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  1. Humble Indie Bundle 2 key
  2. Steam Cloud
  3. How do you change the difficulty setting?
  4. IN!
  5. Is it worth it?
  6. Hello from Puppygames!
  7. Stuck at first boss.
  8. Trouble starting the game
  9. Youtube playthough of the Earth levels
  10. Would this game run well on a really weak system?
  11. I guess Mac version is coming soon?
  12. Save location?
  13. Very minor bug or something..
  14. Deleted save game
  15. Steam Achievements?
  16. Good game but some suggestions.
  17. does anybody else...
  18. Too few enemies, too slow cannons
  19. Download the free demo on their site
  20. Don't understand refineries
  21. Achievements or else
  22. Song name!?
  23. I own the game but never bought it.
  24. best game ever!
  25. super slow framerate
  26. Such a cool game
  27. store page link to forums :)
  28. Hints and Tips
  29. New player help: Getting off on the right foot
  30. My Review: Revenge of the Titans
  31. Beastiary: SPOILERS!!!!
  32. Why did i get this for free
  33. Research Guide
  34. Open Source ETA?
  35. Dlc? Perhaps an Expansion?
  36. Intentional AI reactivity to pre-game turret diversity
  37. Mac release?
  38. Crash Mid-Game
  39. Will there be a demo?
  40. highlight tech prerequisites
  41. Ghosts
  42. What kind of idiots do I have manning these towers?
  43. Simple question: Survival Mode
  44. This could really use a wiki
  45. What does the Berserk powerup do?
  46. I like the game, but it is in sore need of some balance
  47. I can't believe this strategy actually worked
  48. Whats that 5000$?
  49. restart bug
  50. That's weird.
  51. Game quits when i click earth base 41
  52. Why do so many indie games not support full screen resolution options?
  53. Replayed the Earth missions a bunch of times...
  54. Still didnt receive the game from the bundle... Help?
  55. Who Are Puppygames?
  56. How should i deal with Ghosts?
  57. Coming soon...
  58. Minor feature request
  59. refineries?
  60. No upgrades in Survival?
  61. Cannot start the game
  62. Translations?
  63. Getting back my bonus 5000$ for subscription?
  64. Game won't start!
  65. I want a Linux (or Mac) version!
  66. Giving away 3 humble bundles!
  67. Did I shoot myself in the foot by not researching explosive path?
  68. where can i get actual descriptions of upgrades?
  69. Ideas on multiplayer
  70. Thanks for this game !
  71. Earth levels playthrough
  72. Saturn strategies? (Spoilers)
  73. How many Refineries saturate a mineral patch?
  74. The Old Tech Tree Layout
  75. My only wish is to see what each tech upgrade does...
  76. Do not let us place buildings over mobs while targeting Capacitors
  77. Did anyone else love the Sinclair computers reference?
  78. Shield Generators
  79. Suggestion : Post Mission Stats & Restart
  81. Need help
  82. Mouse bug
  83. Level 54 is kicking my behind
  84. Suggestions for new units
  85. Why Is This Game In My "Games List?"
  86. Questions about some game mechanics
  87. Revenge of the titans isn't the only great game from puppygames!!
  88. Activating Humble Bundle game on Steam = Less profit?
  89. turret shape and building placement
  90. Eridania mission 28 , bug
  91. Couple of changes I'd like to see
  92. Revenge of the Titans Wiki
  93. Minor Icon Bug
  94. Wacom tablet support?
  95. Smarter AI on the moon and how to deal with it?
  96. I beat the campaign! (life-saving tip inside)
  97. PuppyGames' Other titles on steam
  98. Revenge of the.. first level?
  99. Flying enemies help
  100. ROTT soundtrack?
  101. Why was my post deleted?
  102. Mo' money! (more questions about the game)
  103. Are upgraded droid factories worth it?
  104. Steam version vs version from Indie Bundle
  105. Tech tree
  106. Change graphics scaling?
  107. Is there going to be a demo?
  108. Reallocating research?
  109. Status on the patch?
  110. DRM
  111. Game stutters
  112. Suggestion- Setup phase?
  113. So I made it to Mars...
  114. Hey, Steam Staff!
  115. Not showing up in my library.
  116. Cloud Saving?
  117. Patch completely messed my game
  118. New version v1.80.11
  119. Reprocessor Efficiency
  120. Crucial tech upgrades?
  121. high scores
  122. Tech tree problems
  123. When?
  124. How do I raise the difficulty ?
  125. Where's 1.80.12?
  126. Titans skirt radar range, be warned! (small story too)
  127. Extra ammo bug?
  128. 1.80.12 out on Steam!
  129. PC Gamer (print version) review
  130. Confused about Coffee
  131. Very Fun Game!!!
  132. Slowdowns since 1.80.12
  133. Defense grid layouts v. share your layouts.
  134. Survival Mode Suggestions
  135. I want a t-shirt of this awesome game.
  136. Achievements?
  137. Having a very hard time
  138. Freezing with ATI Crossfire
  139. Suggestion - Highlight Dependent Upgrades
  140. Crashes on Mac after playing for a little while
  141. Steamworks APIs...
  142. Weird issue on laptop
  143. Game generates new levels for previously beaten levels?
  144. End results "Scavenged Crystals" displayed wrong?
  145. Where's the $7,500 you get for registering for news letter?
  146. Is this game enjoyable if you find Defense Grid, Plants vs Zombies, and others dull?
  147. About dollars and euros
  148. Anyway to get the soundtrack?
  149. Music in missions?
  150. Impaired gamer: What are the controls of this game?
  151. my wish
  152. Keybinds?
  153. Gratz at being the top seller :)
  154. On sale for 0 percent
  155. Ultra Bundle with RotT on Steam?
  156. New Modes?
  157. Quick question,,,
  158. Any tips for Hyperion
  159. Faster KB scrolling?
  160. How do you kill the ghosts?
  161. Economic Analysis
  162. Unable to install.
  163. Back on the Humble Bundle!
  164. Howto kill the Gargantuan Titan (Mars 30)?
  165. Hex code/email bonus missing?
  166. How can I re-register an e-mail?
  167. Hex code limitations?
  168. Change save file location?
  169. Slowdown when game notifies about money/powerups on map
  170. Aff. Hex Code Start Up Bribe
  171. How can I beat the Saturn boss?
  172. This game was designed to punish you for buying it,
  173. In-game newsletter signup failure
  174. Dual-head resolution issue
  175. Mining all crystals before timer expires
  176. Effects of turrent boosters
  177. Your Favorite Strategy? :)
  178. Strategy tips for optimizing profits
  179. Cannot receive the bonus code!
  180. Love the music
  181. Can't load my savefile
  182. Revenge of the Titans slowdown
  183. sandbox mode?
  184. Why not Keep Wraith only in Mars?
  185. Advice for a new player?
  186. Do I need to click turrets to reload them?
  187. Seems less TD and more reflex
  188. Cant load the campaign
  189. Steam Cloud?
  190. Steam Community Overlay Problem
  191. I have all the achievements for this game, you jelly?
  192. Question about extra copy gifting and this game
  193. Casual (easy) mode
  194. Bonus Code problems
  195. Turret add-on questions
  196. The single achievement, that does not work.
  197. Thanks for the great game
  198. Can't fullscreen.
  199. Working on a Guide
  200. Game instantly closed after obtaining "Reinforcements"
  201. Suggestions
  202. Do crystal patches actually have a point?
  203. Revenge of the Titans: Alien Assault
  204. Beat the game, but feel kinda bad :(
  205. About the achievements
  206. 1.80.13 released with ACHIEVEMENTS and CLOUD SUPPORT!
  207. I am at level 50, but I only have 7500 $
  208. Problem with achievement
  209. Duplicate Achievement names
  210. Bonus Powerup Pack?
  211. Save trick worked for levels but not for achievements
  212. Request/Feedback: Survival mode balance
  213. Fps Spikes
  214. Any mods out there?
  215. BWAAAA! All my saved games are gone!!
  216. Which do you use to scroll - MOUSE or KEYS?
  217. Hoarded achievements fixed
  218. Question about ROTT
  219. Getting my [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] kicked
  220. A couple of random thoughts
  221. Menu Music
  222. Game language
  223. Turret Upgrades
  224. Little guide how to get to titan
  225. Squish Titans, X-Mas Aliens Research all
  226. Ghost titans?
  227. Help on Titan D:
  228. crystal harvesting-- question???
  229. New patch (Dec 16)
  230. 1.80.14 patch released - with SPECIAL XMAS BONUS!
  231. Thx for the X-Mas Challenge *Spoiler*
  232. 1.80.13 wont update to .14
  233. Mac troubles
  234. Survival broken?
  235. Mouse scrolling not working
  236. Improving game performance?
  237. 50% off coupon willing to trade
  238. Cannot do christmas achievement
  239. Signed up for newsletter, but no code.
  240. [Video] First Impressions Revenge of the Titans
  241. Various bugs n that
  242. Patch your game to 1.80.15 and make the Mac version work!
  243. [H] Titans [W] Binding of Isaac
  244. Revenge of the Titans achievement...you can't be serious
  245. How to get the achievement?
  246. Christmas Achievement Video How to
  247. Is it worth it? (excluding the X-mas achievement)
  248. Christmas achievement savegame
  249. Anti virus removes exe upon installing.
  250. Will trade 4 coal for this game.