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  1. SpaceChem - Retail keys
  2. so yeah..
  3. Cloud support
  4. demo re-installes everytime
  5. Pricing ... fail
  6. Failure to load
  7. Game suggestions
  8. No Need For Introductions broken?
  9. Achievements?
  10. Problems running SC on a Mac
  11. Upgrading demo to full
  12. Gas Works Park - Solution?
  13. If you like this game you'll love SpaceChem.
  14. How do I back up the savegames?
  15. Crash to Desktop
  16. XXL cocktail, spacechem or Bad Company Vietnam?
  17. Very slowly
  18. .Net Error
  19. Recommend me more genuis games like this
  20. Black screen at startup?
  21. Text Unreadable
  22. SpaceChemRanks
  23. Input atoms in different locations
  24. A hearty thanks to the developers
  25. Possible to fork a pipe?
  26. Endo of the Line
  27. Mac version crashes on launch
  28. Mac Crash on Launch, possible Mono issue?
  29. Trouble installing game - No Steam Servers??
  30. Omni's Suggestion Thread
  31. Issue with demo
  32. FIENDISHLY Good!
  33. Cheating or buggy stats?
  34. Linux version
  35. Any word on how to get to Australia?
  36. Quick summary of the game
  37. TF2 promotion sale?
  38. Any non spoiler hints for randomized inputs with sensor?
  39. New Update makes me crash
  40. Mustachium 608
  41. SpaceChem - Moustachium (Video Guides)
  42. Error/Crash on Launch on OSX
  43. 'Offline' mode crashes/doesn't load.
  44. Falling Challenge
  45. Next Level doesn't unlock
  46. viewing the saved movies *Fixed*
  47. Resolution Problem
  48. Solving MacOSX issue about crash or You can't open the application SpaceChem"
  49. How do I choose which atom goes first?
  50. can someone share his solutions?
  51. World 3 is hardcore stumping me.
  52. Crash to desktop during Steam load.
  53. Black Screen
  54. Game save location / steam integration
  55. Missing informations on the store page
  56. Replay value?
  57. .NET Framework already installed detection
  58. Awesome, awesome simulator!
  59. Small bugs involving windowed mode v1007
  60. Praise & ideas
  61. Problem With Moving Icons
  62. Leaderboards?
  63. Please support Zachtronics Industries
  64. How Is ResearchNet Doing?
  65. Game "stops working" but still can play
  66. Saving designs?
  67. Any way to reset buggy level stats?
  68. Spacechem music choppy
  69. Black Screen
  70. SpaceChem is pure EVIL
  71. CoreSpace?
  72. The Leaderboard stat curve
  73. Help with a simple bonding
  74. Mac OSX 10.6.7 - Can't Run SpaceChem?
  75. Windowed Mode and Resolution
  76. This game needs a total score in addition to fastest and most efficient
  77. Research Lab - Freon: too few required outputs?
  78. Can't upload to youtube within game
  79. Some operations speed not the same?
  80. Level 7-2 bonding problem
  81. This game is absolutely incredible...it needs more attention.
  82. MAWR Music please
  83. Are unused bonders and sensor account for in the final stats?
  84. I just beat random oxides...
  85. Adding notes
  86. Extra challenge options in JoRE
  87. Saving old designs
  88. No thanks necessary...
  89. Game won't start, seems different from other problems
  90. Spaceshem causes hard lock up help :(
  91. Cannot see the inner details of the Reactor on the Level map! :(
  92. speed hint on 'no thanks necessary'?
  93. My game just updated and now it doesn't run at all.
  94. No Employment Record Found - Not how your "Supposed" to solve it
  95. Problem recording solutions
  96. Do it yourself cloud support
  97. More than machine: A clarification before I even start.
  98. Whaaaaaaat
  99. SolutionNet - a site for sharing SpaceChem solutions. Leaderboards, statistics, etc.
  100. SpaceChem causes computer crash
  101. Human Engineering in SpaceChem!
  102. Custom production levels?
  103. Help! solve my puzzle
  104. Next level won't unlock
  105. Don't Fear the Reaper?
  106. Where is the DLC?
  107. DLC available as prize only?
  108. 63 Corvi
  109. Tf2 SpaceChem items
  110. Black Screen on loadup
  111. "download demo" button not working in steam
  112. Crash on first loading screen
  113. So... what do i need to do to get the ticket?
  114. Create our own production assignments?
  115. Music titles/authors?
  116. messed up graphics in-game
  117. Why isn't this working?
  118. Bad Research Net levels
  119. ResearchNet assignments
  120. Why doesn't this work (Double Bonds)
  121. Where is ''swap'' button.
  122. A little bit of help with a loop?
  123. Activity Series
  124. No Longer Auto-Fetching Friend Scores
  125. Controls not working
  126. let's get this awesome game some media exposure!
  127. Awesome!!!
  128. what exactly is a "cycle"?
  129. IRONY
  130. suggestion for solution recording improvement
  131. Can someone please explain this solution to me?
  132. Demo vs. Full Game
  133. Problem with DLC 63 Corvi?
  134. bug reporting
  135. I'm really interested in this game; willing to trade an eve cd key for this game.
  136. Transfer savegame from Windows to Mac?
  137. Says I need Mono
  138. SpaceChem official forum over there
  139. Wow... just wow.
  140. How do I access the 63 Corvi DLC in the demo?
  141. I fear the Reaper
  142. Can't load game.
  143. Hephaestus IV Level 5 Map Selection Bug
  144. Absolutely Terrible Solutions
  145. Introduction to bonding less than 75 cycles
  146. strange glitch/bug/error in Spacechem.
  147. Did Spacechem just update for anyone else?
  148. Making SpaceChem more comfortable
  149. Update today?
  150. Test Puzzles - Combustion Series
  151. Crash (SpaceChem has stopped Working)
  152. Ideas for a more fluid interface
  153. More Than A Machine -- I don't get it.
  154. Custom Production Assignments
  155. Needz help to deside :3 why buy this game?
  156. Custom research assignments
  157. Super Hint to Help You Out on Binding
  158. Ideas for new commands
  159. Making video's of reactor interiors
  160. On the relationship between pie and cake:
  161. Smelting Iron
  162. Why don't more people love SpaceChem? Oh yeah...
  163. School lab nostalgia
  164. Cloud Support... (when?)
  165. Eppy's Custom Tests
  166. This game looks interesting
  167. My Two Cents
  168. How do I see the full name of the level ?
  169. Chlorination - What am I missing ?
  170. Cloud related error mesage.
  171. Any way to get Spacechem to use more than 1 core?
  172. soon on humble bundle
  173. Spacechem won't launch
  174. This is the best puzzle game I have ever played
  175. Game won't start
  176. (SOLVED) In some cases, the "Out" operation costs a cycle, in others it doesn't
  177. Steam problem with spacechem
  178. General Hints for Those New to Spacechem.
  179. Can't Upload to Youtube
  180. dragging icon issues
  181. Can anyone tell me why this isn't bonding?
  182. It went well untill..
  183. Lost all progress, can someone share their savegame files?
  184. My first custom assignment - Sodium Sulfate
  185. Expand the output grid beyond 4x8?
  186. No tutorials?
  187. Game error
  188. Game Crash
  189. Swapite level (Warning: spoilers!)
  190. SpaceChem - Display driver crash on load.
  191. I am really bad at this game. Protips?
  192. Solutions you're most proud of?
  193. "Recycling"?
  194. Items won't "flush" out the output zone sometimes
  195. Can't wrap my head around this.
  196. SpaceChem freezes my computer!
  197. Is this solvable? - Nitroglycerin
  198. Random isn't. Anyone exploited this ?
  199. Binary loop
  200. How do you get better at this?
  201. 12 mystery cycles
  202. Having trouble with the game window
  203. Output glitch
  204. Save don't carry over between computers?
  205. Sensor question.
  206. Transmutation (2 custom research assignments)
  207. Mouse Movement Suddenly Became Choppy after Beating a Mission!
  208. Output symbol not flushing reactor
  209. How is a single bond element treated with multiple choices?
  210. Reducing Number of Cycles?
  211. Sleepless in Sernimir
  212. Things that you didn't realise at first, that revolutionised how you play!
  213. Didn't get rewards for Moustachium 608
  214. tf2 items
  215. Problem with "Every day is the first day"
  216. Made a little spreadsheet to keep records
  217. Great interview with SpaceChem lead designer, discusses DLC
  218. A bug or something
  219. SpaceChem doesn't run
  220. How to complete Moustachium 608 in under 250 Cycles!
  221. DLC... Worth it?
  222. Anyone tried the new 'sandbox' mode yet?
  223. Daily Sale ?
  224. SpaceChem - Need GOOD Guides! Please Help
  225. Custom Levels
  226. Lost my save
  228. My first Cusom Level
  229. New Achievement - Polar Expedition
  230. Breaking Bad levels (possible very minor spoilers)
  231. This game knows you're cheating...
  232. Reset button?
  233. Another Resolution Issue
  234. SpaceChem crashes when I'm connecting reactors one to the next
  235. Image on homepage
  236. Crashing?
  237. Runs great untill
  238. Spacechem tutorial bug
  239. I made a video walkthrough for the achievement :)
  240. Go For It!!
  241. Spacechem - This steam game requires a special product key
  242. Polar Expedition achievement won't unlock.
  243. Pretty easy achievement
  244. Double bonds tutorial...
  245. Stuck on Sernimir II (3)
  246. Can't use two output waldos
  247. what am i doing wrong in #3
  248. Trading Spacechem for any game I don't have
  249. Mac version crashes in lion
  250. Any way to disable hardware acceleration? Need to run on weak PC