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  1. How is it?
  2. Is it Region blocked?
  3. Existing account on Steam version?
  4. Cost of In-Game Stuff
  5. Not a problem but a question!
  6. Account doesn't exist
  7. Can't create a character
  8. Cross racial friends
  9. Is this just another buy items with real money game?
  10. Launching via Steam
  11. What countries can or can not access Forsaken World?
  12. General game info, does someone have?
  13. Click to move?!
  14. download problem
  15. Error on entering the game
  16. can't register through steam :/
  17. Disappointed
  18. Invert mouse?
  19. doesnt show that im playing???
  20. ERROR: "This game is currently unavailable."
  21. Server best for u?
  22. Not showing up in steam
  23. FREE Pet for playing today - F2P Gifts
  24. Account not recognized
  25. Can yo make multiple characters on one account?
  26. friends already own this game....
  27. Re: WoW > Forsaken Worlds (because of buying in-game items)
  28. DuDu turtle help
  29. Not tied in with Steam's update feature?
  30. Password doesn't work
  31. Dudu
  32. Can you just copy over game files to Steam from an existing install???
  33. Update Failed :(
  34. difference pvp and pve¦pvp servers?
  35. DuDu Turtle instructions! Look Here! [Update #2]!!!!!
  36. Game does not launch.
  37. Game performance
  38. Weird popup when starting FW through Steam.
  39. How Solo Friendly Is This Game?
  40. Whatamiplaying.jpg?
  41. Well, now I can't even MAKE an account
  42. I dont know if this is an error
  43. How do you get the turtle
  44. Save Password?
  45. Other PWE MMOs
  46. Any Good Alternatives?
  47. Forsaken Worlds Steam download failure
  48. Monthly cost?
  49. Is this f2p or p2w?
  50. game.exe - System Error
  51. Just put the graphic settings up people!
  52. Time played not showing in Steam.
  53. Startbutton does nothing! :confused:
  54. Looks like it could be a decent game, but...
  55. Download OK , But Login needs to be fixed [Problem]
  56. Account creation Fail
  57. keep me interested
  58. Character Creation screen freezes PC constantly
  59. Freqnetly asked questions
  60. Forcing AA
  61. Force dx9 ?
  62. Job info Book -> kills the game / disables keys
  63. A nice game but...
  64. What's With This Game?
  65. Aggro in FW
  66. Launcher Asking for Permission
  67. Not sure how, but you can be a werewolf for a short time...
  68. Steam glitch [fixed]
  69. Game copied from friend
  70. Starting 6/23 - Summer Solstice participation event!
  71. Steam charging extra for cash shop
  72. Forsaken world wont launch
  73. Log in problem
  74. Keeps downloading 3.5Gb updates?
  75. Difference between PvP and PvE servers...
  76. Servers
  77. Respeccing free?
  78. Oh noes
  79. Registration failed twice.
  80. My experience with first 10 levels.
  81. Free Candle Pet (lv30)
  82. Leveling partner!
  83. Mercury stattuet
  84. Can't voice chat in or out of overlay
  85. According To Steam I'm Not Playing??
  86. Sounds and graphics from WoW
  87. patch.exe error
  88. cant see servers
  89. Refuses to update
  90. Screenshots and Steam
  91. Random Account Banning
  92. Stuck in Sea of Oblivion
  93. Back in.
  94. Anyone able to fix directX error?
  95. server latino / latin server
  96. a few questions
  97. Forsaken World F2P Steam game
  98. There a wowhead equivalent for this game?
  99. A 4GB update?
  100. Edrya Leaves?
  101. Edyra Boutique?
  102. Updating the game?
  103. 4,5 gb update?
  104. Deleted Characters
  105. Lack of important hotkeys
  106. Anyone up for partying together? leave your Steam profile here
  107. "A Small Trick" Quest
  108. Class suggestion?
  109. My thoughts after 2 weeks
  110. Cant find Aquarius Server?
  111. I can't find any clothes for my mage!
  112. File pack corrupt. Please, use Verify FOREVER!
  113. I got this Belt thing from a Storm Messenger
  114. Is this game....
  115. Let's Discuss About This.
  116. Perfict worlds Asian Partners are scammers
  117. Latalis Recruitment
  118. Obtaining a mount
  119. [quest] Goodbye, Father - Cool Flame Ale
  120. I need som help!
  121. hi,im new to forsaken world
  122. any1 party guilds around ??
  124. Cant install help please
  125. Game crash with message box showing wierd symbols
  126. lost camouflage device
  127. So I have the FW window open everything seems alright... the 'start' is glowing but
  128. Stuck behind Fort Rotulor!
  129. Laggiest mmo ive ever played
  130. FW launch problem
  131. Why I no see fw?
  132. crashes
  133. Forsaken world wont launce
  134. Hangs at load screen when playing through Steam
  135. unable to connect to the server
  136. Protector or Bard?
  137. Installation directory
  138. Awkward Camera View?
  139. Game install broken?
  140. Installer Problems?
  141. Forsaken World Gameplay Video
  142. Can not disable overlay
  143. Game Stuck in Loading please wait...
  144. Log in banned and game not starting
  145. Forsaken Worlds: Gaze of Larex Exclusive Pet code inside
  146. Found this game in my library?
  147. won't connect to update server
  148. Game doesn't start
  149. Manual Updating after steam.
  150. Email issues....
  151. Phyrexian Guild Recruiting
  153. Total CRAP game flaws!!!
  154. Can't login to the game's website
  155. FW? Are you there?
  156. Warning: No inverted mouse option
  157. wtf is this?
  158. Any starters want to group up? (18-February-2012)
  159. This game is crap
  160. Let's Play Forsaken World
  161. I almost missed playing an interesting game
  162. Don't Bother With Steam
  163. So before diving in to this game...
  164. "Patcher has stopped working"
  165. steams version way out of date
  166. It's a shame the game is junk
  167. Game continually crashes
  168. PW does not respond to support requests
  169. not sure whats going on here
  170. feedback
  171. This is like a game I would've spent fifty on
  172. Steam will not install
  173. Forsaken World Unable to Login