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  1. Two copies?
  2. Soundtrack Edition
  3. How to gift my free copy?
  4. Transaction Failed
  5. Anyone willing to gift perhaps
  6. Editor???
  7. Won't start
  8. Anyone got a spare Frozen Synapse gift?
  9. Won't send new password
  10. Second copy sharing thread :)
  11. Soundtrack Edition
  12. Seperate account
  13. Stuck at requesting new account
  14. Few questions.
  15. Solution for requesting new account and other issues
  16. holding a contest 5 chances to win
  17. How about some real discussion here!
  18. Game Crash's Everytime I run it
  19. Early days and I suck (as expected)
  20. How many...
  21. Eurogamer review: 9/10
  22. Soundtrack Access
  23. Slow steam DL
  24. Can't login, can't play games... fix please?
  25. Achievements not working
  26. Keyboard Shortcuts
  27. Doing ANYTHING with a server seems to take forever.
  28. How do I gift my second copy?
  29. Frozen Synapse - Anyone want to go 50/50?
  30. Game Manual
  31. A smart game dev! Netbook support, IRC support and free copy! =D
  32. Game needs another US server or two also LAN
  33. Anyone want to trade
  34. Frozen Synapse consistently makes my entire PC lock up
  35. A few questions before I buy this game
  36. DiRT 2 for Frozen Synapse Trade
  37. What's it like?
  38. Change refresh rate
  39. Frozen Synape has stopped working
  40. Move over cover?
  41. How to find which server a game is on?
  42. Copy to trade? What are you after? Post here!
  43. Over-riding settings in nVidia control panel...
  44. uk3
  45. Youtube app not working?
  46. Here's Your Free Copy!
  47. Server problems?
  48. Game crashes on recording
  49. Pop up error when loading an outcome and game stuck
  50. How do I challenge an offline friend
  51. One Turn Victory!
  52. Question about Hostage Mode
  53. Fix the store page
  54. Free Copy of Frozen Synapse
  55. ATI 69xx: Set "Wait for Vertical Refresh" to Always On in Catalyst
  56. No steam cloud?
  57. Mods and skins
  58. About gifting frozen synapse
  59. The cash is on the table
  60. Going 50/50
  61. any chance of Co-Op or 2v2?
  62. Quitting match early?
  63. tf2 hats for frozen synapse.
  64. Scores?
  65. Speed Match
  66. Menus hierarchy
  67. Screening challenges?
  68. Thinking of buying this?
  69. Please minimise on screen game phases
  70. achievements missing from the community page
  71. Getting shot through solid walls
  72. [VIDEO] Frozen Synapse review?!
  73. Viewing entire match
  74. Join the IRC!
  75. I don't like this game.
  76. What I would like to see in a future update.
  77. Frozen synapse giveaway
  78. Stuck on tutorial - ignore sniper
  79. my steam gift key to my non-steam friend
  80. AI Process Priority
  81. I just got owned by my friend.
  82. The campaign is too hard!
  83. soundtrack only
  84. Suggestions for the devs
  85. Frozen Synapse League
  86. I'd love to see this game....
  87. Game mode ideas?
  88. Status "Do Not Disturb" or "Invisible"
  89. "Die in a fire" achievement not unlocking
  90. waiting for AI process
  91. Patch?
  92. How terrible do you have to be to lose the first mission?
  93. Storyline: it isnt revelant.
  94. My email preference isn't getting saved.
  95. Game crashes at start-up with no error message.
  96. Player count dropping?
  97. Game not downloading
  98. Well, I guess I'm just not good enough.
  99. How to access music?-bought the soundtrack edition
  100. Interface edit
  101. Frozen Synapse League Now Open For Registration
  102. Possible to gift entire soundtrack edition?
  103. Neglected Game Modes & Strategy Game Rant
  105. Fanart
  106. still sitting on the fence aout buying this game...
  107. Buying the Soundtrack
  108. Outcome differs from replay
  109. how to manage mission 7??
  110. Is my laptop really that low-performance?
  111. did this game go on sale recently?
  112. Hostages did'nt "escape" when they reached green map edge.
  113. Increasing Standerd Elimination Timer
  114. Any word on a DEMO?
  115. Windowed mode on multi lmonitors impossible ?
  116. Just purchased the soundtrack... Why do I need to download a gig?
  117. CHARGE!
  118. Frozen Synapse vs. Comodo
  119. epic game i had
  120. Friends List Problem
  121. Disappointed
  122. all i can say is wow!
  123. Can you launch .EXE directly ?
  124. Weird graphical problem only on one section...
  125. Summer Sale
  126. How Can I know If My Comp Can Run This
  127. Download stuck at 100%
  128. Solved: Game won't start on Mac OS X
  129. Toggle receive email
  130. How does gifting the second copy work?
  131. Daily Summer Sale
  132. 11,49 - worth it?
  133. Customize Controls?
  134. intrigued, but... (demo is needed, I think!)
  135. Game wont start
  136. Server?
  137. Frozen Synapse Language
  138. Full Screen problems?
  139. I need assistance!
  140. Gift both copies to different people?
  141. Why does it run so slow?
  142. Can my pc run this?
  143. Note to developer - Prompt?
  144. Server down or port forwarding needed?
  145. wanna go halves?
  146. amBX support
  147. Split-sies?
  148. Why the long wait time?
  149. Help! *I'm drowning!*
  150. If anyone has an extra copy
  151. All TF2 players here please
  152. need a question anwsered quick gift related
  153. Everyone with spare Key here please
  154. I need to sell my second copy!
  155. A Campaign for Co-Op MP
  156. i can haz spare copy? got portal 1/2 to swap
  157. Game stopped running?
  158. Giving away second copy. Any offters? (Games or change)
  159. if you have a free copy, I want it :p
  160. [Trade] my Portal 1 for your free copy of Frozen Synapse
  161. buying a copy for portal 1 and tf2 hats
  162. Friend begged me for years to play X-Com with him; broke down and bought this for us
  163. sniper vs shotgunner
  164. What's the secret to getting official support?
  165. Custom keys?
  166. Sudden price increase?
  167. No steamworks game :-(
  168. FrozenSynapse.exe has stopped working
  169. campaign help?
  170. You Have To Exit Out The Game Just To Change Servers?
  171. bug: Game won't end
  172. Playing online, and timelines
  173. Has this Game Been On A Summer Sale Yet?
  174. {OFFER} for All Buyers and Sellers!{OFFER}
  175. Something that drives me crazy
  176. Limited turns in extermination?
  177. Game crashes when using youtube feature
  178. Uploading to youtube failed
  179. Wrong Email, How To Fix?
  180. Mac OS X Problem
  181. Trading Frozen Synape for Killing Floor bundle
  182. Help :D
  183. Youtube rejected your username and password
  184. This game refuses to run.
  185. Trading tf2 items/hats for extra copy
  186. Logging in to Grand Server
  187. What is the difference between ammo icons?
  188. [Trade] Bioshock 1 for Frozen Synapse
  189. A way to disable explosives ?
  190. Suggestions (multi-move simulations)
  191. Sounding Off
  192. Framerate problems in windowed mode & progressively longer loading times.
  193. Any way to do diff game modes in skirmish?
  194. Touchscreen controls
  195. Windowed Mode
  196. All I can say is "Gah"
  197. This game is amazing
  198. Forfeit button.
  199. daily deal
  200. I cant help but watch high leveled people's games.
  201. I must say, took me 15 hours until
  202. Timer bug or problem.
  203. This game needs to have a free weekend or something to get some new meat
  204. Frozen Synapse Improvements Thread
  205. Crazy Shotgun moves
  206. How do 'top games' work?
  207. So what's the deal with multiplayer?
  208. Results page on campaign
  209. Question about issuing orders
  210. FS crashing help !
  211. What format is the soundtrack in?
  212. How to switch servers?
  213. I'm joining the FS Steam forum !
  214. so what am i doing wrong?
  215. Co-op?
  216. How to stop being challenged to games?
  217. quick question
  218. How many people play this game?
  219. Why Does The Game Give You Two Copies?
  220. Youre jawdropping moments.
  221. G13 profile for Frozen Synapse
  222. Getting A Black Screen
  223. Play multiplayer without RPG or Grenade Launcher?
  224. Frozen Synapse rude community
  225. Is there a time limit on games?
  226. Join UK1 it says - only it never connects to the Grand Server
  227. Get FS for half off at getgamesgo
  228. Video recording settings
  229. Guide to Advanced Mechanics & Tactics for Multiplayer [No Advertising]
  230. How to give spare copy?
  231. Quick question
  232. Falls flat.
  233. Question (noob player here)
  234. Dark vs Light?
  235. Mandatory IS IT WORTH IT daily deal thread..
  236. Wheres the demo?
  237. Frozen Synapse half off for two copies
  238. anyone want to split? 6.50$ each?
  239. Number of Missions: Single Player Campaign
  240. What's up with the servers?
  241. Is the game really hard?
  242. does the steam soundtrack edition include "nervous_testpilot's debut album Module"?
  243. Screen tearing / vertical sync
  244. Frozen Synapse 2
  245. Soundtrack Edition makes you DL 3 copies of the soundtrack at over 1GB!!
  246. Is there a Coop Mode?
  247. Soundtrack: "requires base game to play"
  248. I only want one copy
  249. Tutorial is missleading
  250. Features I think should be implemented.......