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  1. Like the game (or sim)... lt reminds me of Celesta
  2. Installing: Microsoft VC Redist Package
  3. Universe Sandbox causes computers to lock?
  4. Whats new? I played it a long time ago
  5. two very minor bugs:
  6. anaglyphic 3D ?
  7. Demo
  8. Just saw this on sale... wtf is it?
  9. Poor graphics
  10. Cannot install
  11. So i was, making a solar system...
  12. Doesn't work with Nvidia 3DVision?
  13. Great!
  14. Questions
  15. Recent Update 7/1/11-ish
  16. No sound?
  17. "Heat Wave" Summer Achievement
  18. Game crashes on startup
  19. This summer achievement
  20. Should I?
  21. How's this compare to free space simulations? (Space Engine, Celestia, etc.)
  22. Trailer won't download
  23. extract Tutorial properties error
  24. Still getting error on start up after all fixes
  25. "One Minute" Achievement
  26. One Year Achievement
  27. Issue with Nvidia 3DVision on a CRT monitor
  28. Phtographier achiviment
  29. Universe sandbox lagging
  30. Calculations dependent on PC?
  31. Spare Frozen Synapse to trade
  32. Trinary star system
  33. THE DAILY DEAL THREAD - Is it worth it?
  34. Obligatory? Is it worth it?
  35. US Opens and Closes without error messages
  36. Speeding up time speeds up.. speed?
  37. What laws of physics were used to program this game?
  38. Lags a sandybridge i5 2500k CPU :(
  39. Update suggestion
  40. Keyboard/Save Issue
  41. Steam timed played bugged for this game?
  42. graphical bug
  43. nag screen before you go on closing the prog
  44. startup too many achievement
  45. Wonderful idea, ruined by frequent crashes
  46. Christmas Event Achievement: Snowball Earth (Video Guide)
  47. Universe Sandbox doesn't launch
  48. bought before the steam release
  49. Loading
  50. The Answer?
  51. Which file do I need to backup to maintain time played?
  52. Worth it?
  53. How do I move the earth for the achievement?
  54. No achievements
  55. Crash at start
  56. Creating a Salmon Of Doubt
  57. Inaccurate solar system simulation?
  58. Dan Dixon Appreciation Thread
  59. Trading 8 coal + Coupons for Universe Sandbox
  60. Microsoft .NET Framework Error
  61. Why didn't earth fly away?
  62. Bad performance?
  63. Winter Achievement (easy way)
  64. Kelvins to Celsius
  65. Want to trade Counter-Strike: Source with this game...
  66. For those thinking: should i buy it/is it worth it?
  67. Rewind, time track bar
  68. How to fullfil mayan end of the world prophecy?
  69. Change a star
  70. Kelvin to Fahrenheit
  71. Creating bodies by dust and gravity
  72. Make the center of a galaxy (black hole?) to explode
  73. Disabling safe mode?
  74. I feel a bit letdown
  75. Bug: Earth "landing" = Sporadic
  76. Trading Fallout collection for Universe Sandbox
  77. I enjoy this sandbox!
  78. Universe Sandbox 2?
  79. Steven Hawking Discovery Channel Show
  80. Any way to interact with Lagrange Points?
  81. Eccentricity
  82. An open letter to Dan Dixon
  83. Boot it up once achivementI
  84. FPS TOO high
  85. Fun times + wishlist
  86. full screen vs window
  87. Game not loading...
  88. Differential Rotation
  89. General Relativity
  90. Set sim time to 'now'..
  91. Tidal forces?
  92. This game looks cool
  93. Milky Way
  94. Screenshots from the next major update
  95. SetupUBOXAssociation.exe error
  96. New Screenshots from the 2012 Update
  97. How to kill the spam at closing the game? (Before you go please share your thoughts)
  98. Music to play Universe Sandbox to
  99. Large Time increments alters orbits
  100. question about uses of 'game'
  101. The big bang
  102. Can't start the game
  103. This simulator impressed me so much i bought it!
  104. Venus Transit - June 5, 2012
  105. disappointing
  106. Cant play at all..
  107. News on Universe Sandbox 3?
  108. Pulsars + another question
  109. Can't open log file for write
  110. So... um what ?
  111. Good game
  112. Is the 'big' update still on for 2012?
  113. Should you get this?
  114. Similar Games
  115. Crashes or infinite loads on start up
  116. Two questions.
  117. 3D Glasses?
  118. Cool
  119. Quick question about this...
  120. Installs old version of .NET over current one?
  121. Will our saves work after the update?
  122. exe will not execute! No error message at all!
  123. Achievements doubt.
  124. Accuracy mode not being accurate...
  125. Is there a way to tell how many times I've opened this game?
  126. I want a Curiosity DLC
  127. german wiki?
  128. Runtime reset.
  129. I've got some problem to start game
  130. Manipulating steam players hours played.
  131. Universe Sandbox team demoed the new version at Unite 2012
  132. Seriously crappy textures...
  133. Milky Way Bug?
  134. Video demonstration of the next version of Universe Sandbox
  135. Steam Workshop support
  136. Where is my achievement?!!!
  137. Universe Sandbox 2.2 Now Available
  138. Universe Sandbox is Now Free to Schools
  139. Upgrades & Updates: The Future of Universe Sandbox
  140. Steam is not running. You must start Steam in order to run this game.
  141. Starting Universe Sandbox causes steam to crash
  142. AddFileAssociation Not Working?
  143. I really want to play this on OS X!
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