (add me)....if you want
  83. Magicka crashes on start
  84. Cthulu, solo
  85. The other side of the Coin DLC
  86. What is a man?
  87. Is 'The other side of the coin' a new campaign?
  88. Magicka: I can host, can't join
  89. Has magicka been fixed with the update?
  90. DLC
  91. Major Lag
  92. The Other Side of the Coin - Disappointing
  93. So what is the DLC’s for Heirloom & Peculiar Gadgets Item Packs?
  94. [Bug's] The Other Side of the Coin
  95. lmao dafuq more dlc??? :(
  96. TOSC GUIDE SPOILERS/PICTURES - The Other Side of the Coin DLC - Comprehensive Guide
  97. Magicka Collection - 12 DLCs, but I don't have them.
  98. New CTD
  99. Khan fight glitched?
  100. Other side of the coin... Really?
  101. Improve Xbox Controller
  102. New Modpack
  103. Magicka Fails to Start.
  104. Review
  105. Use Alucart and the Necromancers in other modes!
  106. quick start bug.
  107. How do i play the other side of the coin?
  108. Weird spiky graphics [Screenshots added]
  109. Picking up items and player names
  110. [H]The Ship complet pack [W]Magicka (basic version)
  111. The Stars Are Left magicks in challenge/versus modes?
  112. other side of the coin glitch.
  113. Fix for The Crusader Breakings not unlocking
  114. The first boss help?
  115. Crashing (BSOD) almost at the start of the game. :(
  116. 1st inofficial Dunka Dunka Tournament
  117. played the demo,this games seemms really fun
  118. Magicka Collection on Amazon.com
  119. Magicka Appcrash (again)
  120. Blade Glade -- a challenge map based on Glade.
  121. Problem entering the "multiplayer CD" key?
  122. Magicka Crashes at launch.
  123. Magicka Random Close.
  124. Bad game is a bad game
  125. [W] Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin [H] anything from my inventory
  126. which dlc adds campaign missions?
  127. Do both need DLC in co-op?
  128. Yogscast & Live Action Trailer
  129. Help with Buying Magicka 4-Pack
  130. Steam Summer Sale Disappointment
  131. DLC Multiplayer
  132. Magicka: Lonely Island Cruise DLC - What exactly does it contain?
  133. The Stars Are Left / Vietnam : Worth It?
  134. Hang on - Other Side of the Coin?
  135. Magicka Collection: how many hours of gameplay?
  136. Failed to contact key server
  137. Dedicated Servers?
  138. Only host needs DLC?
  139. -75% $2.49 -- Is it worth it?
  140. Magicka is the kind of game that...
  141. Purchased Other Side of the Coin and its not shown in DLC
  142. What exactly are the Horror Prop and Holiday Item packs?
  143. What kind of game is this
  144. Just got Magicka and it crashed to desktop
  145. Can't play online.
  146. DLC Robes
  147. Black Screen ?
  148. Crashing at Main Menu
  149. The Paradox Packs are on sale at Amazon. All register on Steam. 5+ games for $12.49.
  150. Single-player revive faeries in main campaign?
  151. Do Gamesaves get synced?
  152. wish i had this game
  153. Magicka lags
  154. Magicka not starting?
  155. [H] Frozen Synapse and Red dlc [W] Magicka DLC
  156. DLC robes misidentified as not owned
  157. Magicka spell caster[macro program for Magicka]
  158. Bought Thief Series - Magicka Updates?
  159. [H] Magicka [W] Tradeable Games
  160. characters dlc?
  161. DLC and Multiplayer question
  162. Crash while starting the game
  163. Any moar DLC on the way?
  164. When i load magicka its a purple screen
  165. Help with Crash, read around a bit but couldn't find anything.
  166. Black screen
  167. Possible refund
  168. Sound, no picture...
  169. Buying 2 copies of Magicka
  170. Complete Pack?
  171. Multiplayer Problem, looking for help
  172. Multiplayer not working correctly
  173. Problem with Magicka
  174. where's my DLC
  175. Black screen on start, but theres sound?
  176. Stuck on the Khan mission
  177. Not sure if this game will work...
  178. Magica with extremely low framerate
  179. Help with a bug?
  180. Black Screen Fix - When are we getting it?
  181. Magicka doesn't start
  182. Authorization Failed Multiplayer
  183. Can't enter code
  184. Problems with installing xna 3.1 framework
  185. Hey, look. More overpriced DLC
  186. Any plans for more adventure DLC?
  187. "Open" multiplayer games success?
  188. Any Coverage on any of the new robes?
  189. Controls don't work
  190. Magicka Start Then Process Just Hangs
  191. Exception when starting Magicka
  192. Game Error - "Magicka has stopped working"
  193. How do i start the other side of the coin?
  194. Multiplayer desync hell.
  195. Does a Magickese dictionary exist?
  196. Magicka Font
  197. Multiplayer Dilemma
  198. how to get a dlc weapon?
  199. Crackling Noise
  200. Magicka DLC - "Mega Villains" Info
  201. Magicka crashes on startup - recent issue
  202. Magicka crashes with friend multiplayer
  203. Magicka not opening after previous playing
  204. Multiplayer problems
  205. Game won't continue after killing chapter 5 boss
  206. Multiplayer Campaign/PvP
  207. Magicka crashes on startup
  208. Can't see friends multiplayer game
  209. The Stars Are Left CRASH - Need help.
  210. Free Woot Sports DLC inbound
  211. New DLC Bugs and stuff
  212. Aug. 7th 196MB patch
  213. A complaint about the "Complete Pack" why am I missing stuff??
  214. Fairy bug?
  215. Multiplayer CD Key question.
  216. Can't play online with my friends
  217. Can seem to play WOOT content
  218. I put on my robe and wizard hat Achievement
  219. Been gone a while... seems I didn't miss anything.
  220. Magicka Randomly Closes
  221. The Other side of the coin, worth it?
  222. sporting goods dlc is lock?
  223. Magicka 75% off sale
  224. Noob Question - DLC
  225. BUG in Other side of the coin (spoilers within)
  226. The demo stutters, shudders, and sputters.
  227. Bug on Magicka
  228. Can't join friend's game (error report attached)
  229. Magicka: Vietnam... How start scenario challenge?
  230. Magicka wont start in Steam?
  231. Freeze on Load Screen when Hosting
  232. Less DLC More Fixy-fixy!
  233. Co-op play
  234. Crash at the end of Chapter 5
  235. Mutliplayer Loading Screen Freeze, HELP.
  236. magicka doesn't like my new graphics card
  237. Low framerates
  238. Magicka Has Stopped Working
  239. Magicka Collection
  240. Version 2012/08/15
  241. how many hit points?
  242. Bathrobe
  243. Odd bug/crash/system lockup
  244. Which of the DLCs is worth buying?
  245. Interest check: Learning the Magicka Language
  246. Horrible business practice
  247. npc Wizards improved?
  248. What is your favourite combination?
  249. Why did you take the Debug map out?
  250. Base game and complete pack question