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  1. I never stop moving forward.
  3. Recruitment Bug
  4. co-op connection problems
  5. SR3 Computer Restart
  6. A question about DLC
  7. crash fix that worked for me
  8. A bit of a different problem. I think. Maybe just alot.
  9. DX9 Crashes when Selected
  10. Is it really this hard to get good performance?
  11. What kind of stuff can you do in coop?
  12. Low sli usage
  13. [color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color][color="#FF66FF"]♥[/color]d mode...?
  14. Is the German version really a "low violence" version?
  15. Need help!!
  16. Problem with the cursor?
  17. Anyone getting a lot of lag spikes?
  18. Bath Salts Simulator 3 (Saints Row Video)
  19. How to fix freeze
  20. The Fix that worked for me
  21. Immediate Black Screen on Startup
  22. Re-Verification Weirdness + Lag
  23. Freezing when Moving?
  24. Local screenshots?
  25. Various fixes for various issues
  26. Worth it?
  27. dlc was 66% off when it was on the community now its 75% wtf?
  28. please help a european
  29. Dlc questions
  30. Is there any DLC that is worth it?
  31. Suggested DLCs only
  32. Is this a solid PC port?
  33. Not sure if want
  34. How is this on PC ?
  35. Before you buy any DLC !
  36. Franchise Pack
  37. Looking for the non-german version
  38. DLC Co-op Question
  39. Display driver AMD has stopped responding and has recovered
  40. DLC clothes
  41. Has AMD GPU issue been fixed
  42. Does the DLC Download WITH the game?
  43. Season Pass?
  44. exFAT filesystem Crashing at loading screen.
  45. Can I run it? MBP 2010 i5 330m
  46. Question about the invincible/cheat DLC
  47. What DLC is already unlockable in game?
  48. Question Dxxxxxx10 ??™ C®ash
  49. Problems?
  50. DX9 can't see fire, electricity, explosions, gunshots, etc.
  51. Cheat codes?
  52. Long load times
  53. Lost Saves in Steam Cloud?
  54. Computer reboots when I try to start the game.
  55. Add me to the list of those who can't even start this...
  56. is this game worth it?
  57. Crashing Problem
  58. iMac 27" i5 3.1 CPU, 6970m GPU
  59. very easy question before i get this game.
  60. Some control questions
  61. Freeze in "Return to Steelport" mission
  62. Multiplayer and Co-Op
  63. Co-op Aid
  64. Am I able to run this game?
  65. need help with res
  66. need help with res
  67. Bloodsucker DLC not loaded?
  68. Mods help, where can I find them + misc questions
  69. Massive Lag
  70. Game Not Launching?
  71. Coop how to uncut + cut version?
  72. character all black?
  73. Radeon HD 6XXX-Series Lag
  74. Tiger Escort help
  75. Co-op problem
  76. random black screen
  77. bloodsucker dlc
  78. In Praise
  79. New/Join Game = Saints Row 3 Stopped Working
  80. Co-Op Cheats Enabled even with old save files
  81. Tattoo bug?
  82. Steam Overlay
  83. You Must have the same version to join...
  84. Not enough memory to save?
  85. Darrn'd Lost Content (or where's me DLC :-( )
  86. i have xpadder....
  87. Strange co-op issue
  88. Can you "win" the open world fights?
  89. The game
  90. How much DLC will this game get?
  91. Season Pass
  92. Can't login to THQ site and in-game Community
  93. FYI: performance with GTX 670 / i7 930
  94. Disable Bloodsucker DLC?
  95. How can i get Mister Genki suite ?
  96. 3d analyzer
  97. How to recover lost Saints Row 3 Local Files?
  98. Searching a co-op mate
  99. SR:TT for $9.99 on Amazon this Thursday
  100. Game Audio and Voice Chat
  101. Just bought game, it doesn't launch.
  102. Big Heads
  103. Really laggy and unplayable
  104. Co-op Campaign playthrough
  105. Girl Pack
  106. Which DLC is worth it?
  107. Paid $45 for the game alone. DLC is now $20. DLC + Game is $25.
  108. Anyone have any fixes?
  109. Saints row 3 DLC
  110. Black Screen but has Audio?
  111. Random Crashes.
  112. WARNING! No Official Support
  113. Beware new players!
  114. Like many others - Crash Issues
  115. I can start up Saints Row 3 but...
  116. Question on Co-op with cheats
  117. Lag / Sync issues in COOP?
  118. Rigg Theft mission.
  119. Horrible Game Breaking Glitch - Scene not loading
  120. Crash Issues (Unresolved)
  121. I cant play no matter what!
  122. Need help with Luchadores' stronghold upgrade bug.
  123. Saints Row The Third has stopped working / Failed to create graphics device
  124. Saints Row The Third is on sale for $9.99 at Amazon and registers on Steam. Wait/buy?
  125. Does the 'Steam' Screenshot feature not work in this game?
  126. Has anyone else experienced this before?
  127. SR3 - $9.99 on Amazon, Activates on Steam
  128. Game-killing lag despite meeting specs? Help!
  129. Nobody plays the game?
  130. Game quits randomly?
  131. Is Steam matchmaking not working or is the game dead?
  132. Random Freeze [collection]
  133. I am looking for someone who has not completed the story. (I need some help.)
  134. Witches and Wieners: Where is my broom hiding
  135. Weird graphical glitch and few more
  137. Steam offline mode and achievements
  138. Co-Op Problem
  139. Graphical ... issues ... on a friends PC
  140. Missing Voices
  141. Undesirables on Arapice Island?
  142. "Learning Computer" Mission Fail Bug
  143. Why does this game run so slow?
  144. Can't log in to Community Site
  145. vehicle delivery not working
  146. AMD Update - July 2012
  147. Locking Up Before I Get To Even Try To Play!
  148. Disable Controller?
  149. Hope for people with performance problems.
  150. Vanishing Audio?
  151. Which DLC to buy? NONE!
  152. Crash, Validate, Re-download 4GB?!
  153. The red screen
  154. Achievement not unlocking
  155. Stronghold glitch? Can't access vehicles or helis from the garage/pad
  156. Difference between medium and high lighting detail?
  157. OK, what's a bug and what's a feature?
  158. Map wrong or just really crap?
  159. Overscan not being recognised
  160. Fix for Nvidia GPU users SR3
  161. Anyone up for playing the campaign from scratch?
  162. Not getting DLC
  163. Tank cannon stays locked forward.
  164. Multiplayer co-op partner
  165. DLC vs no DLC co-op play
  166. Looking for coop achievement partner
  167. Co-Op Achievement
  168. Where in the world is Professor Genki Murdercat?
  169. $13.29 for the Franchise Pack, Ridiculous!
  170. saints row 3 worth it?
  171. Will Saints Row 3 run fine on my PC?
  172. No Genki Girls in Franchise Pack?
  173. Season pass worth it?
  174. "Give my resolution back" >__> Input not supported
  175. Franchise Pack...
  176. DLC packs
  177. Can't play coop with my friend
  178. Does the DLC unlock automatically?
  179. Wait for GOTY?
  180. complete pack - cheats DLC?
  181. WTB Saints Row uncut x2 ;-)
  182. Saint Row 3 keeps crashing HELP
  183. Expected performance?
  184. Saints Row: The Third won't start!
  185. Liking the game so far but can't seem to create a character that I like.
  186. horrible performance,even at low settings and resolution!!
  187. Problem with the brute on the ball
  188. The Zimos Pimp is inspired stupidity (Slight spoilers within)
  189. Tried looking through the forums.. anyone else done the "Soar" on Insurance Fraud?
  190. dlc weapons
  191. Saints Row 3 mods
  192. SR3 System Requirements -- Advice?
  193. Can't progress, mission "Party Time" bugged.
  194. No Horror Pack on steam? (New Zombie/Warewolf costume pack)
  195. Problems Loading SRT
  196. games moving very slowly
  197. Problems with alt-tab?
  198. Linking Steam account to Saint's Row Community account
  199. Cannot launch the game?
  200. Save slots
  201. Freezing
  202. Lack of sound in cutscenes
  203. ANGER
  204. Can my PC run this game? (Any suggestion?)
  205. Can not buy certain shops.
  206. Mouse fine in menus, fails to work during gameplay
  207. LAN Co-op mission not loading
  208. Those of you who can't launch the game.
  209. How can I change language?
  210. Coop problem of version
  211. wieners in a wagon
  212. Do you gain money when not in game?
  213. PC/XBox controller not working
  214. SR3 not showing savegames after problems with Steam/Avast!
  215. Vanishing saves?
  216. Deleting save game easily?
  217. Best DLC?
  218. Freeze/Crash on intro vid on high end computer
  219. Game Crashes On Startup
  220. making a new character
  221. alt tab brings slowmo
  222. Performance Expectations..
  223. Unplayable when offline
  224. Anyone know where the saved game files are actually stored?
  225. Disabling DLC
  226. A huge disapointment about this game.
  227. Genki Girl DLC not included in Franchise Pack
  228. Gangstas in space
  229. Buggy Face Texture
  230. Unable to play co-op
  231. Can't believe i Bought This!!!
  232. Does anyone have a copy of this game to trade?
  233. Problem: 15 second freeze every 10 minutes.
  234. Awful performance on new gaming pc
  235. Is there a mod where i can remove dlc?
  236. Broken website and account management
  237. Questions (SPOILERS)
  238. Why does it not start up?!?!
  239. can't save in the game
  240. Hey guys
  241. Crashing on native resolution
  242. Bloodsucker DLC complete fix
  243. Free "Special Ops Vehicle Pack" DLC
  244. Cant link my Steam ID...
  245. Blacks out after Amd symbol everytime!
  246. The game hates NVIDIA.
  247. SR3 file verification failure
  248. Gamecrash when starting story mode
  249. Hack to increase view distance?
  250. Where do i redeem season pass????