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  1. Game Looks Beautiful!
  2. Release and Price
  3. This looks like one fantastic game!
  4. Resolution and settings
  5. Review
  6. Lack of Camera Controls?
  7. Out Today?
  8. Honestly, is this game worth my time?
  9. Crash during startup
  10. Wondering if this game is for you? Is this a good game?
  11. Subtitles?
  12. REALLY stuttery camera / animations
  13. VIDEO - Meeting the Viamboors
  14. how long is the game?
  15. Good game it gets my thumbs up!
  16. Graphical bugs
  17. Garshasp: The Monster Slayer - Video Review
  18. Garshasp Review
  19. Possible Bugs/Suggestions
  20. Controls?
  21. Questions you would like to ask the developers of Garshasp?
  22. I have played GoW, DMC, PoP and Darksiders
  23. TotalBiscuit plays Garshasp
  24. Unable to Progress - Camera Angle!
  25. Garshasp - Gamespot Asia review
  26. Platform collision bug
  27. Tree tops bug dismounting rope
  28. Always can't play
  29. Error the program can't found PhysXLoader.dll. Try reinstall program.
  30. Changelog?
  31. About brothers Monsters after first town ?
  32. Have no force feedback when use XBOX360 controller ?
  33. The narrator in this game sounds like...
  34. 1st Time Setup -> Installing Flash
  35. BSOD if player falls in water
  37. Any updates to this game?
  38. Resolution Issue
  39. -75% right now
  40. Mouse/Keyboard?
  41. Summer achievement Raft level?
  42. I like God of War, Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia Series and Darksiders so...
  43. Nvidia SLI unsupported?
  44. Worth buying ?
  45. Freezing when a dialog box appears?
  46. GarshaspConfig.exe crashes, won't open
  47. crashing after logos
  48. Help While Gliding Down Wall with Knife
  49. Cant get my game to start
  50. Help, block in jungle
  51. A couple of problems
  52. Fix for Flash install crash
  53. 360 Controller doesn't work
  54. Guys, this game actually SUCKS.
  55. bought the game, not starting
  56. Solution for Adobe Flash Error
  57. Complete Game LP.
  58. How do i throw an enemy into the water?
  59. What you need to know (problem solutions and summer achievement)
  60. No options ,,?? WOW
  61. AVG Flags GARSHASP.EXE As A Vrius
  62. Startup Crash
  63. Your thoughts about this game?
  64. Cool'em in Summer
  65. No subtitles? Why not?
  66. garshasp stopped working
  67. Game save
  68. sound
  69. Stuck on Splash Screen
  70. Game won't start with XBOX 360 wired controller plugged in
  71. game shuts off when choosing difficlty
  72. Stuck at the begining: impossible jump ?
  73. Summer Achievement Save - Cool'em in Summer
  74. Reconfigure controller axes?
  75. If you miss the summer achive (or beat the game bofre and didnt get it)
  76. Runtime Error!
  77. .exe has entountered an error and has to close
  78. My experience trying to get Garshasp to work
  79. Cant get summer achievement
  80. Another solution whoever is having the Flash problem
  81. Game not starting anymore [NOT FLASH RELATED]
  82. Turn it the *blank* off!
  83. Won't start
  84. Can't start...
  85. Garshasp still not working
  86. How to get "I am the Monster".
  87. Upon purchase...
  88. Garshasp still not working after 2nd update
  89. Quick time event difficulty
  90. Infinite Cutscene Loop?
  91. There's only a thing REALLY pissing me off...
  92. Skip Cut Scenes?
  93. Garshasp
  94. How to kill both Viamboors?
  95. Waste of money.
  96. Strange blinking black squares
  97. How to get "God of the Sea"
  98. Game sometimes crashed
  99. Can't Start Game Up
  100. What to do if you got a crash after the initial splash screen.
  101. How to get "Counter Attack Master" and "Rage in Blood"
  102. BSOD evertime i fall off the wall.
  103. How to beat the end boss?
  104. Hoom seeds?
  105. What should I do if I stuck here.
  106. noob question...please help.
  107. Cutscenes: video stops, but sound continues
  108. PLZ HELP!!
  109. Game reboots pc instantly on launch
  110. Problem starting/downloading and AVG
  111. a few things
  112. Tips achivevments/hoom list
  113. No subtitles? Why not?
  114. Problems on screen resolution on Garshasp: The Monster Slayer
  115. Perfect Rage Broken?
  116. 16th seed?
  117. instalation paused
  118. Save File Locations?
  119. Patch?
  120. How do I fix this bug ?
  122. Game still won't launch
  123. Daily Deal - Worth it?
  124. Where is the 17th Hoom seed
  125. Congrats new buyers
  126. Garshasp won't start
  127. original voice-over?
  128. How to make Garshasp work with Steam
  129. Stuck after rafting in the jungle
  130. Weird Issue -- Always walking right
  131. main menu very unresponsive
  132. information about the newest update
  133. Fix this bug please
  134. How to calibrate the Xbox 360 controller properly with this game?
  135. Error Before Startup
  136. My game does not start (FIXED)
  137. Black Box on HUD
  138. Is there Anyone Who Could HELP US?
  139. I like the game
  140. Length
  141. Ridiculous
  142. Critique from someone that completed the game
  143. WHAT DEH !?!?!!?
  144. On the BeMine3 bundle! Oh the horror!
  145. How do you get past the two giants?
  146. Opening Video Performance Issues
  147. Hmmm...how do i say this...
  148. language in game
  149. Game is under 2 hours long
  150. infinite loading after starting "new game"
  151. Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon
  152. Poor performance?
  153. Folder Name?
  154. I got it working!! Look HERE!!
  155. It works!
  156. Mace of Trit
  157. Main menu not showng and other problems