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  1. FPS stutter
  2. Causing BSoD Win7 64-bit
  3. Can't start game
  4. Fatal error on launch
  5. OpenGL Error
  6. How do I extend my spring?
  7. Pink Screen of Death
  8. BIT.TRIP RUNNER and Mumble Overlay
  9. Gold Pieces not showing up??
  10. Crossfire not supported?
  11. Runner.exe Problem
  13. Holding Jump?
  14. Fix for no audio
  15. Guest pass to spare?
  16. Burger.Mouth
  17. ENDURE achievement
  18. why is there no demo
  19. 'Input Not Recognized'
  20. Supported Gamepads?
  21. Whoever decided it was a good idea to not have checkpoints.
  22. Leaderboards question
  23. Quick return to bonus levels?
  24. Perfected!
  25. Anyone ever tried using a Wii controller with this game?
  26. Bits with stairs
  27. FLAWLESS.TRIUMPH achievement
  28. Still no demo?
  29. Suggestion: Implement this model into Bit.TripRunner
  30. bit.trip collection for pc?
  31. 1-1 Perfect.
  32. Aperture Science login
  33. Problem with game startup
  34. sound popping and blurry graphics
  35. Impossible to adjust sound volume?
  36. Display Error: Screen Goes Black on Start
  37. How is "easy" supposed to be easy?
  38. Steam servers are too busy to handle your request. Please try again later.
  39. Minor Jogging Injuries
  40. The game keeps installing DirectX on startup...
  41. Ok, where is the cfg file located?
  42. Is it possible to play this in offline mode?
  43. Any way to disable the logo screens on launch?
  44. Summer Achievement: ROASTIN.MARSHMALLOWS
  45. Summer Achievement: Gone Fishin
  46. Commander Video's new outfit!
  47. Argh, can someone help me up the stairs?
  48. I am loving Commander Videos bathing suit
  49. Installation messed up game wont launch
  51. commander video skin?
  52. Anyone have a save with Completed World 1 on Easy or Normal ONLY?
  53. Game save mysteriously gone?
  54. Graphics Issue when launching btRunner
  55. Anyone else stop thinking after failing many times?
  56. Anyone think it is worth buying?
  57. No Sound; Black Screen - Help?
  58. First Time Setup... Every time.
  59. Why has nobody done this yet?
  60. Unusual deaths on stage 2-2
  61. This game's only failings
  62. BIT.TRIP RUNNER walkthrough? (your opinions needed)
  63. 1-10
  64. Achievement: Endure
  65. So close to being done!
  66. When are they changing the skin back?
  67. Unbreakable crystal in 1-11?
  68. So I wonder how long it'll take
  69. So why isn't there a option to delete your save if you please?
  70. Super Perfect Mode
  71. gaijin suport
  72. 'Music' Game?
  73. Game won't open
  74. Can a one armed person enjoy this game?
  75. Small update?
  76. How do you enable a controller?
  77. Installing thing before I launch the game
  78. Is there any way to re-map the keys?
  79. Bit.Trip Runner Overview via Youtube
  80. Crashing when starting a level
  81. Interesting game glitch...
  82. Direct sequel to Bit.Trip Runner in the making!
  83. Since Runner 2 is confirmed for PSN/XBLA...
  84. Wow, is THIS what Bit Trip Runner is?
  85. Crash on start.
  86. potential fix for crash ("failed to copy string: dst too small")
  87. Problem when running the game
  88. Anniversary Pack problems =D
  89. 1.3 MB update?
  90. OpenGL could not be initialized
  91. Bit Trip Runner = Psychological Torture
  92. graphic error
  93. ESC key not working, no way to pause or quit?
  94. [Video] First Impressions BIT.TRIP RUNNER
  95. This game is unexepectedly fun
  96. When I try to open game this happens...
  97. fun game...
  98. Game is not running very well?
  99. how do i set game to start in 1024 res
  100. The game does not launch
  101. Anyone else?
  102. I want to play the game
  103. BIT.TRIP RUNNER won't launch
  104. 1600x900 resolution broken in all indie bundle games?
  105. VC_Redist setup installs on every run.
  106. Christmas Update
  107. I don't get this game
  108. New achievements
  109. The game is blurry, makes me dizzy
  110. Normal vs. Perfect Difficulty
  111. Sound issues.
  112. No Objects or Background
  113. Graphic issue
  114. I Did It
  115. Whoever made the long staircases
  116. Kick and block should be switched
  117. Save?
  118. Crash on loading screen.
  119. Seriously, crash on startup problem..
  120. Can't get past the second level
  121. Secret to Bit Runner: count 4/4 time?
  122. e
  123. No Sound + Black Screen after Main Menu
  124. The Rythm game for Machoists? .u.
  125. Game sucks
  126. My savegame disappeared
  127. Bit.Trip.Runner Not Working. Can Someone Help?
  128. Just Beat 3-10, and My Heart is STILL Pounding
  129. Are you grateful this wasn't part of the christmas achievements?
  130. Great Gift Pile achievement
  131. how do I play soundtrack?
  132. [H]4 Coal 3 Coupons [W] Bit.Trip Runner
  133. Replace save file bannable?
  134. No boss music?
  135. Are savegames uploaded to steamcloud?
  136. Game won't start - SteamPI_Init() failed
  137. bucchin
  138. Post-Launch Review: Bit.Trip Runner
  139. Need help with BIT.TRIP RUNNER
  140. Leaderboard - post your scores!
  141. Level 3-9 Spring Board Problem!
  142. How to port save game from standalone to Steam (Mac)
  143. BIT.TRIP RUNNER problem launch
  144. I ... beat the game
  145. So...there's no way to play just the retro level, is there?
  146. Quick Review of Bit Trip Runner
  147. Mute sounds?
  148. Sound Out of Sync
  149. Forcing VCRedlist install.
  150. Is This A Bug Or Am I Doing Something Wrong?
  151. Wondering whether to get Bit.Trip Runner?
  152. BIT.TRIP RUNNER Not Working
  153. What is FLAWLESS.TENACITY exactly
  154. imo, the bit.trip games are hard for the wrong reason
  155. The only thing I dislike about this game...
  156. Heavy performance issues
  158. Why is this game in 3D?
  159. Can't Start The Game
  160. BIT.TRIPPER achievement
  161. xbox controller emulation
  162. Finally beaten on perfect difficulty :)
  163. Perfect achievments
  164. Runner 2 - Settings being ignored
  165. The Odyssey
  166. What is the difference between the difficulties?
  167. Runner 2 - Framerate Drops
  168. Runner 2: Press start to begin not working.
  169. Bit trip runner 2 CONTROLS?
  170. My thought on Runner 2
  171. Runner2: Level goes black
  172. i think i just found slenderman in bit trip runner 2...(100% Real No Fake)
  173. BTR 2, Content Servers Unavailable
  174. Runner 2 - Stuck on The Mimblesnits
  175. Giveaway 3 coupons: 25% off BIT.TRIP RUNNER 2
  176. This song reminds me of BIT.TRIP Runner
  177. Fatal error
  178. Strange music issue with 1 and 2.
  179. Runner 2: Major graphical glitch
  180. Runner 2 in offline mode?
  181. Fix for Sound Problems
  182. Running game for Windows, MAC OS X and Linux (T.E.C. 3001)
  183. Perfect Perfectionist - who's got it?