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  1. Thoughts?
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  3. Finished in under an hour
  4. Just bought it... going to give it a try soon
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  6. Finished In About An Hour.
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  10. Battle Los angeles??? WOW.....
  11. Not surprised
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  13. Wont run
  14. Team Xbox said this in their review of TimeShift
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  16. What I noticed
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  18. Price and Lenght Aside How does it play?
  19. Question about mods.
  20. If you played Soldier of Fortune Payback, this is better than that.
  21. Unhandled exception error at startup
  22. MFW
  23. Movie licensed games always suck as a rule
  24. This is a gaming first! (read before you presume)
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  26. doom 3d remake?
  27. Movie Majority Reviewing - 4 Stars. Nice Arcade Shooter.
  28. STRAFE!?!?
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  32. BEFORE you buy, read metacritic...
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  34. performance problem FPS
  35. left & right
  36. Retreat!
  37. Why doesn't My Purchase of this game work?