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  1. Requires a constant internet connection DRM
  2. Any difference between retail and Steam release?
  3. WTF is Darkspore?
  4. Fun, but won't be buying...
  5. Kind of sucks that it was delayed...
  6. Official Darkspore Forums
  7. New Release Date *AKA: Delay*
  8. Darkspore will NOT include DRM
  9. beta cd code doesn't redeem
  10. Why is this in my games list?
  11. darkspore automatically downloading the trailer onto my steam library??
  12. BETA on steam
  13. Beta Key Already In Use
  14. Beta: 1680x1050 - Invalid Resolution
  15. How to play the beta
  16. $69.99?
  17. Achievements?
  18. Crashes when done loading map in Multiplayer
  19. Locks up on startup
  20. Would've like to have tried the beta...
  21. First Impressions
  22. Easy as hell. Anyone agree?
  23. things to happen if anyone will buy
  24. Nothing happens when I push "play"
  25. EA Games: Fail within 15 min or ur money back. ...er no wait we keep it.
  26. Character creation
  27. white screen of death
  28. Invisible Mobs?!?
  29. $49.99 will not be the final cost of this game
  30. My level reset?
  31. Lost Network connection?
  32. Will this game come to mac and will it be on steam on mac or will I have to buy it?
  33. Unskippable cutscene, really?
  34. Character reset request
  35. Anyone else having problems starting the game?
  36. I submited a bug report in game
  37. Beta Progress Lost in Retail?
  38. Crashy Crashy.
  39. crash on character switch
  40. Loading.
  41. I am deeply offended by Darkspore
  42. Does the close up zoom bug anyone else?
  43. Is this game hardcore enough to Diablo players?
  44. IS this game for real?
  45. Bug in matchmaking (wrong levels)
  46. Max level 3.4 in beta?
  47. BUG: Welcome/Login Screen bugged, cant login
  48. random crash 1.4
  49. Reasons why this game is not worth a full price tag.
  50. Dark Spore
  51. The Female Robot's Synthesizes voice - hurts my brain
  52. Skill Numbers
  53. Beta key not working? Already used?
  54. DarkSpore in Spanish?
  55. Space Based ActionRPG/Hack & Slash?
  56. Darkspore is awesome
  57. This game needs something like DoWII's "The Last Stand"
  58. pre-purchasing the 4-pack
  59. Release Date
  60. Parties & DNA
  61. Auto Clicker
  62. Serious PVP?
  63. Why does combat feel like it's going to suck?
  64. To the Maxis™ Devs...
  65. Game Menu's Missing
  66. Profanity filter.
  67. Pre-Purchased but unable to play
  68. Feet and Hands
  69. Loot/Item complaints
  70. Movement not working in tutorial
  71. Crashes, graphic glitches? Check here.
  72. directx ????
  73. Some quirks with this game.
  74. This game is quiet boring.
  75. How to change my ingame avatar
  76. EA should advertise it as a co-op game!
  77. Gameplay discussion / questions
  78. Controls.
  79. The beta key?
  80. Unable to Register
  81. Thank you for your beta test offer on steam but i wont even try this game
  82. Weird Problem (please read)
  83. Game Gone from Library
  84. Is there a limit on creating acc?
  85. Simple ideas that will make a huge difference
  86. A bit of feedback.
  87. Youtube vidzzzz
  88. Wrong display settings
  89. For the 4 Pack User
  90. How long is Darkspore singleplayer to complete..
  91. Very addicting game and...
  92. If They do 4v4 pvp then I will buy
  93. Hero questions (beyond first set, what beta gets)
  94. Show your squads/favorite creations
  95. Register page = blank
  96. Will this game have security?
  97. Steam beta extended till Monday!
  98. What is going on with the EA ID names?
  99. Recycling Level Design and Bosses Too Early?
  100. Darkspore 4-Pack 1 Copy Left
  101. Patch error?
  102. Beta 6 Live Patch - Rolling out right now!
  103. key doesn't work,
  104. Some questions after purchase
  105. DNA Budget Glitch?
  106. Can't play.
  107. There's only one thing I don't like about this game.
  108. Characters Keep Freezing Up!
  109. This game is fun and all but..
  110. cant level past 15?
  111. Question about end of beta and earned stats...
  112. How the hell do you select levels on this game?!
  113. Spore?
  114. not able to play :S
  115. Darkspore 4pack round up
  116. Server or client side saves?
  117. Australian price uncompetitive
  118. black startup screen
  119. How Do You Uninstall this when...
  120. Limited edition at retail confirmation please?
  121. Alternate accounts!
  122. Release date?¿?
  123. 4-pack Question
  124. Was Gifted the Game
  125. Will subtitles be sold as a DLC, or what?
  126. Limited Edition 4-pack?
  127. Well at least EA knows how to spend it's money.
  128. Does Darkspore run better than Spore?
  129. Few questions
  130. Darkspore beta today at noon!
  131. Sorry Maxis and EA
  132. Darkspore needs a showroom
  133. 2 new betas!
  134. Beta carry-over into release?
  135. Beta is over, Darkspore releases April 26th
  136. Hardcore modes?
  137. Regardless of the cost... is this fun? MP Looks cool
  138. Open Beta Patch Notes!
  139. downloading beta client in Steam?
  140. Beta's back open in 20 mins
  141. Where'd it go?
  142. WASD Movement
  143. Really? Still $49.99?
  144. editor blobs
  145. Why does everyone like this game?
  146. New 4 Pack Roundup.
  147. Will the Beta software upgrade to the Release?
  148. Questions for the Developers? Live Q&A on Reddit!
  149. What The Hell Happened to My Progress?!
  150. Can't sell items while in editor mode?
  151. release date.
  152. Buyer Beware
  153. Currently unavailable, please try again? - Solved!
  154. movement basically broken
  155. No pause in single player?
  156. critique of the moment.
  157. Troubleshooting Guide - Start here!
  158. Little Review ( Whoo beta tester ) Don´t read if you are under 18
  159. Subtitles
  160. How to refund?
  161. Is the 4 pack the Limited Edition?
  162. Second Patch is live!
  163. why no tf2 hat?
  164. Patch #3! Kill 15-in-a-row is gone, other objectives tweaked
  165. Pre-Order Pre-Download?
  166. Darkspore Play Through
  167. Why was the April 26th date taken down...
  168. Retail on Steam
  169. Some considerations on Overdrive
  170. Pre-ordering.
  171. Some feedback
  172. Likelihood of trade system?
  173. Downloading Beta client just now - is there a point?
  174. Pre-order Problem
  175. What other games are similar?
  176. Darkspore Launch | US-Gift
  177. Darkspore tomorrow EU?
  178. Steam hasn't sent out keys
  179. LF Aussies
  180. Friends only or Matchmaking?
  181. Darkspore - Steam DELAYED
  182. Refund while you can ( reason inside )
  183. What is DRM?
  184. Steam treats me as im in EU
  185. How Does darkspore detect preorders ?
  186. Will I like this game?
  187. Can't access darkspore after countdown finished
  188. Darkspore release time
  189. Equipment questions
  190. Reason for blatant lying? (Release Date)
  191. IGN Review
  192. 4-Pack Limited Edition - Extra Copy
  194. CD-key not working
  195. Pre-Load Suspended?
  196. Cheaper to download on Amazon
  197. 10 euro cheaper on the EA site?
  198. Does the CD key activate on the EA Download manager?
  199. My review of Darkspore
  200. European and playing Darkspore!
  201. Just allow us to play already (There is also a way to play it NOW!!! Click me How-To)
  202. Darkspore released in N. America but unplayable.
  203. Steam download problem...
  204. First day
  206. Looking for spanish players-> España
  207. Pre-Purchase Items
  208. Crashing problems
  209. Aspect Ratio
  210. Steam wont launch the game,
  211. 5 Grievances with Darkspore: An Honest Review
  212. on sale?
  213. Darkspore won't start up
  214. Cant preload
  215. Product key won't work
  216. Constant Disconnects
  217. 1004?
  218. Need more in-depth Tech Support? READ THIS THREAD!
  219. Problems with you key? We can help.
  220. The one feature/fix I'd like (that is inevitably to come)
  221. Did the game improve since beta ?
  222. UK/EU Unlock
  223. 31 files to update and the update has paused and won't start again
  224. some kid won 5 purified items in one chain game, threat 5.
  225. 1-4 crash.
  226. so hows the single player aspect of this game?
  227. Blank registration screen
  228. Patcher from website..not working?
  229. [EU/UK] Steam CD Key issues anyone?
  230. Can this be run 1920x1200 resolution?
  231. Darkspore = Church boring
  232. register retail copy with steam
  233. Matchmaker system change
  234. $AU70 is just not good enough.
  235. Why no OSX version?
  236. Buy game? + unlocking hero
  237. Purchased retail game.....
  238. Item bonuses +XP/DNA gain +Drop Chance
  239. No reconnects in a persistent online game? seriously??
  240. Can I play with European people if I get US version?..
  241. constant disconnection
  242. My suggestions for darkspore
  243. Steam: Game crash on launch. (Resolved.)
  244. Clean up after the beta ?
  245. Ok - I have some questions
  246. how does leveling work in this game?
  247. Minimum requirements?
  248. Is content streamed?
  249. BUG: Deployment timer wrong, deployment decision wrong
  250. Questions about the game(similar to Diablo?)