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  1. So is this an RPG or an adventure game or what?
  2. Pre-Purchase not on games list?
  3. 2-pack
  4. Hmmm...
  5. Son...
  6. "Halo'd ground"?
  7. Coop Connection Types
  8. Not what I expected but ok.
  9. So, any one thinking of Assassin's Creed right now?
  10. Xbox 360 Controller support for this game?
  11. Confused
  12. Great Game
  13. Local Coop?
  14. Download is up for The First Templar
  15. Online mode login?
  16. Facebook Integration failure
  17. My game keeps crashing
  18. Any initial thoughts?
  19. WARNING login required to third party DRM for this game
  20. Warning - TFT will not work with G35 Headset
  21. The First Templar: Impressions
  22. Error: Your serial Number is wrong
  23. "Not yet released"
  24. Rules for Playing?
  25. Possible to turn off the Wilhelm Scream?
  26. No download / install available
  27. First Templar - no download / install available
  28. First 10 mins of storyline gameplay at Gamebanshee
  29. NVIDIA Graphics Driver Crash
  30. Same Router, two PCs, 2 Copys of the Game. Problems to play together?
  31. Trailer = Assassins Creed?
  32. Broken Walls
  33. Connection Error
  34. What's up with this guys...
  35. is the first templar Mac compatible
  36. First Templar - An utter waste
  37. Can i run it?
  38. Cover girl looks like Olivia Munn
  39. Can play this game with XBOX360 controller ?
  40. How do I change the resolution?
  41. Achievement A friend in need
  42. Is it is worth it?
  43. bug achat
  44. How do you get to the arena
  45. Custom Content?
  46. This item is currently unavailable in your region
  47. Traduccion de Elrion93 en espaņol funciona en steam?
  48. Co-Op Cutscene and Doorway problems?
  49. Mouse Controls
  50. Co-op.. not working?
  51. The Cursed Crusade..
  52. Obligatory Daily Deal Thread
  53. Can my PC handle The First Templar?
  54. I should go to bed...
  55. How do I get Product Registratin Key?
  56. What is the point of unlocking new gear?
  57. The First Templar = $6 on Amazon
  58. Got it from the Gift Pile...
  59. Have this game up for trade
  60. [H]The First Templar &other games [W]Edge & other games
  61. Looking for Tf2 Stuffz
  62. I Have both Disciples 3 games to Trade
  63. I Have Ruse With DLC To Trade
  64. [H] The First Templar [W] Games
  65. Sigh, need save game
  66. First Templar crashes to desktop
  67. Coop partner
  68. This isn't really a coop game
  69. Chronicles of the Temple - early achievement
  70. Best Clothes
  71. How to play it with x360ce emulator for xBox controller?
  72. Splitscreen co-op play?
  73. Why is this game so much critisized?
  74. My system restarts whenever I play the game.
  75. cursed crusade looks better