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  1. Will this game succeed or fail?
  2. The Trailer looks Cool
  3. I'm guessing no steamworks..?
  4. Looks interesting but not at US$89.99
  5. Hunted: The Demon's Forge system requirements!
  6. Force preload
  7. Quick Feedback of game
  8. It's 'out' but I can't DL it even after restarting steam 2+ times?
  9. No Pre-Load or Install at 12:10 AM?
  10. D2D cd key not valid?
  11. Anyone up for relaxed co-op tonight?
  12. Livestream?
  13. Local Co-Op?
  14. How long is Hunted: The Demon's Forge
  15. Pre-Purchase Status
  16. No in game overlay?
  17. Graphical issues..
  18. Worth it?
  19. download speed is terrible.
  20. So far..
  21. For those of you on the fence about this...
  22. manual? and game thoughts
  23. Port Forwarding? Can't join or host private match
  24. How to access co-op?
  25. pre order code not given?
  26. does the game full support a 360 wireless controller?
  27. obvious Port alert
  28. Online Co-op.
  29. Game installed but wont play
  30. when will preloading start for EU
  31. Much interested about the game but need few answers
  32. Is there online Chat?
  33. Looking for somebody to play with in Co-Op!
  34. Router Ports
  35. Too late for pre-order bonus?
  36. Online play not working at all...
  37. Is this game out?
  38. Hunted + Eyefinity: Anyone got a fix?
  39. How come it is the 31rd of May and it says "Releases in 2 days and 5 hours"?
  40. Multiplayer Woes
  41. GameSpy IDs
  42. unlocked but can't download? (australia)
  43. Voice activated chat
  44. Preorder codes are now out
  45. From the outside looking in :/
  46. Invalid Password
  47. So...Loot?
  48. *SPOILER* Book of the Dead
  49. good review here
  50. Game doesn't detect my mic
  51. How do you play multiplayer?
  52. Gamespy??
  53. Play the first part of the single player first.
  54. Mele Char
  55. Critical: appError called: Couldn't locate '..\..\Engine\Config\BaseCompat.ini'
  56. Playthrough video series of this game
  57. Hamachi Network
  59. How I got coop to work. (what worked for me)
  60. SLI nonfunctional and artifacting/texture flickering
  61. CD Projekt Red...
  62. No sound at cutscenes?
  63. Whats up with this game?
  64. Display lag/freeze issues.
  65. Dragons tears?
  66. The No. 1 Hunted Steam group
  67. Any way to disable vSync?
  68. So, took a look at the Crucible and...kind of disappointed..
  69. New Game+
  70. Release Date
  71. LAN broken, too?
  72. Steamworks? GFWL?
  73. LAN Coop Picking Skill power Issues
  74. My thoughts after 9 hours of gameplay
  75. Ouch ...lots of bad reviews.
  76. Best archer I've ever controlled
  77. Why I enjoy this game so far
  78. Graphic card issue? Running 2 GeForce 9800GT 512MB DDR3 in SLI
  79. Melee combat is BROKEN
  80. Bonus code
  81. Preorder DLC question
  82. When is the REAL release date?
  83. Hunted - Live feed!
  84. Glitches aside, I'm a terrible meleer
  85. PC enthusiasts stay away ...
  86. Hunted Co Op Finder Steam Group
  87. Atrocious.
  88. Just a few mod requests ranging from easy to hard I guess...
  89. Random fram rate drops
  90. Eyefinity & FOV changes
  91. Pre Load for europe
  92. Can't Connect with Steam friend
  93. Not a Steam game
  95. Online Coop Issue (I'm sure many have had...)
  96. whats the deal with potions and arrows?
  97. One last act of desperation (potential co-op fix)
  98. Splitscreen PC / 360 controller support?
  99. WHat the hell have steam done?
  100. What is spell link?
  101. My thoughts of this game.
  102. Instructions on using a controller?
  103. How the HELL do I join or get someone to join my game?
  104. $90
  105. Hearth of the Dead Question [SPOILERS]
  106. Don't skip end credits?
  107. .ini tweeks at official forum
  108. [Bug] No Voice Sound During Cut-Scenes
  109. How to get Co op to work
  110. Problem running Hunted
  111. Play it like a console game
  112. DLC Bonus content
  113. Co-op issue that isn't port forwarding (I think)
  114. I like this game..and I'm an old school hardcore pc gamer
  115. The game is taking longer than 20 minutes to start and extremely long loading times
  116. Achievements
  117. Step by Step instructions for COOP fix.
  118. [REVIEWISH] : My thoughts and imperssions of Hunted:TDF
  119. Single Player changing default persona
  120. Game not available at this time?
  121. Graphic bad? are you kidding???
  122. Not what I expected
  123. Not on Steam? Where is it?
  124. Crashes making it unplayable.
  125. How do you use fire arrow
  126. Hit Detection and Cover System
  127. Question and CO-Op
  128. Costume Question
  129. If anyone still cant play coop let me know and I will help
  130. horrible graphics performance
  131. Steam error/game wont run
  132. No longer in steam store?
  133. who wants to play coop?
  134. Enable AA
  135. the funny thing I found, it's irony.
  136. Failed to join game - help!
  137. $90 For Aus.
  138. Unable to Run
  139. Ugly port of good game
  140. Sleg
  141. Level Design and/or Companion AI Fail
  142. How do you disable the in game voice chat?
  143. Some questions about the .inis
  144. Boobs
  145. Co-Po
  146. Where is my DLC Code from Pre-Order?
  147. Hamachi Network Running (Need Players to Try this!)
  148. Looks Great on PC
  149. So what kind of game is this?
  150. Need co-op partner for my review
  151. Careful: Don't buy if you want LOCAL coop!
  152. Fantastic Level Design
  153. How Do I Choose To Play as the Female?
  154. My Hunted Review (PC)
  155. Hunted: The Demon's Forge review (video)
  156. Camp. Tweaks?
  157. Game is deleting my saves...
  158. How do i do the finishing moves?
  159. Ending, no real spoilers - Important read
  160. Does this game have ANY concept art?
  161. got a few questions
  162. Can't connect to a private co-op game
  163. Hunted The Demon's Forge = Win
  164. Is there going to be a patch for this game?
  165. Could someone give me the rundown on this game?
  166. have a question
  167. Just have to say ...
  168. took me 19 hours
  169. S-SAUSAGE!
  170. Objectivist Gamer Review
  171. Some doubts about tweaks.
  172. Where is the splitscreen function ?
  173. No Steam Support!!!
  174. Mele combat
  175. Connecting to Hunted The Demon's Forge is impossible (See inside)
  176. Brilliant Game!!
  177. Ingame Voice
  178. Indy & Wulff Play Hunted: The Demon's Forge Co-Op! - GamesByte Special
  179. Crash right before Docks 3.6
  181. Pc Walk button enabled.
  182. This game worth it for Online gameplay?
  183. Trying to add as a non-steam game
  184. Can you play this online?
  185. Terrible game, don't buy it, you'll regret it
  186. Anyone for co-op?
  187. Steamworks?
  188. Possible SLI fix
  189. chapter 2 crash
  190. Serious loading issues.
  191. How to find secret locations
  192. Starting a new game
  193. just watch a movie. this is not a game
  194. Still 50 bucks at Steam?
  195. No in-game sound?
  196. Dont buy it unless it costs below 10Euros
  197. Big joke
  198. Lookin for partner.. NA
  199. Played on PS3 and..
  200. New Co-op Lets Play Adventure Comming Up
  201. Was this game ever fixed?
  202. Game not starting
  203. Silly Pricing
  204. Cutscenes not playing in LAN co-op
  205. Hunted is a lot better than the new LotR game!
  206. Gamespy? Seriously?
  207. If You Get This Game From Steam Christ Event...
  208. does people still play this online?????
  209. Hunted: X-mass plans, thank you
  210. Any plans to release preorder dlcs to public?
  211. Looking for a Teammate
  212. No Steam Chat?
  213. This game isn't anywhere near as bad as I expected
  214. Hunted Assasin Pack key invalid
  215. For those desperate for Hunted: DLC unlocks: Some info
  216. Thuroughly Disappointed
  217. My phone call to Bethesda
  218. CO-OP is broken and does not work (RANT/HELP request)
  219. is it worth just for solo play ?
  220. Hunted The Demons Forge mp how to
  221. Chances of 75% sale Beth
  222. Reconfiguring Keyboard Controls
  223. Co-op players wanted!!
  224. Hunted: The Demonís Forge FREE AFTER mail in rebate
  225. retail copies activate ?