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  1. Gamepad support for Dragon Age 2?
  2. Happy to pay $60 for a Bioware game, anyone else?
  4. Exiled Prince
  5. Dragon Age 2 preload?
  6. Consolification
  8. The Official I canceled my DA2 preorder thread
  9. If you didn't like or play DA:O on PC...
  10. I think Rogue is going to be my fav class in da2?
  11. Marking Director makes DA2 look worse?
  12. List of logical fallacies found in this forum
  13. Garbage.
  14. DA2 Demo Weapon Unlock
  15. A Quick Review of DA2 Before It Gets Here
  16. Dragon Age 2 Retail Activated with Steam?
  17. Demo mod for Difficulty and Character Creation
  18. PC GAMER REVIEW: Dragon Age 2 - 94/100
  19. Digital Head Start Mentioned After Demo
  20. DA2 Demo crashes after character creation
  21. Wow DLC trailer before release
  22. Why do...
  23. Gamestar review 87/100
  24. Impressions of DA2 demo from somene who never played DA:O
  25. DA2: How to play 2-hander Warrior?
  26. Pre-Order DLC?
  27. Cancelled preorder because of this day 1 dlc crap.
  28. What Class/Spec/Team Setup are you going to use in DA:2
  29. Is there dual-wield for warriors?
  30. $59.99?
  31. Preload before next tuesday?
  32. So.. I just played the DAII demo on xbox.
  33. Dragon Age 2 Unlock/Download timer
  34. So if the demo runs, the full game will, right?
  35. DA 2 preload?
  36. so bummed about main hero having "voice"
  37. It isn't Dragon Age: Origins II
  38. arcane warriors in DA:II
  39. Preload Suspends at 99%
  40. Magically Changing Female Assets?
  41. 10 Things you should KNOW about DA2 (No Spoilers)
  42. Anyone else still not buying it?
  43. How difficult is it to cancel a pre-order?
  44. PC Gamer 94/100 (Yeah. PC Gamer. Not Console Gamer)
  45. HIGHRES Textures to be released as MANUAL download
  46. Amazon is offering Dragon Age 2 at 20% off
  47. So since some decisions are supposed to carry over...
  48. Mass Effect 2 DLC?
  49. What are the chances that the preorder items will be availble later?
  50. Steam gave me 2 CD keys?
  51. Played Demo but where does it show unlock for item?
  52. DA2: Retail DLC working in Steam version?
  53. Da2 Dev Chat #2!
  54. Game is so SMALL!?
  55. Anyone else experiencing preload stops at 99%?
  56. armor code
  57. Best thread on the DA2 social site forum. Ever.
  58. DA2 demo save importing is broken ?
  59. Pause option
  60. Isabela - DA2 Demo
  61. Steam Release date
  62. Importing
  63. Sprawl's Scrawl ~ Game Preview: Dragon Age II
  64. Question about getting Demo items for DA 2, do I get them anyway from my Pre-Purchase
  65. Will the user interface be improved?.
  66. Chris Priestly says ask Steam
  67. tatics bugs da2
  68. Get over the $60 price point in PC games.
  69. Is it going to be possible to "record" 2 versions of dragon age 2?
  70. What time will it actually launch? Take a guess.
  71. Dragon Age 2 Demo - Looping Launcher
  72. DA:2 Supports DX11, tessellation, AWESOME!
  73. Early Access
  74. Anybody playing yet?
  75. question about dragon age 2 dlc, and how to get it.
  76. Time on DA 2 availabiltiy?
  77. High Res Texture pack is up
  78. Is it possible to cancel a preorder of DA2 and how?
  79. Hi-Res Texture Pack
  80. Boots of the Frozen Wastes - register DA2
  81. DA:O in DA2
  82. Can I buy the new "prince" dlc through Steam?
  83. Hayder's Razor
  84. Prepare yourself for Dragon Age II
  85. How to get Fadeshear + Lion?
  86. Release
  87. Rogue, Mage or Warrior / Male or Female?
  88. How to cancel your steam DA2 purchase
  89. The Escapist reviews Dragon Age 2
  90. Use your Steam key to activate in EA downloader and play tonight
  91. Steam....
  92. Pissed off By Steam
  93. I'm EST and playing right now...
  94. EA CD error?
  96. Unlocked!
  97. Dragon Age 2 finally has unlocked
  98. Don't Get Overexcited - Be Careful
  99. Installing High Res Pack
  100. WTF Steam
  101. Retail-Steam DLC
  102. Nug Poodoo that is Australia times
  103. The Steam Servers are currently too busy to handle your request...
  104. DLC Problems (Not Again)
  105. RE: Australia Release Date
  106. Ser Issac's Armor
  108. DX 11 Texture issue
  109. To anyone Having trouble unlocking/decryping/launching
  110. Files re-encrypted?
  111. Can't modify default appearance :<
  112. To those worrying about Nightmare. (PC)
  113. How to access my preorder exclusive items?
  114. I think it kind of sucks that...
  115. beta driver question
  116. Using a VPN bannable?
  117. The only DLC showing up for me is The Black Emporium.
  118. This game is currently unavailable.
  119. Instructions on how to get Ser Isaac's Armor (Dead Space DLC) Inside
  120. Playing the game now in GMT+8 timezone
  121. jumpy video
  122. Where is the manual?
  123. Dragon Age II "Entitlement Key" "Preorder Entitlement Key"
  124. Can't install HighRes Pack
  125. High texture pack using steam?
  126. I'm likin' It :)
  127. A way to disable right click to move?
  128. Where is the dragon age 2 manual?
  129. High Res Texture Pack
  130. so ive pre loaded but dont wanna wait
  131. . . .And the forums go silent.
  132. Game Crashes, Poor Performance
  133. When can I play??
  134. thanks steam, you have yet again fxckd us
  135. Release date South America
  136. Unable to Save
  137. The class customization is pathetic
  138. Exiled Prince?
  139. Live in Perth, WA and can't play? See here
  140. 360 controller usage?
  141. Dragon Age 2 for Steam Mac?
  142. Dragon age 2 dialogue bug ?
  143. Wait, she's a MAGE? (Minor minor spoiler)
  144. DA2: The Game semi freezes for about 5 minutes
  145. Anyone found a way to stop the crashing?
  146. Bit-Tech review gives DA2 a 7 out of 10
  147. Game manual?
  148. DA2 Error Code 51
  149. Dragon Age 2 Combat system
  150. Pre Order Dlc redeemed but not showing up
  151. Is my DLC linked to my account?
  152. cat ati 11.4 drivers
  153. Hi-Res textures for Dragon Age 2
  154. DA2 Crash on startup
  155. Gamespot review = 8.0
  156. Transfere of saved games?
  157. < $30 in a week or two
  158. Where is the guide?
  159. Game refuses to start after first cinematic
  160. Female Hawke voice actor
  161. I just...i dont even...
  162. Save Import Question/Help
  163. Mods in Dragon Age II
  164. The biggest French game site gave 6/10 to DA2
  165. Just to clear this up
  166. How to socket runes?
  167. Still waiting steam...
  168. GTX 260m means no high settings for you?
  169. Can't seem to install the DA2 DLC (Exiled Prince or Black Market)
  170. Oh how far this series has fallen
  171. Bioware's David Gaider Epitome of Arrogance
  172. Shipped with KNOWN bugs
  173. DA2 looks like [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] in DX11
  174. Thoughts on the game
  175. DaO history settings in game.
  176. Removal of tactical camera makes AOEs terrible
  177. Game Informer Savages DA2 (7.75 score)
  178. Respec option?
  179. Am I the only one who likes this game?
  180. Can't play Dragon Age 2 DX11 in fullscreen
  181. Game too dark
  182. Where do I download the DLC from?
  183. DA II Stutter...sometimes
  184. Is it me or the graphics very unoptimized in this game?
  185. what Difficulty are you playing on, how are you liking the game?
  186. Stuck in the Middle East
  187. Not buying after Demo
  188. Crashes at Bioware Logo
  189. Really?
  190. which key is which?
  191. Dragon Age II - Prima Official Strategy Guide
  192. Stutters during dialog
  193. Metacritic = 84
  194. Did bioware start a war between new and old fans?
  195. Dragon Age 2 glitch
  196. Cant save on DA2 plz help
  197. Game Freezes Temporarily
  198. Quick question (save game import). What's missing here?
  199. Black Emporium DLC question
  200. Possible NVIDIA Fix, modified Beta drivers
  201. Where to get Mirror Of Transformation & Mabari? q
  202. Proof that Bioware now looks at PC gamers like dirty tissue
  203. so, should i buy DA2? :o
  204. just beat the game(no spoilers)
  205. Would there be less hate if there were no DA:O?
  206. Now you guys know how I felt with DA:O
  207. Dragons Age 2 Rune Question
  208. Black emporium
  209. EA has amazing Live Assistance. 2 Free Exiled Prince keys!
  210. Wait for the price drop PC fans.
  211. DA2 - Enemy waves
  212. Dragon Age 2 Game Fixes Guide
  213. Countdown to DA2 "Midweek Madness"
  214. Directx 10?
  215. Issues w/ DX11 Renderer
  216. So this sounds really bad but i need it easier than casual (Spoilers)
  217. Unable to unlock chests.....
  218. What the heck, Steam? (unlock times)
  219. DX11 tessellation
  220. Dragon Age 2 Pre-Purchase
  221. xbox disc arrived b4 my digital pc copy unlocked
  222. DA 2 - Conversations say "Loading"
  223. It's now cool to hate Bioware
  224. Need Help *Spoilers*
  225. People refuse to adopt
  226. EA HATES THE PC!!!! Sure they do.....
  228. Nightmare!
  229. Its Impossible..
  230. Dragon Age II Price ris?
  231. Game Unavailable?
  232. Bad Performance
  233. DA2 : Like it or Hate it, and why.
  234. Anyone getting BSODs?
  235. EA website hasnt got my DAO listed, will i still get my blood armour?
  236. Link to High Resolution Texture Pack for Dragon Age II
  238. My pre purchases
  239. Just plain cruel now..
  240. Hey, Look On The Bright Side...
  241. Ok Now I am very upset.
  242. The Best in the Business: Dragon Age II Composer Inon Zur (PSU.com)
  243. "Do you ever feel like the world's getting simpler?"
  244. How do I install Black Emporium from where?
  245. Is it as bad as I think from the demo?
  246. DA 2 Pre-Purchase for Victoria, Australia Release date Today but still cannot play?
  247. Get over it they didn't make Baldur's Gate 4!
  248. GTX 480 SLI Terrible FPS
  249. Black Emporium
  250. Western Europe Unlock