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  1. Left 4 Dead Blog - Cold Stream
  2. What do you think it'll be like?
  3. What I think.
  4. Mix and Match Characters
  5. Scripted Sequences
  6. Request: One voice line
  7. Do the original Left 4 Dead campaigns the right way
  8. [Suggestion] Please Add Crash Course Too
  9. Hopefully my predictions were granted :)
  10. So... civilians??
  11. Question
  12. Versus - Survival Finale
  13. [Suggestion] Need "Classic" mode
  14. [Suggestion] Dynamic Levels
  15. [Suggestion] Add German Version's Weapons
  16. [Suggestion] Intro music
  17. [Suggestion] Driveble Vehicles
  18. [Suggestion] Add a new Uncommon Common
  19. [Suggestion] If there is one thing I can't stress about, it's Dynamic Pathing.
  20. 4 new survivers
  21. [Suggestion] Add some unused lines for L4D2 and L4D1 survivors.
  22. About new sounds.
  23. [Suggestion] Original Survivors Playable in Cold Stream
  24. [Suggestion] Gauntlet or Survival finale
  25. [Suggestion] An Achievement for the Community Campaign
  26. Add Custom Maps To Steam For DL
  27. [Suggestion] Free for Xbox
  28. Character LEGS!!!!
  29. [COLOR="Navy"][Suggestion][/COLOR] Add (7) new weapons or add the german weapons..
  30. [Suggestion] 8 survivers
  31. [Suggestion] More Custom Lobby Settings
  32. few thoughts
  33. [Suggestion] Fix Hidden Walls For Hunters on L4D2 maps
  34. [Suggestion] Left 4 Dead 1 Campaigns Only For Left 4 Dead 1 Owners
  35. [Suggestion] Melee lists for the new campaigns
  36. [Suggestion] Other custom campaigns
  37. [Suggestion] Gauntlet Mission - Making Rushing a focus
  38. [Suggestion] A, "Scavenger Hunt" achievement.
  39. [Suggestion] What we we'd like?! Achievements!
  40. Don't forget it has to be a great for Versus
  41. [Suggestion] more suggestions
  42. Put One 4 Nine in the DLC, too?
  43. [Suggestion] All survivors for Cold Stream
  44. [Feedback] How is no new audio a constraint?
  45. Location unique weapons
  46. [Suggestion] Advanced Survival Mechanics
  47. [Suggestion] Two Seperate Teams
  48. [Suggestion] gun look
  49. [Suggestion] Room in a Campaign Suggestion
  50. [Suggestion] Revolver
  51. [Suggestion] Boss Battles
  52. [Suggestion] Sledge Hammer as a New Melee Weapon
  53. [Suggestion] Mutation Chooser / lvl 1 weps
  54. [Help] Is this DLC gonna be free for PC users ?
  55. [Suggestion] Seeing Yourself
  56. [Suggestion] Make All L4D users happy :)
  57. [Suggestion] New mute survivors
  58. [Suggestion] Diversity in gameplay
  59. [Suggestion] Narrow Situations Indulcing the Use of New Tools or Mechanics
  60. [Suggestion] The Midnight Riders
  61. [Suggestion] Dynamic Environments
  62. [Suggestion] 8 Player Co-Op Campaign Mode
  63. [Suggestion] Make The Sacrifice Campaign Dark
  64. [Suggestion] New uncommon common or new cloths for current common?
  65. [Suggestion] APC
  66. [Suggestion] Playable in Commentary mode?
  67. [Suggestion] Please fix original survivors voices
  68. [Suggestion] Merge several lobby browsers
  69. [Suggestion] Include Crash Course
  70. What does Matthew Lourdelet have planned?
  71. Midnight Riders as the Playable Characters
  72. [Suggestion] New Environment and Special Infected
  73. Snowstorm.
  74. I guess more water......
  75. [Suggestion] The Ultimate DLC Idea- Please Valve Read
  76. [Suggestion] More skins for the old special infecteds
  77. [Suggestion] Change around the L4D1 campaigns
  78. [Suggestion] New survivors group.
  79. [Suggestion] Special Infected throw voice in Ghost Mode
  80. [Suggestion] a few ideas
  81. [Suggestion] Portal Gun :D
  82. [Suggestion] Army soldiers as enemies?
  83. [Suggestion] Length
  84. [Suggestion] Competition [general DLC ideas]
  85. [Suggestion] NPC, non interactable Survivor Encounters?
  86. [Suggestion] New Map Idea
  87. [Suggestion] An Avalanche, gauntlet finale
  88. [Suggestion] More Menu Backgrounds
  89. [Suggestion] Party System
  90. [Suggestion] A few more clothing for the CI ?
  91. [Suggestion] Add "I Hate Mountains" as a official campaign
  92. Flame Thrower idea
  93. [Suggestion] Co-op Versus as official mode
  94. [Suggestion] New Melee Weapons
  95. [Suggestion] Comic For L4D2 Characters
  96. [Suggestion] My DLC suggestions
  97. [Suggestion] New Infected Models for this Campaign
  98. [Suggestion] To Build a Fire
  99. [Suggestion] Please no expert campaing achievements !
  100. [Suggestion] Arena fights, Climates, Spawn Sides Infected Choose Menu etc.
  101. [Suggestion] Boat Attack Crescendo Event.
  102. [Suggestion] Include 2 Evil Eyes
  103. Are there any pics at all yet?
  104. Blizzard?
  105. [Suggestion] Hunter Change
  106. Include the BEST community campaigns in Official Updates
  107. Possible Achievement List?
  108. [Suggestion] New Campagin MUST be Longer than 3 Chapters
  109. Just rushed through L4D1
  110. [Bug] fix the swamp fever...
  111. [Suggestion] About versus score system and medkits
  112. [Suggestion] Motion sensitive lights
  113. [Suggestion] New special weapons
  114. [Suggestion] team vs confogl or not
  115. [Suggestion] Please fix the annoying "bugs" for me and my fellow mappers
  116. [Suggestion] The Only 2 Weapons Needed
  117. [Suggestion] Allow you to play as a talking Charger named Sir Walter
  118. [Suggestion] All 8 Characters Selectable
  119. [Suggestion] Come Off It
  120. /tinfoil hats...
  121. [Suggestion] Mutation list for 360.
  122. bots hold grenades?
  123. [Suggestion] L4D is Backwards
  124. When is BETA coming?
  125. [Suggestion] Map/gameplay/structure
  126. If you were to guess the layout of Cold Stream. . .
  127. [Suggestion] Uncommon/Special, "The Resurector"
  128. [Suggestion] New gameplay
  129. [Suggestion] All in one
  130. Merge l4d and l4d2
  131. [Suggestion] Idea for a mutation.
  132. [Suggestion] Give/Drop Weapons
  133. [Suggestion] There should be a Zombie Counter incl. ranking
  134. [Suggestion] We need a new Game Mode!
  135. [Suggestion] Bot improve
  136. Actual New Game Mode
  137. [Suggestion] include audio for l4d1 suvivors and more
  138. Award System + New Stuff
  139. An assortment of ideas
  140. [Suggestion] Mutation/General Design Concept
  141. [Suggestion] T2 Spawns, and limited weapons pick-ups.
  142. [Suggestion] A Melee Idea To Toss Around
  143. [Suggestion] common infected gameplay
  144. Some Ideas for New Weapons
  145. [Suggestion] Fix the L4D1 survivor's audio lines (and a few L4D2 lines while you're at it)
  146. I'd like to see more scripted events
  147. [Suggestion] Melee
  148. [Suggestion] Flocks of zombie birds or packs of zombie dogs please
  149. Honest Question: Are New Weapons Too Much To Ask?
  150. Please keep the story line intact.
  151. [Suggestion] Winter Coats
  152. [Suggestion] Needs An Ending
  153. [Suggestion] New Weapon For The Game
  154. [Suggestion] The movie concept.
  155. [Suggestion] New gameplay mechanic just for Cold Stream(Please Read VALVe)
  156. [Help] A new campaign again?
  157. New weapons
  158. Statistics for L4D2
  159. [Suggestion] Meele Weapons
  160. [Suggestion] Add new toys
  161. [Suggestion] New "official" Scavenge maps
  162. [Suggestion] Bunch of stuff.
  163. [Suggestion] Add 2 or 3 new weapons
  164. [Suggestion] Gonzo Hold Point
  165. [Suggestion] Payload-style escort mission.
  166. [Suggestion] Things i'd personally like to see in L4D2
  167. [Suggestion] Fix L4D1 common infected
  168. [Suggestion] Bunch of stuff
  169. [Suggestion] 4 ideas for cold stream
  170. [Suggestion] FOV (field of view) fix
  171. [Feedback] Since all the cool kids are doing this...
  172. [Suggestion] A melee store (This ones for you Matthew)
  173. [Suggestion] Customizable Pistols
  174. [Suggestion] Two minor things that I would possibly like to see.
  175. [Suggestion] New Weapon Ideas
  176. [Suggestion] M60 and the golf club
  177. [Suggestion] My Idea
  178. [Suggestion] Some greats ideas for more competitive playing !
  179. [Suggestion] Update the leaderboards
  180. [Suggestion] Bring back the ATMOSPHERE L4D had...
  181. Survivors should be in couture
  182. [Suggestion] Left 4 Dead 2 few suggestions
  183. [Suggestion] New Environment
  184. [Suggestion] Good Way to have all Survivors Playable! (Not Really!)
  185. [Suggestion] Automatic Grenade Launcher?
  187. [Suggestion] Larger, more interesting saferooms.
  188. [Suggestion] Change the boathouse with The lighthouse.
  189. [Suggestion] Put the campaigns in the right order.
  190. [Suggestion] Comic in Game.
  191. [Suggestion] change the kick vote
  192. [Suggestion] New Avatar Awards for Xbox & Themes
  193. [Suggestion] old maps should be modded
  194. [Suggestion] New Melee Weapon Ideas
  195. [Suggestion] spitter bile
  196. Hey ♥♥♥♥♥♥bags
  197. [Suggestion] new items ideas
  198. [Suggestion] add a broken saferoom
  199. Things you shouldnt bother suggesting.
  200. [Suggestion] Expert Achievements
  201. [Suggestion] Some fixes/additions I would personally like to see come with the Cold Stream DLC
  202. [Feedback] What Kind of Finale Would You Like To See?
  203. [Suggestion] Complete The Collection Valve!
  204. [Suggestion] Flashlight Update
  205. [Suggestion] Make Haunted Forrest a Offical Campagin
  206. [Bug] fog needs to be removable in sv_cheats 0
  207. [Suggestion] black & white notification on hud
  208. [Suggestion] Wandering witch is a [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]
  209. A small suggestion...
  210. [Suggestion] New Intro?
  211. Suggestion and Demonstration for musical possibilities.
  212. [Suggestion] Cinematic option
  213. [Suggestion] Fix Deadth Toll
  214. [Suggestion] L4D1 Achievement on L4D2
  215. [Suggestion] Suggestions ;)
  216. [Suggestion] Dead Air & Death Toll finale
  217. [Suggestion] The Special Infected and L4D map change
  218. [Suggestion] Re-Edited: Things for The DLC
  219. [Suggestion] Add a "Preferred Survivor" option
  220. [Help] Wheres the beta?
  221. This Forum is for the Cold Stream DLC Only!
  222. genocide achievement please
  223. [Suggestion] Freedom to choose all survivors in VS MODE
  224. Fix the animations plz
  225. Please do it this time!
  226. [Suggestion] Ability to pause scavenge games
  227. [Suggestion] Dark Center to be added?
  228. 2 MAGNUMS.....
  229. [Suggestion] Small Changes to L4D Maps
  230. [Suggestion] new offical player skins/models
  231. [Help] left 4 dead 2 not working
  232. [Suggestion] Add some new graffiti to the old campaigns
  233. [Suggestion] Stats/Survival
  234. Seperate spawn points
  235. Million obligatory request for survival vs permanent
  236. [Suggestion] Scavenge for The Last Stand
  237. [Suggestion] Make the glass barriers in DA4 breakable
  238. [Suggestion] Last man on Earth to be made a permenant fixture
  239. Louis' Crowbar Line?
  240. L4D1 mode in L4d2
  241. SI against rushers
  242. [Suggestion] A New Weapon
  243. [Suggestion] Change the way shotguns work
  244. [Suggestion] Crash Coarse extra chapter
  245. [Suggestion] Special Infected Skin Colour
  246. [Suggestion] "Dynamic Weather"
  247. A visual idea
  248. [Suggestion] TAAAAAAAAANK for a week with the DLC Launch
  249. [Suggestion] Sprays
  250. Sick of 3-chapter Campaigns