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  1. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marines up for pre-purchase. Comes with free Darksiders
  2. I wonder if this game will be good.
  3. Censorship/Low violence?
  4. MonsterKittens Warhammer 40 Space Marine Comic Con Preview
  5. Small concern
  6. clan support in Space Marine
  7. For a new player...
  8. Regional Pricing
  9. MP dedicated servers?
  10. Steamworks?
  11. Since it's using Steamwork......
  12. Space Marine Demo by Gamespot
  13. Sooo....
  14. Can you run it results - what is happening D=
  15. MP/Vehicles
  16. A -little- more incentive please? Skin just isn't going to cut it.
  17. Controller suport?
  18. Space Marine co-op confirmed; may not make launch
  19. Bonus Content
  20. Steam registration for copies purchased through THQ
  21. No kill team for PC
  22. What would you think of a Mechwarrior type TITAN game?
  23. Why is the steam d/l more expensive???
  24. Space Marine Demo, Early Access and UK Steam Users. NOT COOL!
  25. It's just me or the all orks have british accent...
  26. Alittle sad...
  27. Demo at 12 Noon Eastern Time?
  28. Dear Relic
  29. The Demo is Four Minutes Late! RAAAAAAAAAAGE!
  30. The Demo is 15 Minutes Late! RAAAAAAAAAAGE!
  31. ETA til demo release guesses
  32. Demo released
  33. Demo Button appeared
  35. Demo starting in some unknown res
  36. cant download off steam
  37. Someone's excited for the demo?
  38. Good demo but...
  39. Some initial videos
  40. Windowed Mode?
  41. Quick Video I made
  42. Thunder Hammer?
  43. Space Marine Laptop Users!
  44. Xbox controller options
  45. So when is the demo released?
  46. That grenade launcher
  47. I click "Download Demo" but nothing happens
  48. About the game
  49. Demo won't start...
  50. Do eye spy with my little i F.F.F. Censorship?! (No "hackable" limbs?)
  51. Can We Get A Very Hard Mode Added Later?
  52. Dawn of War Complete?
  53. Question about Gifting Space Marine
  54. [Bug] No picture
  55. No Chaos forces demo?
  56. Settings don't save in the demo
  57. Full Demo Playthrough
  58. [BUG] Texture
  59. whats up with coop ?
  60. Warhammer 40000: Space Marine - Collector's Edition
  61. question about multiplayer
  62. Length?
  63. Tell me how you feel about the Spacemarine demo
  64. orcs..
  66. Free demo?
  67. So I baught it... Demo is lacking Windowed mode :C
  68. DEMO settings keeps resetting.
  69. Demo Preview
  70. Warhammer 40,000 Complete Pack - Copy of Darksiders?
  71. Demo wont work
  72. Problems with the demo..
  73. No 16:10 support.
  74. Demo doesn't work
  75. demo wont launch
  76. No Space Marine for UK users
  77. holy heck didn't even know 'bout no demo
  78. [BUG] Sounds play multiple times
  79. Where to buy elite armor pack from a store with payal
  80. Space Marine TF2 Items - why there are none? 3:
  81. Demo acting strange...
  82. Thoughts on game mechanics
  83. How to give the copy of darksiders as a gift?
  84. The Steam servers are currently not sucking (resolved)
  85. Holy sh*t the demo is great!!
  86. Download demo button doesn't work on the page
  87. Demo Only For Pre-Purchasers...
  88. cant get the demo out of my games list?
  89. Bolt-Pistol vs Bolter
  90. Game will cost $100 USD?
  91. Trading for a copy of Darksiders
  92. How do i activate The Vengeance Launcher?
  93. Buying from retail - do I even need the disk to install?
  94. Badass...
  95. Power Sword?
  96. Early Access to demo!
  97. Dedicated Servers?
  98. Raffling Copy of Space Marine
  99. Thoughts on the Demo
  100. How do i throw grenades?
  101. where do i find my space marine strategy guide?
  102. AI control?
  103. TotalBiscuits demo playthrough video.
  104. uk - no demo at all ?
  105. Where is power hammer? i cant find it :O
  106. Oh yay. Another review of the demo.
  107. How to easily kill a Nob
  108. Demo Wont DL
  109. Demo Problems
  110. Lame thread but THQ deserves applause
  111. Demo problem - Incomplete installation (55)
  112. SM demo wont start
  113. For those who pre-ordered and pre-loaded
  114. Epic Game
  115. A 3rd person shooter and a hack and slash game
  116. Demo for the UK (way to install inside!)
  117. Game looks like crap
  118. Lower resolution than 1024x768
  119. WTF is this
  120. How do YOU map your keys?
  121. Demo problem?
  122. Demo crashes on startup
  123. Playing this demo..
  124. The captain abides
  125. Demo Crash on Inquisitor
  126. my beta review
  127. Can I run it
  128. Opinions on ranged combat
  129. An error on the loading screen cinematic (demo)
  130. An error on the menu screen cinematic (demo)
  131. Way to go Relic..
  132. Space marine demo help
  133. Low FPS
  134. This game is really, really optimized.
  135. They just followed GW and made it melee only game
  136. Game crash on Dificulty seletion.
  137. 683:384 vs 85:48 DEATHMATCH
  138. Vengeance launcher...uh, how does it work?
  139. Hope the video options remember to stay on their settings in the official release.
  140. how to remove the demo from the library
  141. 4:3 display modes distortet
  142. Well I enjoyed it
  143. Power Axe + Demo
  144. Favourite Warhammer 40k Weapon?
  145. I should know this
  146. Aspect ratio fail
  147. My only gripe
  148. Space Marine - Ps3, Xbox 360 & PC Comparison
  149. Space Marine being sold on xbox marketplace day of release?
  150. Demo progress carry over to main game?
  151. Used to work, but doesn't anymore
  152. Controller lameness
  153. HUGE weapon UI pops up on screen every time you switch weapons
  154. Visual Distortion Makes Game Unplayable...
  155. There are some area glitching with the combat, execution moves.
  156. Lets Play Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Demo in Full HD 1080p with Commentary
  157. Question
  158. Is there going to be a Dreadnought?
  159. My 2 cents on space marine demo
  160. Just played the demo. I don't have enough money for this fall.
  161. Will gift this game for Deus Ex EU preorder
  162. Space Marine Demo [Mods] Chapters and Addons
  163. Recruitment Thread: Void Marines
  164. UK Activation/Download Problems? Solution:
  165. Prepurchase: Why can't I preload?
  166. Want to trade US$50-$60 for Space Marine as it costs $90 here in Australia
  167. BUG: C++ Runtime Error only in Battlements
  168. Poor PC graphics?
  169. Settings wiped out every time I restart the game
  170. This is a Steamworks title correct?
  171. collectors?
  172. Space Marine Demo LP with commentary
  173. Launch the demo and nothing happen
  174. Orcs saying what they are
  175. Wheres the game page on steam(UK)?
  176. Stuck Inside Bulkhead
  177. I can't play the demo.....
  178. This game really needs a survival mode
  179. Can this video card handle Space Marine
  180. Moddability?...
  181. 40k Fan in dissarrrayyy
  182. Annihilation or Seize Ground: Which one will you play more?
  183. Orks were in Warhammer 40K before Orcs were in WoW
  184. Pre-Order Questions (USA)
  185. Brown-haired Ultramarine is credit to team
  186. Game freezing after 10 minutes or so with annoying sound freeze???
  187. What sort of gameplay?
  188. Alt-Tabbing or Changing Settings --> Black Screen
  190. Balancing Issue or Glitch? Problem with the Demo
  191. Great game demo
  192. Release it already THQ...
  193. Discussion on Difficulty
  194. Funny (Terrible) Multi-player gameplay
  195. Gifting and pre-purchase: will the recipient still get the Darksiders freebie?
  196. I feel like a total badass
  197. Will the full game support Anti Aliasing?
  198. Lingering video and audio stuttering
  200. Anyone else unimpressed?
  201. Steamworks?
  202. German Voice acting
  203. This Demo is Delicious.
  204. I really want to buy this game, but $90....
  205. I think I know why the demo crashes upon startup and THQ logo intro.
  206. This game got me hooked on warhammer.
  207. Environment keeps flickering Black..
  208. Preload?
  209. First impressions + review.
  210. multiplayer health?
  211. Dreadnoughts as hero units a la Battlefront,
  212. look at new enemies. one of them looks freaking out.
  213. issue on nob executions
  214. Anti cheat in multiplayer
  215. Ork Multiplayer
  216. Not Launching
  217. Repetitive Gameplay?
  218. Team Fortress 2 Item
  219. Space Marine Comabt Skill
  220. FoV fix?
  221. Decisions,decisions..
  222. So What Do We Do?
  223. Completing Space Marine install
  224. Release Date Thoughts?
  225. DLC Speculation
  226. UK falls victim to retail wars
  227. Clarification: available DLC bonuses & how to get them? (UK)
  228. Library issue
  229. Downloading demo - will it minimize download time for the entire game come launch?
  230. can my pc run this game?
  231. Porbably a really noobish question
  232. demo crash on exit (1st time out of numerous playthroughs that it's occured)
  233. So will this game have dedicated servers or not?
  234. WH 40k Movie...
  235. Congrats, your demo lost a sale.
  236. Get the demo
  237. Can't get past "press and key" screen on space marine demo
  238. Best Buy Pre Order - Worth it?
  239. Should i be worried?
  240. Kinda saddened at the lack of any info with 5 days to go
  241. Incidentally, it's my birthday
  242. Consolized?
  243. Warhammer SpaceMarine video
  244. Why no preorder sale, or even advertising?
  245. Currently no info or word on anti-cheat for Multiplayer.
  246. This really uncut in Germany?
  247. Info on COOP (Spoilers and New Info)
  248. User-made videos
  249. Space Marine LAUNCH DATE @ STEAM ???
  250. DEMO:This game is currently unavailable