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  1. Multiplayer to Definately come with good sales?
  2. Please add online multiplayer!
  3. Oh my lord, this game is amazing!
  4. 30 fps
  5. MIcrosoft Visual CC error
  6. First Quality Shmup on Steam
  7. Local Co-op?
  8. As good as Tyrian?
  9. Highscore list name?
  10. Bomber
  11. The mouse. Moves. So slowly.
  12. Soundtrack
  13. WTF is Jamestown?
  14. Jamestown Steam group
  15. Just a post to tell you all that this game is AMAZINGLY GOOD!
  16. Pros & Cons of Jamestown
  17. Post your runs
  18. Some questions regarding controller support
  19. Why no Steam Cloud?
  20. Hamachi For Online Coop?
  21. Awesome
  22. This game is so good!
  23. normal fire & beam on one button + speed issue
  24. WASD keyboard support
  25. Need some technical support with the display.
  26. Anyone who isnt buying the game due to Online Co-op PLS read this
  27. Problem running the game
  28. Possible for a replay system?
  29. Using remote desktop?
  30. Hardcore mode item doesn't unlock
  31. After the final stage it seems like the others could have been better imo.
  32. Possible bug: background music cut off
  33. Got Bugs?
  34. 4-pack buy?
  35. Soundtrack Release?
  36. Save File Location?
  37. Length/replay value?
  38. Any chance to be able to use a PS3 controller?
  39. Controller binding suggestion (360 arcade sticks)
  40. Question Regarding F9 Key
  41. Jamestown update released!
  42. This is simply the best game ever
  43. Judgement difficulty
  44. If you add online multiplayer
  45. These features would be appreciated by shooter fans
  46. A bunch of suggestions
  47. Has anyone beaten all the levels on "Judgement" yet?
  48. Hah, have you noticed this?
  49. was gonna buy it until....
  50. Wondering about co-op.
  51. Why force people to play higher difficulties in story mode?
  52. The Luge Lvl2 challenge bosses
  53. Let me just say thanks
  54. amazing game
  55. It's like a westen Cave
  56. Could we expect a Mac version soon?
  57. can i play by mouse only?
  58. 4 players 1 Keyboard?
  59. Ability to purchase additional credits in the Shoppe
  60. Quick questions for the developers
  61. New Update 6/13/2011
  62. Mapping Xbox 360 controller triggers to special?
  63. DLC?
  64. Suggestion: Online web-based leaderboards
  65. Preferred control scheme
  66. What does "special" mean when it comes up?
  67. button fix for hori real arcade stick (xbox 360 arcade stick)
  68. Nerdrage
  69. Demo?
  70. Suggestion: Only allow player 1 to navigate menus
  71. How difficult is it compared to Touhou?
  72. New Patch
  73. Frame rate drops?
  74. Suggestion: Keybinding to mouse
  75. More Levels
  76. Save key binding changes?
  77. Safe Spots / Level Tricks
  78. Huge lag spike on the second health bar of the final boss on Judgement
  79. Livestreaming Jamestown (Judgement / Divine)
  80. Demo?
  81. Jamestown OST?
  82. In-game screen for achievements!
  83. Is that game worth the money?
  84. Restart button for Gauntlet mode?
  85. What's with the mouse emulation?
  86. Jamestown Competition
  87. Judgement needs to be toned down a bit
  88. Jamestown has done something unique
  89. Is it possible to beat Croatoa if you aren't a [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color] Twitcher?
  90. Is it fun on your own?
  91. "Submit High Score" fails to appear
  92. How does the game scale in co-op?
  93. Why do I feel...
  94. Beam, Charge and Bomber ship types
  95. Judgement Gauntlet has been beaten
  96. Ship plays catchup to screen cursor
  97. Jamestown Reviews inc 1UP review
  98. Is it ever good for scoring to intentionally expend a vaunt?
  99. Scoring Mechanics
  100. Why Does the Bomber suck?
  101. Saved games folder...
  102. What do the Moons do in Gauntlet Mode?
  103. Gunner Pad question
  104. Possible Bugs
  105. New Update 6/27/2011
  106. A fair Jamestown review.
  107. Slowdown and Scoring + a suggestion
  108. What do stars do?
  109. what sort of resolution options are in this game?
  110. Is the gunner required to survive Judgement mode?
  111. Anyone turn into a shmup fan?
  112. Just wanted to say...
  113. For anyone coming here from the 50% off sale...
  114. Resolution on a 1680x1050?
  115. Review: 8/10 on Destructoid!
  116. Major framerate issues
  117. Runtime Error (Pics included)
  118. I just wanted to say...
  119. Movement delay on ship
  120. Major slowdown/framerate issue
  121. Jamestown Soundtrack
  122. Slap Fight
  123. Graphical Glitches
  124. UI Bugs
  125. Jamestown in this year's top10 indie games (according to PAX 10)
  126. I know they're called challenges but....
  127. I can't play it with my wiimote
  128. Cloud support
  129. Great little article on Ars featuring the Devs
  130. Jamestown, or How I Learned to Start Worrying About High Scores and Love the Vaunt
  131. Anyone running Jamestown under Crossover Games?
  132. the game seems a little rushed, don't you think?
  133. Perfection
  134. Extra Lives (Bug)?
  135. Question about the ending (SPOILERS)
  136. Power blew, erased all progress
  137. MLAA Support? (Morphological Anti-Aliasing)
  138. Stick and binding
  139. ATI Catalyst 11.7 = 30 fps - help!!
  140. Where did the devs go?
  141. Bugged Display at Main Menu.
  142. State of the Union!
  143. Games sometimes ignores D-PAD input (XBOX360 Controller)
  144. Why is Dark Sector so hard?
  145. Can't Vaunt?
  146. Currently on Sale at Gamersgate
  147. Review for Jamestown!
  148. Jamestown for $5 on Gamersgate.
  149. Will this run on a netbook?
  150. 650% discount today!
  151. Is this game hard to beat?
  152. Daily Deal!!!
  153. Trade Magicka for Jamestown
  154. Game crashes on launch HELP!!!
  155. Game is way to easy to beat.
  156. My Review of Jamestown...
  157. Game Looks Amazing! Plays Better! [HD VIDEO]
  158. Steam Cloud
  159. Mouse sensitivity option
  160. Graphics looks strange
  161. What's wrong with this game?
  162. Black Screen with Audio
  163. More Bullet hell on Steam
  164. Game goes slow on certain areas
  165. Fix for transparent / flickering graphics for AMD graphics card users
  166. Why is this game so short?
  167. The game is very slow in fullscreen mode
  168. Major problem...
  169. Any way to _not_ continue?
  170. This game looks AMAZING, I just wish I could play it..
  171. Jamestown First Impressions
  172. Congrats to KyperTrast for the first legitimate Judgment Gauntlet clear!
  173. no sound
  174. Game is unplayable.
  175. Racketboy Podcast about Final Form Games
  176. Solution to low-fps on multi-core machines!
  177. Achievements earned while offline not unlocking
  178. Jamestown: Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot DLC
  179. Anti virus detects new jamestown update as virus.
  180. Question about new sound effects
  181. Favorite new ship?
  182. Trainyard Siege challenge level bug
  183. "Bullet hells are too hard to do online netcode for!" GundeadliGne Proves you Wrong
  184. Jamestown on sale for $4.98 on Gamersgate.
  185. Jamestown Soundtrack now on Bandcamp!
  186. i NEED HELP!!
  188. With Your Nose So Bright...
  189. A suggested upgrade for "Fortune"
  190. Mac Support?
  191. Crash *Shader 2.0 Support Required*
  192. Mouse is acting strange
  193. Game doesn't launch
  194. [Video] First Impressions Jamestown
  195. On sale in the humble indie bundle 4!
  196. Laggy controls?
  197. So is Gauntlet the "real" way to play?
  198. Non-QWERTY Keyboards
  199. Can't connect Steam on this game?
  200. New Patch ?
  201. Change player color?
  202. Jamestown terrible fps drop
  203. The Farce
  204. [Tool] Transfer Windows saves to Mac
  205. any other games like this?
  206. PC save transfer from same user account
  207. Uploading highscores
  208. help with story time! achievement
  209. Satazius
  210. Runtime error?
  211. With Your Nose So Bright...
  212. TLB Speculation
  213. Does Limiting Max Pre-Rendered Frames Lower Input Lag in Jamestown?
  214. Mouse Vault doesn't work
  215. Jamestown Runtime Error
  216. simple: Where is my ship?
  217. Too short and bad name for a game (jamestown seriously?)
  218. Patch Bigger Than The Game?
  219. Jamestown graphical problems
  220. More Story Levels Please (DLC)
  221. Achievement Reset Bug
  222. Ship has been SOLD OUT?
  223. Game not starting?
  224. yup, c++ runtime error
  225. How to play with the Charge?
  226. The story cut scenes in this game
  227. before you buy this game!
  228. The soundtrack...
  229. Major Audio Crackling Issues
  230. Red Charge Ship ?????
  231. Game wont start
  232. Nice, won Lego Batman for this achievement
  233. Yep, C++ runtime error
  234. Game will not start
  235. Specify resolution in windowed mode?
  236. Beating Croatoa
  237. Video - With your Nose So Bright Achievement
  238. Bought the DLC and the game hasn't recognized it
  239. Steam Cloud Support
  240. This game is truley f--ked up!
  241. Achievement Help
  242. Can't do a thing!
  243. Can't chose red color.
  244. Looking for Jamestown DLC
  245. Achievements don't pop
  246. With Your Nose so Bright Video
  247. PLEASE DEVS give us a few Graphic filters!
  248. Any way for me to run this?
  249. [Bug/problem]Can't select bought ship
  250. Fake Top Scores on Leaderboards