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  1. Any chance of a coop pack?
  2. I bet this game will have for PC...
  3. AU pricing - yet another title to add to the list of titles price jacked for AU
  4. This item is currently unavailable in your region
  5. Pre order DLC
  6. Who Pre-Ordered This Game JUST FOR Professor Genki
  7. Song in Trailer
  8. Pre-order? After the fiasco that 2 was?
  9. Possible TF2 promo for SR3
  10. F.A.Q - Updated July 11th *Should Answer Your Questions*
  11. Question for Saints Row: The Third
  12. console game
  13. So will people actually play multiplayer?
  14. Purchase anywhere, use on Steam?
  15. Entire Plane Mission
  16. Story trailer issue
  17. British pre-order in America
  18. Looks like Professor Genki is Steam exclusive
  19. Saints row the third requirements ??
  20. Co-op
  21. 4 months too early to put up this pre-order info.
  22. Can we get the graphic for our Library please?
  23. In The Third POWER trailer, the girl on her laptop...
  24. This game looks like it could be awefully fun.
  25. Will this Game be better polished for PC this time?
  26. Johnny Gatt TF2 hat
  27. Am I insane or what?
  28. Question about purchasing SR3 in a region its not available in.
  29. Saints row the third...
  30. Mods and Revolvers
  31. Question about the pre-order.
  32. Any competitive SR PtP players here? Feel left out? :l
  33. 40 Weeks Of DLC
  34. Deckers.die Trailer
  35. How Niko Bellic Feels about Saints Row: The Third
  36. Is there anything different in the Australian release?
  37. V-Singular [From Volition] Q&A Video
  38. More new trailers, because I love you
  39. Saints Row The Third Steam UK Storefront
  40. pre order offer
  41. Question about the "Initiation Station"
  42. is it steam powered??
  43. Does SR3 Require Steam?
  44. Season pass
  45. Saints Row The Third FTW, MW3 & BF3 Fans can says Bye*2[Official trailer]
  46. DX11
  47. How about New threads?
  48. where is the initiation station?
  49. will it have steam achievements? and about co-op
  50. Anyone have a spare Red Faction armageddon code for the initiation station?
  51. Initation Station code not working?
  52. GameSpot Initiation Station code giveaway
  53. Question about co-op
  54. Show off your Initiation Station character
  55. So my computer can't handle a menu screen apparently... (graphical bug)
  56. Can my specs run SR3?
  57. DLC and multiplayer/co-op
  58. Will Saints Row 2 be on sale on/before Third's release date?
  59. is this not available on the UK steam store?
  60. Initiation Station stopped working...
  61. A quick question about the Initiation Station
  62. optimize better/worst than SR2?
  63. Initiation Station - Messed up textures on the character's skin
  64. Why is the release date 4 days later ....
  65. The name of the game in the game library (info inside)
  66. Initiation Station not working?
  67. Playing with friends online?
  68. Initiation Station won't work
  69. Did it kill my graphics card?!
  70. Black silhouette ?
  71. Initiation Station question
  72. System Requirements Question
  73. Unlink THQ account in IS?
  74. Anyone else super stoked?
  75. Umm, where is it? *UK*
  76. Pre-Order Genki Suit
  77. The main thing I hope for..
  78. Dissapointed by the character creation...
  79. BSOD - CPU the cause
  80. Any fixes out there for this?
  81. A bit much...?
  82. PC Exclusive Features for SR:TT
  83. eyefinity not recommended
  84. OFLC R18+
  85. Question about Pre-Order bonus and gifting.
  86. Initiation Station crashes
  87. Saintsrow.com won't load?
  88. Just watched the announcement trailer for this again...
  89. Why Would I Buy The Game When They Can't Even Handle Their Pre-Release Char. Creator?
  90. I'm having difficulties...
  91. Sound stutter in the IS(Also, can I run this game?)
  92. IdolNinja's Awesome Slider Mod
  93. before i install the demo
  94. black characters and graphic problem
  95. another can i run it question..
  96. Tesco selling the professor genki edition for 19
  97. New Trailer "Pimps and Gimps"
  98. Silent crash right after Loading 100%
  99. Pre-Load?
  100. Exporting your character from SR2
  101. Who is the big breasted woman
  102. 9.5/10 review for Saints Row: The Third.
  103. How do I remove the glasses in the CAC?
  104. Version Bonuses?
  105. Preorder oddity
  106. A little hope to PC fans of Saints row
  107. Can somebody gift me this? (I will paypal you the money +$5 right back)
  108. Steam download from THQ store?
  109. Professor Genki, sold as DLC later?
  110. Will be there 'just' a 2 player Co-op Mode?
  111. Initiation Station Question
  112. Just preordered this on Steam and have a few questions...
  113. Multiplayer/Free Roam?
  114. How do people have achievements already?
  115. Can't make Initiation Station Screenshot public
  116. $34 at GreenManGaming
  117. Just a little query...
  118. Initiation Station crashes before loading
  119. No store page for SRIII
  120. Preview character spins too fast
  121. Erm... any news about pre-load? I mean straight after MW3 release?
  122. Password recovery on saintsrow.com
  123. Saints Row: The Third on sale for $34
  124. A little help if possible.
  125. Uncesored "AT" version over Steam?
  126. Will my pc run it ?
  127. Possible solution for crashes after 100% loading
  128. The character creator thing make my whole computer slow.
  129. initiation station crashes on startup
  130. My copy from THQ is almost here
  131. PC version excuslive feautures announced!
  132. SOON...
  133. Pre-load is live!
  134. Should I play this game with controller or Mouse and Keyboard?
  135. Would someone gifted the game recieve the TF2 bonuses?
  136. No preload in aus?
  137. Tons of reviews but no mention on port quality, wtf??
  138. Will the amazon preorder unlock TF2 promo items?
  139. how to recieve TF2 item?
  140. UK SR3 Still Not On Steam
  141. Local co-op?
  142. Will a gifted copy give all the pre-order bonuses?
  143. Pre order and tf2 items question
  144. Help: Coop, 2 steam accounts, same IP...possible?
  145. Coop question
  146. so who ready for Saints Row: The Third on Monday
  147. Anyone who preordered from GreenManGaming received their key already ?
  148. Slow Pre-load Speed.
  149. URGENT!: read please, quick choice needed
  150. Refund for Pre-Order?????
  151. Finally, a little PC info on performance
  152. Tf2 Promo's
  153. Shopto.net pre-order bonus?
  154. Looking for a coop partner
  155. Valve we want discount, NOT HATS!!!
  156. When is release then?
  157. This game is DX11 capable?
  158. THQ Pre Order Steam Key?
  159. Can't pre-order
  160. Is steam still releasing the game 1 day early?
  161. Will this game have achievements?
  162. Stopped Working
  163. If i get the CD version will
  164. Anyone got the Professor Genki DLC? [it doesn't shows up in my DLC tab]
  165. What's in the Nyte Blayde DLC?
  166. Will the achievements be disable when I activate invicible pack?
  167. They blew it with the release date.
  168. Initiation Station character - Not working in full game
  169. Better Than Expected
  170. Are all the DLC free or what???
  171. Voices not always working?
  172. This game, is great.
  173. Can i handle it?
  174. Lohnt sich das game zum kaufen?
  175. Cheats as DLC? Is this a joke?
  176. $115 too much!
  177. So does co-op cost money too?
  178. "Planet Saints" store music
  179. Can't find this game on Steam..
  180. alot of this SR3 is steamworks b/s..
  181. No Genki DLC bonus for gifted copies..
  182. Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pack
  183. Add my steam account for co-op tonight!
  184. GMG Keys Finally Up
  185. opening night dansker
  186. Whats with the DLC?
  187. SR3 - CAN YOU RUN IT
  188. Unlocked in [REGION]
  189. IT'S ON
  190. What the hell.....i hate steam :)
  191. Genki DLC? where is it
  192. silly release date policy
  193. SRTT: co-op playthrough [US RELEASE ONLY]
  194. A suggestion for co op pause menu
  195. Change the distance of the camera
  196. Massive difference in audio volume (cutscenes/ingame)
  197. I can't download creations made with the initiation station ?
  198. Wondering if my PC can handle this game...
  199. Heavy Attack Key Unbound
  200. Bad peformance with ATI cards?
  201. Using Xbox 360 Controller
  202. Unable to preload and now Install :<
  203. Guh, Hoard Mode glitched for me :(
  204. To those who preordered it from the THQ Store
  205. Can't join random co-ops?
  206. For people who are not seeing there pre-order bonuses
  207. I just bought this - now I need more time!
  208. Exclusive DLC - Prima Guide
  209. Why even bother saying it releases on the 14th...
  210. Optimization?
  211. NO preorder content??????
  212. it's up! go click play game!
  213. The game is now unlocked
  214. What about us germans?
  215. Damn... guess we Brits really do have to wait for the 18th.
  217. Cheats - Can we turn them off?
  218. Decrypting Steam Files Stuck at 39%???
  219. how do you put it in full screen agein
  220. runs fine for me, using ati gpu
  221. Currently unavailable??
  222. Brit here - Can someone from US gift it so I can play with VPN(Will return full cost)
  223. Game Controls
  224. Cannot join or create online co-op game.
  225. Crash on load
  226. They removed the release date for Romania ? Really now ?
  227. Characters sing to songs
  228. [Video] Tank Mayhem Level 1 [HD on Max Settings]
  229. Custom Characters
  230. Game Hangs, Wont Start
  231. Search coop Partner from EU but US will work too i think
  232. 1 file (82.7mb) always failing to validate.
  233. No space to create save files
  234. Genki items?
  235. Season Pass covers current DLC too?
  236. Pathetic download speed...
  237. I downloaded the nearly 10gb dl of the game and now 3.8gb more?
  238. Pre-order is over?
  239. infinite loading screen into campaign?
  240. Road Glitch
  241. Saved game location?
  242. cant view saints row achievements?
  243. Can't Choose 1680x1050 in Fullscreen
  244. Not unlocked (germany)
  245. Kill Genki - Lotsa money
  246. DX11 Not Working?
  247. Xbox 360 controller?
  248. ValveTestApp55396
  249. A few problems.
  250. Catalyst driver update?