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  1. System specs.
  2. Long time fan just saying...
  4. Very Cool!
  5. 7-10 hour game for 3 dollars. SOLD.
  6. Welcome to Steam!
  7. Played it for a while...
  8. Congrats thread
  9. Can't take screenshot through steam.
  10. How is the plot?
  11. Some missing info from the store page?
  12. Pricing error ?
  13. Which first?
  14. Music not working?
  15. This game looks horribly like early 1990s...
  16. Dear Zeboyd Games,
  17. Explain this game please
  18. Crashes after intro movie
  19. Please allow for more resolution options
  20. Commentary buggy?
  21. # 1 Top seller in hours ?!...
  22. Didn't this game have a kickstart startup
  23. Hey dev's, what about porting it to mobile?
  24. Support?
  25. meanwhile at Zeboyd games
  26. Controller Support?
  27. I'm Doing a Let's Play of this game.
  28. Suggestion to dev
  29. A humble suggestion
  30. Sound Effects During Combat?
  31. save points but you can save anywhere?
  32. Hopelessly screwed?
  33. Hard is impossibly hard?
  34. Levelling up and a dark thought...
  35. Is there a manual?
  36. Insane Difficulty is Love
  37. Double Pack temporary?
  38. does steam overlay work?
  39. How long is this game?
  40. Beat the game, instant classic.
  41. How does this play with keyboard/mouse?
  42. The soundtrack is available for free
  43. What does "Will" do?
  44. Is this game worth it?
  45. Here comes my money..
  46. Steam Cloud support?
  47. Save files location?
  48. How long is this game?
  49. Anyway to set a custom resolution?
  50. Problems with MindOrb 5xD-2
  51. Thanks...
  52. What is the point of Escape spell?
  53. Awesome gane, just one question, concern
  54. Screenshots
  55. Bookcases and gravestones
  56. Cthulhu Saves The World Gamplay
  57. Considering mobile devices?
  58. Annoying Bug
  59. Insanity and duration attacks questions
  60. Is the "Astral Cave" the ultimate optional dungeon?
  61. Texture Filtering?
  62. Finished the game after 13 hours (Normal), thoughts
  63. Cthulhu in space.
  65. Question about the legendary hero.
  66. Thoughts on the game thus far
  67. Help
  68. Chapter 4 - Boss help.
  69. The music in this game is really good.
  70. Just submitted a patch (7/15/2011)
  71. Game wants admin rights every time I start
  72. Any way to Autofire?
  73. Post-game content
  74. "No suitable graphics card found."
  75. Black Lines/Grid On Screen?
  76. Intro Bugs
  77. what do u play as in this game?
  78. Game won´t start
  79. Was "Highlander" mode tested or just tacked on?
  80. Bromides?
  81. Dacre bromide
  82. Maps of dungeons?
  83. No controller support?
  84. Why would I want to use Paws?
  85. I just saved over a save.
  86. 4 hours into the game and *possible spoilers*
  87. So a little help with a technical issue?
  88. Small glitch
  89. Where has this game been all my life.
  90. This or Breath of Death VII first?
  91. I see this...
  92. Tombstones *spoilers*
  93. Strategy for boss 6 *Spoiler*
  94. Right at beggining. Just called Kracken but can't do it anymore
  95. Missing Game
  96. Alma the Younger
  97. Level ups
  98. Windowed Mode?
  99. Commentary mode bug?
  100. Awesome Game.
  101. Umi's "MP after victory" passive perk doesn't work?
  102. Ape princess boss help
  103. CTSW Crashes just after 1st intro screen
  104. BUG: Ember erased from my status screen
  105. Been a couple days since I cleared this game, my thoughts
  106. Is there a list of which treasures are in which dungeons?
  107. Wow, Curse Sword is ....
  108. Secret/Bonus Dungeon List
  109. Please read if you're having technical difficulties
  110. Cthulhu Saves The World level chart
  111. Max lvl?
  112. In Cthulhu's Angels mode...
  113. Which one requires more grinding - Insane or Highlander?
  114. Wuh
  115. Attn: RainbowDespair: Possible Score Attack Bug
  116. Treasure bug in last level
  117. Concept art for Breath of Death VII & Cthulhu Saves the World released!
  118. Tips where i can get some 1Ups?
  119. Zeboyd Games revenue from Steam exceeds 1yr+ XBLIG revenue
  120. Final Boss
  121. Quick question
  122. Finished it once, thoughts/review. (Spoilers)
  123. Best place to grind
  124. Wow
  125. CA mode bug
  126. Sign here if...
  127. MP Victory?
  128. Biggest criticism of CA mode
  129. Game starts sideways
  130. Any plans on achievements?
  131. Where are the savegames ?
  132. A huge oversight/bug (major spoilers)
  133. Next game?
  134. Game Mechanics Questions
  135. Triple monitor help?
  136. Thanks for this game. =)
  137. If you like old-school RPGs
  138. Need Tips
  139. Stuck in CA Mod
  140. Save file?
  141. Can't sell stuff in CA bug + other small things
  142. Overwritten a save file.
  143. Cthulhu's Angels Level Chart
  144. bugged chest
  145. Crash to Desktop
  146. References - Minor Spoilers
  147. Windows 7 CTD
  148. The game doesn't start
  149. Difficulty is a bit - well - jarate?
  150. Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII Video Review
  151. Commentary question
  152. Review!
  153. The screen isn't facing the right way
  154. Highlander strategy? [POTENTIAL SPOILERS]
  155. Details for our next RPG will be announced at PAX next week!
  156. New Game Plus?
  157. Heavy Metal Version of the Battle Song
  158. Bromides
  159. Not working at all
  160. Where's Innsmouth?
  161. Beat the game, comments within!
  162. Boss Battle Music
  163. Was this made in RPG maker?
  164. Nothing warms the heart like...
  165. The game ate my savegame!
  166. Please elaborate on the "insane" mechanic
  167. Game won't start at all.
  168. The mysterious guy who sealed Cthulhu's power
  169. Games awesome! How long is it roughly?
  170. Multiple enemies abilities make it too easy??
  171. Ailment Combo+.
  172. What is the best party group to use?
  173. Bug in Cthulhu's Angels mode?
  174. Where's Sharpe's bromide?
  175. To the devs.
  176. Steam Cloud
  177. "fast paced" turn based?
  178. What's with the stripes?
  179. Game seems. . . overly simple
  180. pc controller
  181. Game crashes on startup
  182. System Requirement: Current version of Windows Media Player
  183. Encounters happen too often
  184. Extreme highspeed bug
  185. Can't delete or copy-paste backup folder
  186. Recovering Lost Saves?
  187. So, has the music been fixed yet?
  188. where do I find a Mindorb 5xd 2?
  189. This game pwnz
  190. Stuck in ghost forest
  191. In the latest Indie Bundle
  192. Want it for free?
  193. Save the world (for free)
  194. A warning to prospective buyers.
  195. Free key.
  196. New Review at The Unplayables
  197. Unlock bonus modes?
  198. Trick to play without Windows Media Player!
  199. Game starts but won't respond
  200. Mistake in cutscene drawings?
  201. Performing first time set up is taking forever
  202. we need the steam cloud :D
  203. Stun bug
  204. [H] Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII Double Pack [W[ offers
  205. No suitable graphics card found?
  206. New game from developers?
  207. Seriously? There's a half-off coupon for this?
  208. Let'splay of Cthulu saves the world! please check out if you have any time
  209. Cthulhu saves the world lets play part two!
  210. changing items
  211. Commentary and Cthulhu's Angels
  212. Cthulhu saves the world lets play part three! What do you think?
  213. -50% OFF Cthulhu Saves the World/Breath of Death VII Double Pack
  214. I Have This Game for Trade!
  215. Cant get into this game
  216. Cthulhu saves the world doesnt want to open
  217. Any news on the Android port?
  218. Purpose of Insanity?
  219. Cthulhu Does [Not] Save The Game
  220. What Finally Got Cthulhu Running for Me
  221. one free game both this and breath of death to first person who asks
  222. [H] Cthulu saves the world & Breath of death VII [W] Zombie Driver
  223. Cthulhu Saves the World, Breath of Death VII - Anyone want them?
  224. So DLC
  225. Anyway to transfer saves?
  226. Dem Bromide
  227. cloud saving enabled?
  228. Using PS3 Controller?
  229. Cthulu "normal" difficulty = BoD "easy" mode
  230. 50% off until September 5th
  231. Playing in fullscreen mode causes stuttering and slowdown
  232. Sound and load game issues
  233. Character Bromide Locations (Minor spoilers)
  234. Storage device not found,won't start game.
  235. Neither Intro nor Music work in this or BoD
  236. Cthulhu Saves The World - Crash on boot, anyone got any ideas?
  237. Game crashes at the end of the intro cutscene
  238. Just Saw the Prophecy