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  1. What's this game like?
  2. Question
  3. Disconnected from server
  4. Simply can't launch the game
  5. Game Crashes in the middle of a session
  6. The Music In The Trailer...
  7. Havn't downloaded it yet. Would like a second opinion.
  8. Will Not Run. RSUpdate.exe
  9. Dont dl the game neither buy stuff
  10. Sorry Not Impressed
  11. Here is why I didn't like the game
  12. funny !
  13. low budget game
  14. Updater
  15. Steam Bonus Stuff
  16. Question of which to choose
  17. Does this game use GameGuard?
  18. this game is currently unavailable please try again at another time
  19. try again later
  20. It's actually kinda fun
  21. Gameplay Clip (1080p) Watch This!
  22. War Inc. Battlezone - Pro's vs Contra's
  23. Remove the Sniper class.
  24. This is kinda sad.
  25. Problem with equipping weapons
  26. Aimbotting...
  27. Optimalization ?
  28. How to delete account?
  29. Sorry War Inc.. Still Bad...
  30. Appearing on minimap
  31. Lag?
  32. How do i delete my account from steam?
  33. Graphics make me look like I am in water
  34. Launcher Stopped
  35. Why This Game is unavailable in Ukraine?
  36. So they abandoned early testers?
  37. The sabotage map's layout is exactly like de_dust2, except it's flipped over
  38. How to play with friends?
  39. Good God: who made this utter junk PoS?
  40. Store Problem
  41. this game any good?
  42. This game seriously blows.
  43. 115 Kills Video
  44. Constructive crits
  45. You do not need to pay money to unlock guns
  46. Constant Disconnection
  47. Horrible graphics BUG, unplayable
  48. I created a profile but now I need to do it again!!!
  49. Perm
  50. Is it Pay2win
  51. steam community ingame
  52. arksoft are you here?
  53. disappointment regarding guns
  54. Review By Zealous
  55. first time download... and fail..
  56. User Account Control
  57. Ultra lagg on quad? wahhhh
  58. What the game needs
  59. cash shop not working
  60. So after the update....
  61. Need some help here. The whole map os invisible.
  62. So how is this game?
  63. My suggestion for developer
  64. How do you use the M203?
  65. Wont redownload
  66. VIRUS detected Win32/Heur during update
  67. Great game that's still in BETA
  68. War inc. Battlezone has a virus!
  69. Not a Virus. Here's what to do.
  70. Trying to buy stuff
  71. game rating?????
  72. War Inc. Battlezone- A list of requests that would make this game better.
  73. Pwnography - Clan Recruiting.
  74. GP - Do you have to buy them with real money?
  75. Official game forum!
  76. Steamwrapper broke ingame.
  77. Why no picture of the game and not in the list?
  78. Open Loadouts with game dollars(GD)
  79. "Install game" button dosent work
  80. Unable to access forums?
  81. I want to play, game unavailable!
  82. War Inc review
  84. Can't log in
  85. Lil' help for Steam users
  86. War Inc. Arsenal Bundle Giveaway
  87. YouTube video contest! MAY, 14th JULY, 23rd. $5000 UP FOR GRABS!
  88. Anything to do with the old War Inc.?
  89. War Inc. Montage
  90. Game Keeps Minimizing over and over
  91. Frag Out!
  92. Is it just me or is this game to easy? Why should I play it?
  93. Problem updating it
  94. can anyone
  95. War.Inc Problem Friend Reward
  96. Need advice on GC
  97. This is game is pretty much dead