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  1. Fist! :-D
  2. Duke and dedicated servers.
  3. Bonus DLC?
  4. Can't pre-load DNF!
  5. Please don't
  6. Don't have time, to play with myself...
  7. Removing the demo from games list
  8. Whiteboard Speed Art
  9. your favorite duke quotes
  10. will this have achievements?
  11. Didn't get the first access code
  12. The best part of the demo
  13. Don't care if it's gone Gold..
  14. Come on Duke Nukem
  15. Free Prize Offer! - Welcome to the DNF Forum
  16. After 12 years... finally "THANK YOU"
  17. UK/EU release is this Friday 10th June!!!
  18. Release it now!
  19. Duke Nukem Forever = 10hrs max
  20. Graphics are messed up on the demo, help needed.
  21. why isnt duke nukem forever using more than 2 weapons?
  22. Cheers Gearbox for joining the Gouge Brigade!
  23. Wheres the demo?
  24. WTF is Duke Nukem Forever? (demo) Gameplay/review
  25. After playing the demo I was...
  26. Duke Nukem Forever Music (if you have the demo)
  27. Steam product code activation error
  28. Warning Australian Customers (price related)
  29. Duke Nukem Forever already has 3 DLC Packs
  30. So who's in the First Access Club?
  31. Pre-load - Servers too busy?
  32. DNF demo resolution problem
  33. DNF Pre-order 27$ off!
  34. Dedicated Servers for PC - CONFIRMED!
  35. Odd design decisions in DNF and why they're bad
  36. I wonder what Duke's gonna watch now..
  37. "This game will unlock in approximately 1 day and 2 hours"
  38. DNF = Return of Old School FPS (for the most part)
  39. Balls.of.Steel
  40. demo not in my list
  41. Says "rest of the world June 10th", and now i have to wait 5 days? WTF?
  42. Quick question
  43. Hmmm...
  44. How do I remove DNF Demo from my Steam games list?!
  45. You know what #/%& me off? (First Access Club and STEAM)
  46. 25% off! holy crap! :D
  47. Why No Classic Duke?
  48. update - ready to play
  49. multiplayer
  50. EU gamers, 30euros...
  51. Australia Released Early
  52. Release and Youtube.
  53. To all Americans who are complaining
  54. preloaded to 100% , but back at 0% wtf?
  55. I feel wrong for being excited, regardless.
  56. duke nukem forever section db error
  57. Serious Sam 2 HD vs DNF
  58. The servers better work tonight
  59. What classic fps games did you play?
  60. Game not unlocked
  61. DNF just unlocked 2 hours early? (AU)
  62. DNF unavailable
  63. has the game already released???
  64. looks like they forgot to pack the .exe
  65. DNF - Preload size different to system requirements on store page?!?
  66. Why are the graphics so bad?
  67. The whining has got to stop!
  68. i bought the game cant install, because not relased! WTF?????
  69. REGENERATIVE HEALTH!!! Gearbox!!!
  70. Bug with game
  71. Game doesn't work
  72. Favorite Duke Nukem Lines?
  73. 2 hours left!
  74. June 10th... or one hour before?
  75. International members, please, how is the game?
  76. who's playing DN3D to pass the time?
  77. Uk restart steam
  78. Hail to the king baby!
  79. Duke Is Live!
  80. Played the demo, not like - Actual game any good?
  81. Steam is broken :-(
  82. Still wait game in Russia
  83. Game LAAAGGG
  84. Duke nukem multiplayer
  85. Launch Party!
  86. This game is currently unavailable - Please try again at another time.
  87. DNF texture loading problems!?
  88. LOL
  89. Game is randomly crashing D=
  90. Duke game starts in Arena?
  91. 49.99, are you kidding me?
  92. gamersgate activation key
  93. Recommendation?
  94. Pistol Bug
  95. Computer reboots as soon as i enter the duke cave *Possible Workaround found*
  96. High cpu usage, Low gpu usage?
  97. Texture loading problems?! D:
  98. How to turn off Mouse Acceleration in DNF?
  99. DNF is appalling!!!
  100. "you are not signed in" message
  101. Keys fault
  102. Problem activating DLC
  103. just a heads up "rent it first"
  104. How can i shut off the damn voip
  105. Not in top20 sales because
  106. Game running slowly
  107. Why does it go between a constant 30 or 60 at times?
  108. Pinball needs a tilt option
  109. Will the DNF retail apply to steam accounts?
  110. Game is laggy with SLI
  111. help im Stuck
  112. I like this game :)
  113. Where is the damn vibrator?
  114. Retail Keycode on Steam
  115. Constantly Freezing
  116. DN3D's Duke vs. DNF's Duke
  117. no console in the game?
  118. Duke Nukem DLC benefits?
  119. Does this game even have anticheat for multiplayer?
  120. dnf livestream review
  121. How's the performance?
  122. Need help carving boss into sushi (SPOILERS)
  123. So, how long is it?
  124. Gamers playing purely for graphics need to take a hike!!!!
  125. Before buying the game you should probably know these facts
  126. DNF is exactly how I thought it was going to be, Not bad at all.
  127. Multiplayer Footage - 'My Digs' Tour
  128. Bots in Multiplayer ?
  129. FYI: the demo is completely representative of the full game
  130. What to expect from the Duke.....no spoilers - ramblings of a jaded gamer
  131. Great game! but not Duke!
  132. Thinking of buying it...
  133. Working FOV Fix
  134. I think it's time to clear this up...
  135. Achievement cheating?
  136. Can I install form disc to steam?
  137. PC US Gamer gave this 80%
  138. dnf problems,need help?
  139. The controlls...
  140. Game not available
  141. Does this game support 16:10?
  142. Crappy cover based FPS in old school clothing
  143. AMD Dual-Core Optimizer..... ON AN INTEL?
  144. Duke Nukem: Forever - The Master Chief is a P**sy [Minor Spoilters]
  145. Performance has suddenly gone down the crapper
  146. Soundfiles end too soon?
  147. Multiplayer
  148. Not a "true" duke game? (Stop your whining)
  149. Modtools are needed ! Please gearbox.
  150. Fps issues?
  151. Mouse wheel binding
  152. Frame skipping!!
  153. Preparing to launch Duke Nukem Forever...
  154. We hate console games not suited for PC
  155. Duke Nukem Forever Benchmark
  156. Duke Nukem Forever bugs
  157. Crash on level load
  158. Controls config file
  159. America Here: How's Multiplayer CTF?
  160. Stuck on the campaign
  161. Dedicated Server Questions
  162. TotalBiscuit plays DNF
  163. hows the multiplayer?
  164. Refund Pills
  165. I'm glad I bought it....
  166. DNF - What to Expect. A Short Guide
  167. Can't see DNF on top sellers list
  168. Duke Nukem looks worse than...
  169. Getting a weird cursor bug which breaks the entire game.
  170. think i need a beer...
  171. Official DEMO release
  172. Does Duke Nukem support Anti-Cheat?
  173. Stuck in Pre-Load, Can't play.....
  174. Graphics Problem
  175. 14 years for a vc++ runtime error...
  176. Queen "boss" level... keep dying when the octobrain spawns...
  177. Mouse Problem
  178. Why do people never learn?
  179. Duke Nukem Forever review thread
  180. Game keeps locking up
  181. George Lucas or 3dRealms?
  182. MP could badly do with a mutator search column
  183. Christian Bale
  184. Cant open the keypad door in the nightclub level *spoilers*
  185. Stuck at statue!?
  186. cant connect multiplayer and onlinefuncions in DNF
  187. Chronicles of Riddick: Arkham Asylum
  188. Demo?
  189. The babes of Duke Nukem is false advertising
  190. How are the hats?
  191. Multiplayer old-school (feat-req)
  192. Much better after boss 4~
  193. No Console no Mods more DLC =
  194. Fix FOV and remove DOF?
  195. The most epic disappointment?
  196. game lagggs and uses 100% of cpu and 8% of gpu constantly
  197. If you were still in diapers when DN3D came out, this game isn't for you
  198. Cant Play DNF!!
  199. My 2 cents on the demo
  200. Duke Soundboard :-D
  201. Steam must be running error
  202. I rather play this build.
  203. Better FOV and better visuals in Duke
  204. Thread about shadows
  205. How do I play the game early??
  206. Duke Forever - Im stuck!
  207. Difficulty reset after exiting the game?
  208. Don't Understand the Release Schedule
  209. Lost Dukes Pistol :(
  210. 16 - 18 hours my
  211. Steam stats
  212. Game freezes in elevator
  213. Power Armor is for!
  214. Multiplayer on pc
  215. We must find the config.ini
  216. Is anybody else stuck giving that brat an autograph?
  217. The Hive very long loading times
  218. Don't pirate the game
  219. Help with strip club Ego Boosts and Beer Can achievement
  220. The DNF campaign is...
  221. My Duke Nukem Forever review
  222. So Duke is a flop because...
  223. You can get DNF here for $36 and it registers on Steam.
  224. Intresting history of the Duke
  225. How to change difficulty?
  226. A note of appreciation
  227. Homefront, Brink and now Duke Nukem - Year of the Overhyped games!?!
  228. Preisdifferenzen !!!
  229. DoF
  230. AMD Dual core optimizer
  231. Help, stuck near damn dam
  232. Duke Nukem Forever is GREAT!!
  233. DNF "soundtrack"
  234. DNF Saves....NOT!
  235. Anyone else enjoying the multiplayer?
  236. Rather buy on console?
  237. 10 minutes of DNF gameplay (no spoilers)
  238. Duke Nukem is GREAT
  239. The 'alternate universe' version of Duke Nukem
  240. Preorder Cancelation
  241. SOLUTION: 100% CPU usage on Dual Core
  242. 2001 Trailer VS actual 2011 Game?
  243. Enable Console DNF ?
  244. Serious Sam 3 is shaping up to be the game that DNF should have been
  245. Recycling bosses
  246. To those who are complaining about DNF's graphics
  247. Multiplayer - what do you think?
  248. Problem Launching....
  249. My saves replaced by the Cloud
  250. how the f**k do i disable VOIP?