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  1. so no pc demo???
  2. Will the retail version be linked to steam in game?
  3. This item is currently unavailable in your region
  4. No dm,tdm,ctf?
  5. $10 price hike for AU and delayed release
  6. Unique kick
  7. Gears of War for Free
  8. Game not showing up
  9. MUST VIEW (important info to check out)
  10. Games for Windows Live DRM Warning
  11. D2D Price
  12. "OMG Bulletstorm!!! PC Giveaway Contest"
  13. Bulletstorm ordered
  14. Pre-Order problem
  15. PC DEMO after release
  16. Amazon Pre-order
  17. Steam Pre-Orders don't look like they are doing well
  18. Another $60 game?
  19. Pre-download
  20. Why keep using GFWL?
  21. The "Post your Gamertag" thread!
  22. Who else is buying this just until Crysis 2?
  23. First Review? 9.2
  24. Pre-Load Please
  25. Co-OP?
  26. So Bulletstorm tomorrow.
  27. Plaese explain to me how GFWL works/what it installs.
  28. Uhh...
  29. 25th February ... ?
  30. Can you preload this
  31. Is steam version the limited edition?
  32. Dedicated servers?
  33. Co Op
  34. Game is pretty...ehh.. (no spoilers)
  35. Bulletstorm is now downloadable.
  36. Will flop on PC
  37. buying Bulletstorm
  38. Bulletstorm SLI profile?
  39. Bulletstorm: Windows XP vs Windows 7 Benchmark
  40. Bulletstorm pre-load problem
  41. Game uses U3 encrypted ini files?
  42. Diagonal Line Across Screen
  43. To those who already played, is it better than Necrovision?
  44. Can you pre-load the game? (EU)
  45. 1920X1200 plays like 1920x1080?
  46. part of game is encrypted!
  47. Is this game HARD?
  48. Bulletstorm suffers from acute consolitis.
  50. Save yourself $10
  51. German Customers dont waste your money on the USK-Version
  52. Terrible FPS...
  53. First downloadable content already announced + priced @ $10
  54. Mouse acceleration
  55. Bulletstorm EPIC FAIL console port!
  56. Oghren from Dragon Age?
  57. please dont support this
  58. Can't enter retail cdkey on steam?
  59. Game not available in AUS?
  60. Activating limited edition dvd
  61. Thoughts
  62. TERRIBLE graphics on all settings
  63. Terrible FPS
  64. fov fix?
  65. Unable to launch game.
  66. Limited Edition question
  67. BSOD playing Bulletstorm in SLI
  68. Limited Edition content activation
  69. Massively broken console port
  70. my insight again
  71. If I Buy This Retail Can I Activate on Steam?
  72. So... any Positive reviews?
  73. The reason for all the negative forum topics,
  74. Blue fog on gtx 460 main menu
  75. Graphics run harsh
  76. Reliable method to get access to the config files? (ie. decrypt config .inis etc.)
  77. Dont buy this if you expecting coop campaign
  78. Weird fps bug
  79. A game I didn't regret buying ....
  80. How can I play this game with an offline GFWL profile?
  81. Don't buy this on Steam
  82. What? You'r Gonna Kill My Di**?!
  83. PC or XBox
  84. R.I.P. Waggleton P. Tallylicker.
  85. Game only uses 45% of GPU and 25% of CPU
  86. simple fov question
  87. Console Game?
  88. Round 2 of reviews (the "good" ones)
  89. i dare say the Grayson Hunt has a mightier boot than Duke Nukem.
  90. Coop?
  91. Another one of those crap ports with random stuttering.
  92. ZDP won't connect to internet.
  93. Campaign fun, Multiplay meh
  94. 16bit Textures.
  95. The game doesn't keep your rebound keys?
  96. Ars Technica article on tweaking BulletStorm
  97. I knew I should have bought console instead,
  98. Positive Feedback Here!
  99. Sniper rifle not locking on (fixed)
  100. UK game will unlock at 7pm on day of release?
  101. ini editor tweak thread
  102. graphic artefacts and flickering somebody?
  103. Can't log on to GFWL
  104. Video showcasing all multiplayer unlockables
  105. Voice chat in multiplayer?
  106. Trishka (female badass) voice actor
  107. Can't make a multiplayer party
  108. This game and my G15
  109. To everyone with GFWL login problems...
  110. inperfect, but not bad
  111. CTD in Act 2 Chaper 2.
  112. lag issue
  113. Bulletstorm Eyefinity
  114. This game work great for me :D
  115. Bad FPS
  116. no co-op no sale....
  117. Step By Step Fix for 16bit colours and gfx errors.
  118. Why no pre-download?
  119. $59 for a console port? ugh.
  120. PS3 or PC?
  121. Why doesn't Bulletstorm available to my country?
  122. Aiming sensitivity too much?
  123. Disabling SLI helps performance
  124. TiniestMouse70
  125. Available: 25 February 2011
  126. free copy of gears of war for windows
  127. Taking Screenshots and where are they saved to?
  128. when dose bulletstorm unlock
  129. Accessing 4:3 aspect ratio (getting rid of "movie theater" bars on square monitors)
  130. FOr those that DO like the game - how's the Multiplayer?
  131. Toggle aim?
  132. So the game's finished...
  133. Turn off SSAO for HUGE FPS gain
  134. Single best thing about this game!
  135. the happy gamer venting thread
  136. MP/Dedicated servers?
  137. any game that is good?
  138. New PC Coming, Pointers?
  139. game is out cant play
  140. Available but no Install?
  141. BulletStorm INTENSE Gameplay Vid w/commentary!
  142. ITS OUT NOW!!!
  143. Steps to play?
  144. REALLY friggin' big problem
  145. Fps lag.
  146. Bulletstorm nVidia Surround
  147. Game refusing to accept PhysX
  148. Do i HAVE to use GFWL?
  149. References to other games
  150. For folks that enjoyed this game (Possible Spoilers)
  151. GFWL via STEAM Fix
  152. This game is rushed piece off crap
  153. Bulletstorm Player Review (Positive)
  154. Online PC Population?
  155. No jump! ROFL
  157. NO SOUND!!!
  158. WTF
  159. lag?!!
  160. Z0mg!
  161. Is this a joke?
  162. Stop Complaining! The game is Fine!
  163. weird diaganol line accross screen
  164. only Campaign is clickable.
  165. Bannable offence ?
  166. Retail CD key activates on Steam?
  167. Bulletstorm.. Some thoughts.
  169. if gfwl doesnt appear fix
  170. Any one want to make out?
  171. Steam shortcut for Bulletstorm Limited edition doesnt work!
  172. This is why you release PC demos!
  173. i cant see this game on steam yet
  174. Aussie Version Of this
  175. a little poem for all
  176. Screen freezes esc doesnt work, sound works?
  177. Bulletstorm DLC announced for pc too!
  178. No lobbies / invites?
  179. Need Opinions
  180. Any Australian players out there wanna play?
  181. My rant.
  182. Looking for skilled Anarchy partners on PC [EU]
  183. Bulletstorm Strat Guide Problems
  184. uncut Patch
  185. Digital Foundry comparison is up.
  186. Anarchy tips for beginners & new players!
  187. Dont buy this game!
  188. Voice chat through speakers O_o
  189. is this game any good? for co-op?
  190. Wheel of Death footage
  191. FYI for MP... its really easy folks
  192. mouse too sensitive when aiming down sight?
  193. Mic wont turn off?
  194. Game will not start
  195. EA seems mostly unaware of PhysX and GFWL problems.
  196. Can't sign-in!
  197. Stupid plants... Save me!
  198. Someone want to play?
  199. "Lucky Shot" with Bouncer
  200. Is it' better to play Bulletstorm using keyboard or a joystick?
  201. Odd graphical glitch, anyone else have this problem?
  202. Bulletstorm and RAM
  203. EU Maggots
  204. Opening EA/EPIC/PCF screen stalls out for a second
  205. GFWL 0X8007042C error HELP
  206. Does Bulletstorm Crash on Exit?
  207. Favorite one-liners
  208. Multiplayer, what is this crap?
  209. Still on the fence to buy this game? Read this then:
  210. What Do You Think is Down There?
  211. i cant activate bulletstorm on steam
  212. This Thing Is Terrible
  213. no surround sound
  214. Game Crash on boss level
  215. Random Slowdowns AKA Lag Spikes
  216. Bad Connection
  217. What is this skillshot referring to?
  218. BulletStorm Has no sound !!!!
  219. What this game should have been like
  221. Let's Play Bulletstorm Videos - decide if it's for you
  222. [Joke] EA removes innuendo from BulletStorm
  223. My thoughts on Bulletstorm post tweaking
  224. 16:10 Resolution Problems
  225. No sound when saving
  226. Boneduster and Headhunter; Bugged?
  227. Just finished, a few game breaking bugs
  228. Games for Windows Live won't sign in
  229. Good game, bring on the sequel.
  230. Discuss The Ending *SPOILERS*
  231. is there a patch coming?
  232. 16-bit
  233. Fps drops in anarchy mode
  234. Hey EA: remove that utter PoS LIVE instead of cursing!
  235. Waste of money
  236. Thanks for the ripoff
  237. Is this some conspiracy?
  238. Guide to fixing poor Bulletstorm frame rate. (resolution issue)
  239. [Sticky Me] How to get it to play nice with your PC
  240. This game on single core CPUs?
  241. Sniper doesnt work
  242. GFLW Bulletstorm
  243. Thinking of buying, got a few questions.
  244. Borderless Windowed mode in this and other Unreal titles
  245. Voice chat: push to talk?
  246. Bulletstorm in NVsurround/Eyefinity
  247. 360 Controller "Rumble" feature disabled
  248. Love this game
  249. Do you want epic edition and DLC leashes? Well here you go!
  250. Pure, epic fun.