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  1. March 29th
  2. Dino D-Day - Bugs!!
  3. Dedicated servers for Europe? (BETA)
  4. Desmatosuchus nerf...
  5. East Coast Peoples!
  6. Suggestions - class tips
  7. Game too dark
  8. Actual reloading occurs too late
  9. Jamminsaurus
  10. A true promotion for a small game, Dino D-Day
  11. joining servers crashes computer [BETA]
  12. The allies are a little bland
  13. velociraptor jump cooldown!
  14. Idea: Ancient Mammals for the Allies!
  15. Couple of questions about the upcomming Full-Release
  16. Pistol recoil
  17. Dilophosaurus Camera
  18. Hard to tell humans apart
  19. Dino D-Day Patch Notes - v0.11
  20. OHhh Man!!!
  21. Price of the game?
  22. Sniper Rifle
  23. Why can't I help my ally?
  24. The thing about raptors is...
  25. Question about Axis Soldiers' branch
  26. Dinos need taunts
  27. question
  28. What about me?
  29. Anyone got xtra beta key ?
  30. Suggestions
  31. All servers are down?
  32. Need some testers for Class Restrictions Plugin
  33. Film Grain
  34. this game needs....
  35. Question for the Devs, Singleplayer?
  36. Reloading the M1 Garand mid-clip......
  37. DDD Interview on Podcast 17
  38. Dino D-Day Beta - Now Closed
  39. Invisible gun glitch
  40. How has your Dino D-Day experience been?
  41. Suggestion for SP/COOP - Axis campaign!
  42. Dino D-Day Live Server Banner (like GameTracker Banners...)
  43. Steam Trailer Music
  44. Some Suggestions
  45. airstrike and "bird strike?"
  46. OK about Possible TF2 Promos
  48. Media Resource Kit coming
  49. Does this game require a steam engine game?
  50. Media Kit is up on dinodday.com
  51. Dino D-Day Beta - v0.12
  52. Moveable/destroyable objects?
  53. Map design/Invisible Walls
  54. Pre-order / Release?
  55. Dino D-Day Available for Pre-Order
  56. Game needs demo
  57. The setting?
  58. What type of game is this?
  59. Raw Gameplay Footage
  60. Better indicator of damage?
  61. Any mention of adding new dino's?
  62. Anyone think of "Dino Riders" when they saw this?
  63. Dedicated SRCDS
  64. Origin of Dino D-Day
  65. Full Jurassic Park mod
  66. Primal Carnage
  67. Looks like a fun game, but worth $20?
  68. Not Worth It
  69. Tell us about your experience with Steam devs.
  70. System Requirements
  71. Difficult to review gameplay in current beta state (lack of active players)
  72. Raptor CTF
  73. My interview with RaYnE
  74. How do the allies fare?
  75. Does the game still do this?
  76. Dino D-Day FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  77. The dilophosaurus
  78. Someone please tell me where I can buy the propaganda posters???
  79. Mapping Questions
  80. really??
  81. Single Player mode?
  82. Seems like doing this the other way around would have been obvious...
  83. On the fence convince me.
  84. Official gameplay trailer?
  85. Needs More T-Rex!
  86. [Short Article] - Melee + Shooter Hybrids and Price
  87. The makers should contact Valve about adding TF2 items...
  88. I am confused
  89. Sorry devs, you gotta be more realistic
  90. Can all of us pre-orders have beta access?
  91. Totally worth it
  92. Day of Defeat Facelift with Dinosaurs?
  93. Needs more Germany?
  94. Japan, French Resistance, Russian ?
  95. Argentinosaurus with Paris Gun mounted on back as a boss!
  96. Compsognathus
  97. Zombie Dinosaurs mod
  98. Fascist Barny?
  99. When you think about it...
  100. Pre-orders now have Beta Access - Not an April Fool's Joke!
  101. My honest opinion on this game.
  102. dinos are better than zombies
  103. Some things I noticed.
  104. You had me at "Dino"
  105. Any videos by people in the beta?
  106. More info about 800 North ?
  107. Suggestion: Allied weapon: Fake Exploding goat
  108. Dino D-Day Competition!
  109. Damage Indicators?
  110. Game stops working after pressing alt+tab
  111. Awesome beta, needs polishing in some areas
  112. Please devs, i have few questions.
  113. Velociraptor/Diloposaurus decal request.
  114. Anyone For a 4-Pack?
  115. Suggestion
  116. Looking Good!
  117. Dino D-Day Beta 0.12 ingame footage (720p HD!)
  118. Raptor lunging Animation and sound needed
  119. Ally airstrike needs considerable tweaking
  120. Suggestion: Gibbing
  121. Allied vs Axis
  122. Recoil
  123. Gun Opinions
  124. Anyway to turn off Toggle Aim?
  125. Not remotely worth the money, nothing more than a quick-made sourcemod.
  126. What server plugins (SourceMod) would server owners be interested in?
  127. Dino D-Day - Suggestions
  128. Dino Riders Action
  129. Some goats should fight for allies !
  130. Things you would like to be changed a little.
  131. Neeed..... S..DK... Devs?
  132. Problem with Pre-order
  133. Lack of servers, lack of polish
  134. A few suggestions
  135. Desmatosuchus needs a HUGE buff.
  136. Pre-order issue
  137. Played beta for the weekend, huge imbalances.
  138. Tuck and run animation
  139. DDD Mic Spam at it's best!
  140. Raw Mouse Input?
  141. [REQUEST] Victory circle
  142. Oh God Oh this game looks amazing
  143. Models not showing up
  144. Sniper rifle crosshairs
  145. Dino D-Day Beta - Video Review
  146. Found a bug that crashes servers!
  147. Dino D-Day Sound Mod - America F-YEAH!
  148. [TUTORIAL] DDD Dedicated Server setup
  149. A 8 min Match of Dino D-Day Beta 0.12 (1080p HD)
  150. How is the windowed mode for this game?
  151. Eu vs Na pricing?
  152. 800 North SUCKS!!!!
  153. Dino Dday guns sound mod
  154. Custom Music
  155. Dev should have a free weekend this weekend
  156. Dino D-Day models in Garry's Mod?
  157. New Release Trailer is up - Check it out on IGN!
  158. I'm willing to help translate to Dutch!
  159. Dino D-Day 4 Pack!
  160. A few final suggestions: UI and Desmatosuchus balance
  161. So, how do the dinosaurs know who to kill?
  162. Dino D-Day is AWESOME! (gameplay video compilation)
  163. Midnight release?
  164. Can I have a real raptor with the release?
  165. Can't preorder because I'm in beta?????
  166. Does this support dx8?
  167. Assigning controllers
  168. Dino D Day is upon us!
  169. Probably the sleeper hit of the year.
  170. so anything special for us beta testers
  171. Steam group for European DDD players!
  172. Listen up soldiers!
  173. Launch Info
  174. Hi, i want to get this game BUT...
  175. Contest for free copy of the game still open
  176. Velociraptor special attack. How do?
  177. Indecisive whether i like this game or now
  178. The sound design.
  179. Congratz, thanks, and enjoy some rest!!!
  180. Downloading the release version
  181. Had a problem D:
  182. Amazing work devs! Totally worth it to buy this game.
  183. Ok guys so Speak up
  184. some problems
  185. Bah Bah Blasters!
  186. Significant, periodic slowdown
  187. KOTH Over-Time
  188. No xp 64 bit?
  189. Awesome game, a few necessary features missing
  190. obj_canyon needs some serious tweaking
  191. Frozen server browser after connection issue.
  192. Weapons
  193. Tri monitor support?
  194. Quick Question Devs
  195. Suggestion: Mouse sensetivity and sniping
  196. Patch Notes?
  197. Why overtime is REQUIRED on ALL maps
  198. Annabelle Mine Custom Map
  199. Getting serious mouse lag
  200. A couple of ideas
  201. Keep the feedback coming
  202. Some achievement don't work
  203. Please make objectives more clear to user.
  204. Was balance tested thoroughly?
  205. Autobalance
  206. Free weekend?
  207. Sniper scopes looks fuzzy to me
  208. I like the game but...
  209. 20 bucks?seriously?
  210. I really wish this was single-player
  211. Demo Please!
  212. About servers.
  213. Gameplay Raptor Fun
  214. Serious Bug - Makes Dead Clones of My Character
  215. In game nws paper articles
  216. No voice communication?
  217. my first impression
  218. DDD Dedicated Server bugs
  219. Can you lower the price to make this game more popular!!!
  220. Can't find any servers?
  221. Primal Carnage
  222. map time reaches ZERO, map does not change. dev help requested.
  223. Can someone answer my questions about Dino D-day
  224. Who bought dino-d day just for the dinosaurs :P
  225. Suggestion
  226. Dino D-Day achievements are Broken
  227. List of things i love and hate about the game
  228. Many servers out there?
  229. Dino D-day is a great twist from zombies!
  230. Suggestion: Live after being "dropped" by Dino
  231. Just bought Dino D Day and cant find any servers
  232. We need more props, furniture and decoration on these maps!
  233. Australian Dedicated Server Up and Running
  234. Gampad issue solved. Ish.
  235. Using Alien Swarm/Left 4 Dead 2 Hammer/SDK editors for Maps On Dino D-Day
  236. Animations Need Work
  237. Stand by for patch
  238. A Suggestion for the Game
  239. Why is no one playing fortress?
  240. Where are all the servers?
  241. Lead game designer was most likely high
  242. Developers, act now!
  243. Steam fails again.
  244. Linux server's
  245. Kind requests towards the beloved developers!
  246. What I Think
  247. Allies need Dino Love to
  248. Is there a way to force higher graphic settings x
  249. SPUF never ceases to amaze me
  250. TB preview