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  1. how much?
  2. Looks like Turrican
  3. Instant Buy! (Developer Interview Video)
  4. Demo
  5. Game stuttering really bad?
  6. Metroidvania?
  7. What's the game like?
  8. Display doesn't work
  9. I just know if I get this game now...
  10. Please add button-mapping for gamepad
  11. Bought
  12. Game does not even start (Demo)
  13. Game opens on secondary monitor
  14. Attn: Devs - Controls Stopped Me From Purchasing
  15. Anyone else think this game looks like Cortex Command?
  16. How big of a download is the full game?
  17. No Music
  18. Weapon Question Devs - [SPOILERS]
  19. Thank you, from the Devs
  20. Soundtrack?
  21. [Video] Gameplay Survival
  22. I played this game before...
  23. Attn: Devs some positive feedback for you
  24. reminds me of C64 game Exile
  25. resolution cap? really?
  26. Need help in Interference
  27. Xbox Controller Not Working In Demo
  28. Minimum requirements are simply crazy, shame on you developers!
  29. Length of Demo & Game
  30. Bugs Found
  31. 44 fps cap?
  32. A tiny bug and the first level
  33. To The Devs:
  34. multiplayer?
  35. Mouse Pointer Horrible
  36. Screen disappears upon loading Campaign
  37. Blank screen on load
  38. Need help on final level (Spoilers)
  39. Campaign co-op?
  40. Bugs with controls
  41. Achievements
  42. Already found something anoying (spoilers)
  43. Thanks, Co-op Bugs, feature requests, thanks
  44. Love it. Runs flawlessly!
  45. Mission 4 Help spoiler
  46. Low HP visuals
  47. Attn Devs: Local only co-op stopped me from purchasing two copies.
  48. To The Devs: Well Done.
  49. XNA Stuttering bug?
  50. McGibbs: Request for Capsized Wallpapers
  51. Disappointed
  52. multiplayer DLC?
  53. Survival Mode: energy pod too Uber
  54. Suggestion: Directional Mouse/Controller Pointer
  55. Bot Buster
  56. "Not available in demo"...but I own it!
  57. Petition to devs: STEAM Overlay
  58. Questions you would like to ask the Capsized devs?
  59. Achievements not properly unlocked ingame
  60. 10 stars in first level?
  61. Two gamepads?!
  62. Please help. game started stuttering today for no apparent reason
  63. length?
  64. Better weapon selection needed
  65. Strange bug at map 5(Chasm) of campain
  66. still cant play demo
  67. Shimmering enviroments problem.
  68. Update?
  69. Changelog Capsized 1.0.3: New levels added to demo, and main game changes
  70. If you build it, we will buy...
  71. Weird Glare
  72. Thank you devs
  73. Crashes on level 10
  74. Savegame?
  75. Above and Beyond achievement not unlocking
  76. Xbox 360 version will have online play
  77. Stuck (again)
  78. Help on Pursuers (Lv 6)
  79. Two suggestions for the game
  80. Capsized Comic
  81. Resolution
  82. Awesome capsized glitch/bug
  83. crash on start up
  84. Gamepad support for non-xinput controllers?
  85. Steam cloud support?
  86. demo crashes instantly :(
  87. can you turn off the xbox controlle vibrate?
  88. demo: "this game is currently unavailable"
  89. Crashes while loading level 12 Deus
  90. Saves
  91. Keybinding
  92. Help Ctrll button ????????
  93. capsized now fails to start
  94. Online play
  95. Capsized & Terraria
  96. Game starts on wrong monitor
  97. Why does .ncf say "beta"?
  98. capsized problem
  99. no 16:10 resolutions?
  100. Online Leaderboard broken!
  101. Middle East server
  102. Unable to play the full game. (Resolution error/black screen)
  103. This soundtrack is incredibly good!
  104. Game is really slow for me.
  105. Suggestion about gamepad controls
  106. Broken Achievments
  107. love the game
  108. campaign stats borked
  109. PCGamer.com review!
  110. How to kill the priests?
  111. X360 Gamepad Remapping Control Bug
  112. Games like this and Jamestown are the reason I love gaming
  113. Gold statues with force fields
  114. Increase in difficulty/green spray
  115. Resolution problems :(
  116. Solution for black-screen-with-music issue
  117. Extremely low performance on laptop
  118. Cursor lag
  119. Game starts for a second and then quits
  120. Crash while loading level
  121. game says it starts up then quites?
  122. how many levels does the game have?
  123. Low perfomance...
  124. Future support for Capsized. Any plans? (DLC ect.)
  125. Secret area level 4
  126. To Alientrap
  127. The "daily deal, Is it worth it" thread
  128. Input not supported
  129. Attn Devs: Game of the day with broken Achievements? TIME TO FIX THIS!
  130. Game loads then exits & music continues
  131. If you love the music in this game...
  132. Gamepad Thumbsticks Movement and Direction config
  133. How I got the CTD with sound still playing fixed
  134. Sound bug
  135. Changing Screen Resolution outside of game
  136. Xbox 360 gamepad only???
  137. Graphic problem
  138. When we get the promised FIX?
  139. Help With Final Boss -Spoilers-
  140. Mouse cursor lag
  141. Problem with Level 7: Ruins
  142. No matter what the settings/options are, there is NO MUSIC whatsoever
  143. "Capsized has stopped working"
  144. Beating the game: NO end credits, or end credits skipped because of NO MUSIC problem
  145. Game starts but no graphics
  146. any chance of online co-op?
  147. It isn't working.
  148. My eyes. :(
  149. How's the co-op in this game?
  150. suggested option for mouse control
  151. A call to Vermeulen
  152. Game is frame limited to 48fps
  153. Thanks For Being Apart of The Giveaway.
  154. Flashlight doesn't turn on
  155. Renegade Ops for Capsized to trade
  156. New content? Developers forgot PC version?
  157. Have this game as a gift
  158. Crash on the second level
  159. Fix/Patch for game and achievements
  160. Daily Deal - Don't read this thread, JUST BUY THE GAME
  161. Daly Deal - Questions regarding the current state of the game
  162. [Att Devs] Better Gamepad Controls Needed
  163. More Resolution Support?
  164. Can't close steam bug
  165. Not liking the jump control
  166. Game saves
  167. Possible Crash Fix - Threatfire
  168. No music in the game since 1 Year.
  169. Why is this cursor so slow?
  170. Is this game worth buying? Yes.
  171. hosting steamgifts giveaway for capsized
  172. If I played Aquaria and liked it....
  173. Quick Review of Capsized
  174. Black Screen Flicker Then Crash!
  175. Capsized Resolution Patcher
  176. Campaign Total Deaths - Calculation Bug?
  177. Launching in windowed
  178. Capsized starts and goes black straight away..
  179. Volume settings won't save after closing game.
  180. Achievement repairs?
  181. Capsized Playthrough
  182. Beware, potential Apotheon buyers!