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  1. really?
  2. Looks like a refreshing, artistically driven Adventure title.
  3. Does it work for Windows 7? 64-bit?
  4. Demo
  5. Not sure if I'm done?
  6. very cute game
  7. Komme nicht weiter
  8. Where is the save?
  9. I'm Stuck - Help!!
  10. The red, green and yellow rotate problem
  11. Who came up with the title "the tiny BANG story"???
  12. Love the game, but needs a little more.
  13. Fullscreen Problems
  14. Soundtrack
  15. chapter one train help - spoiler
  16. Puzzle pieces (spoiler)
  17. Someone who can help a colorblind person?
  18. Increase resolution or size?
  19. Stolen art in the game
  20. How good is this game?
  21. Won't launch
  22. Tiny Bang Story Crashing/Won't Load
  23. Boxed Collectors Edition
  24. A guide for color blind gamers
  25. A petition for color blind mode in Tiny Bang Story
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  27. Gameplay compares with Machinarium?
  28. DIY color blind mode for The Tiny Bang Story
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  30. No cursor in menu upon boot
  31. Going from demo to full game, and about saving.
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  38. 50% off coupon.
  39. I wan Tiny Bang Story coupon. Trading for one of mine.
  40. Spanish?
  41. Unable to advance
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  44. Compass Bug