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  1. No competitive multiplayer mode?
  2. Any word on Pre-Load?
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  4. No demo for 2nd class citizens (PC gamers)
  5. Not in UK
  6. Steamworks or not?
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  8. Team Fortress 2 The Maul
  9. Yay Armageddon available but...
  10. 7349.9 MB Update Immediately After Availability
  11. If you are having issues setting keyboard bindings...
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  17. What do ya think so far?
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  20. RF:A Worked Last Night, Crashes on Start Today
  21. Can not start Armageddon
  22. Achievements
  23. RF:A Manual?
  24. Whenever a cutscene starts, returns to game main menu.
  25. Serious CD Key Problem
  26. Random crashes to desktop
  27. Smoke effects and fires visible through walls
  28. Anyone else think the magnet gun is awesome?
  29. Armageddon crashes on both DX9 and DX10/11 Options
  30. My thoughts on the game. (SV: Fun)
  31. RF: A (Create new game Plus)
  32. So ... is RF:A good?
  33. DLC?
  34. CAPS LOCK dumps game to windows.
  35. Izzit Steam Achievements?
  36. Performance Drops on entering new area (Temp fix until patch)
  37. Commando and Recon packs?
  38. Red faction: Armageddon - Cheat Guide
  40. RF:A Audio Fade
  41. Path to War DLC
  42. Prolonged nano forge use causes crash?
  43. Murauder
  44. Dx11 Gameplay works great.
  45. Crazy frame rate/ second
  46. Mr Toots
  47. dead space style all the game ?
  48. Red Faction Armageddon Ending
  49. Mini Review
  50. crash to desktop before the main menu?
  51. Soundtrack
  52. Executables keep failing to verify?
  53. Game often crashes
  54. Frequent Freezing
  55. Second display causing problems.
  56. Wait what? [spoilers]
  57. Probably one of the funnier "first impressions"
  58. Crashes at same point (first Mech sequence)
  59. Disappointed. [Spoilers]
  60. Almost no bugs/crashing! GJ
  61. After the Ending **NO SPOLIERS**
  62. Mr. Toots
  63. I found a glitch in RF:A that get's you tons more salvage!
  64. It wont start up (help)
  65. Any way to increase the FOV?
  66. Installing from DVD
  67. Multiplayer? What Multiplayer
  68. [problem]Red Faction®: Armageddon™: Prima Official Strategy Guide
  69. Possible virus?
  70. I like this game!
  71. a question about the coop mode
  72. Wish there was more.
  73. Armageddon - Odd error
  74. Red Faction Armageddon (Triple Monitors / Eyefinity / Surround) [~4K]
  75. Cheat mode can work on Infestation mode?
  76. DX10/11 resolution change problem and workaround
  77. Does any1 play coop?
  78. Small Secret [NO SPOILERS]
  79. Saves/upgrades disappeared?
  80. How to use Magnet Gun
  81. Steam server not responding
  82. looking for people to play co-op with
  83. Will Red Faction Armageddon run on my computer?
  84. Freezes every 10 secs
  85. RFA doesn't save my graphics settings!
  86. RF Armageddon FOV
  87. Armageddon is finally available in UK!
  88. Black Screen When I Continue A Game
  89. Path to War
  90. Steam Store? THQ? DLC?
  91. Did you find the Plasma thrower, Arc Welder, and/or XNG-5000?
  92. Red Faction Armageddon Walktrhough Guides
  93. Huge flaw in the story? (spoiler)
  94. Bought the DLC but no way to access
  95. Path to War
  97. Does the retail version of this activates on Steam?
  98. I can't pass the screen when we choose DX 9 / 10 / 11
  99. This game is completely unplayable.
  100. Achievement All for one for all..
  101. Small request.
  102. Dual Monitors
  103. RF Armageddon cannot change resolution -solved-
  104. Crashing?
  105. DLC Bug [spoilers]
  106. Holy fun! Is there campaign co-op?
  107. Gamepad stick movement problem
  108. Deleted saves, how to reunlock guns?
  109. Red Faction: Armageddon is $7.50 on ImpulseDriven
  110. Recon and Commando Packs not buyable on steam?
  111. Poor performance
  112. FOV or something to away view
  113. THQ Bundle Pack Sale
  114. How long is the DLC?
  115. Post-Launch Review: Red Faction Armageddon
  116. Can't play campaign
  117. There is no cover ?
  118. Armageddon Music Video
  119. Select DX11 or 9 then Black Flash and Desktop showing
  120. Game Crashes to desktop after first cutscene
  121. Really poor performance
  122. $5 on Amazon (THQ sale all week)
  123. Armageddon reboots my PC at launch
  124. DLC worth it?
  125. terraformer gone.. why not.. (spoilers)
  126. Serial Key not working
  127. Game not working. Crash to Desktop
  128. Cannot progress in campaign (MILD SPOILERS)
  129. Verifying game files fails repeatedly, cutscenes return to menu, infest and ruin CTD
  130. Crash after New Game intro cutscene
  131. Command & Recon DLC
  132. On launch, moniter turns off and Displays "Out Of Range"
  133. RF:A runs fine on DX9, but DX10/11 freezes on launch screen
  134. help - can't remap repair action - mouse 3 ???
  135. Can't start New Game
  136. poor performance on dx 9 and 10/11
  137. cant choose direct x type.
  138. Armageddon runs fine, but cutscenes stutter like mad.
  139. Anyone have the siren sound effect?