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  1. It's about time!
  2. Pricing and Bundles?
  3. Oh good, no preorder exclusives.
  4. Min/Max specs
  5. If it's from Ace Team....
  6. Perfection
  7. ACE Team made this, definite buy!
  8. Consoleport?
  9. ATLUS + ACE + "Pythonesqe" / "Katamariesqe"
  10. What is this?
  11. Hm...
  12. Hey you, ACE Team guys... You are totally crazy!
  13. Console release date?
  14. Will the 360 have exclusive content ??
  15. How bout some specs on the store page
  16. I would purchase this if there were a 2-pack deal.
  17. What todo in this game ? how much is the Mp Alive ?
  18. Can my PC run this game?
  19. Multiplayer orientated? Or does it have a full single player campaign as well?
  20. Now 7,19 in EU
  21. I Bought the game . How think the Devs about Dlc ?
  22. Refund demanded!
  23. You know what I would really like from ACE team?
  24. Game looks weird in games list.
  25. Egypt DCL?
  26. A welcome addition to the ball rolling genre!
  27. How Much people can play Mp ? ( aka 1v1 2v2 3v3 ...... )
  28. New Trailer - "Rock beats everything"
  29. PC delay??
  30. More achievements, please
  31. DELAY for agreements with M$, IT'S A SHAME
  32. How many hours will I be able to squeeze out of this game?
  33. Trading MNC copy for Rock of Ages!
  34. Rock Customization
  35. Game Trade? (NyxQuest)
  36. Missed sales potential!
  37. Yes, the game has been delayed 1 week, BUT...
  38. Regarding Replayability
  39. The RoA Reviews Thread
  40. Demo?
  41. Where did pre-order price go?
  42. Is there a reason there's no TF2 hat promotion?
  43. I might buy this game just for the trollface achievement
  44. The Ultimate RoA Trailer!!!
  45. Gamespot review
  46. If steam would let me, I'd pre-order Rock Of Ages
  47. Not really what I was expecting but should be fun
  48. Competitive Gameplay: Tips from ACE
  49. How does online work?
  50. Splitscreen suppourt?
  51. No Pre-load?
  52. Running RoA on my laptop
  53. Win a free copy of Rock of Ages - from the creators of Zeno Clash
  54. Exactly 1 day for the launch according to Steam
  55. How long is this game?
  56. Split-screen mode
  57. Rock of Ages Original Soundtrack
  58. One hour left!
  59. Preorder not unlocking?
  61. The Official Bug reports thread
  62. No, 1366x768
  63. Black Boulder?
  64. No game pad support for menus?
  65. Crashing On Launch
  66. Changing Resolution via .ini
  67. Well Worth the Money
  68. Still prepurchase with new price?
  69. First Impression
  70. Graphical options
  71. How set 1600x900 resolution?! HELP
  72. The rock beats everything trailer...
  73. Steam - Error Servers busy?
  74. I did something unspeakable!
  75. Sluggish mouse
  76. Controlscheme
  77. Local Multiplayer Options
  78. Monty Python way?
  79. Resolution request
  80. Time Trial Improvement
  81. Finished the game
  82. Some Feedback
  83. Multiplayer Map Random Button
  84. [Trailer] ACE Logo
  85. Anyone else wait till game went off sale to buy?
  86. Inspired by Rampart?
  87. Trollface Skin?
  88. Can't get out of first tutorial
  89. Map Editor
  90. I was disappointed that ACE team next game was not Zeno clash 2..
  91. Find multiplayer games.
  92. Absolutely awesome!
  93. Im buying this
  94. Your favourite track
  95. Is it a port?
  96. In-game chat + other stuff
  97. Can we Have Local Multiplayer w/ Keyboard vs Gamepad Please!
  98. I've got to gush
  99. All singeplayer progress is gone...
  100. Praise
  101. I can't be the only one...
  102. Quick hardware req question
  103. Additional Gameplay Ideas
  104. Microphones in multiplayer and chatting
  105. Giantbomb
  106. Manual?
  107. "Click to Start"
  108. A very necessary feature: Replays
  109. Borderless Window?
  110. Problem with multiplayer
  111. This game rocks!
  112. Can it be played with controller/mouse combo?
  113. Jumping Using 360 Controller?
  114. Cannot find multiplayer games
  115. AMD Driverproblems
  116. Do you plan a demo?
  117. Cynical Brit/ TolalBiscuit played Rock of Ages
  118. Push to talk
  119. For the curious people here - First look of Rock of Ages
  120. Please
  121. Damn, I thought this game was turn-based
  122. Upcoming 1.1 Patch
  123. Can I do a keyboard/gamepad local multiplayer match?
  124. Lost all game progress!
  125. Rock of Ages in Zeno Clash?
  126. Some ideas on what could be implemented.
  127. So what do you all think of this game?
  128. "this game is currently unavailable"
  129. The Time Trial records thread
  130. Framerate issues
  131. OWNING the renaissance maps in MP
  132. Hey ROCKERS
  133. Thanks, ACE Team!
  134. What engine does rock of ages use...?
  135. About Da Vinci's Revelation (Minor spoilers)
  136. Very excited! Once I have money you guys can have it =P
  137. Rock of Ages | Gameplay with Commentary in HD | 1080p
  138. Text in cinematics disappears too quickly, making it unreadable
  139. Here's an idea....
  140. The flat billboarded enemies
  141. Multiplayer lag when not hosting
  142. Suggestion: Retry button for the time trials
  143. my friends game keeps crashing...
  144. 2 hard keys
  145. Any good strategies with fans?
  146. Um. Are the rock mouse camera controls supposed to be UNPLAYABLE?
  147. Possible fix for (pretty much all) crashes - please help testing
  148. Just finished it - thoughts
  149. Any way to skip the intro screens?
  150. Geekosophy reviews Rock of Ages
  151. Trade Frozen Synapse for Rock of Ages?
  152. favorite character intro?
  153. How do I use chat in online games?
  154. How to activate my gamepads?
  155. My thoughts
  156. will trade frozen synapse for rock of ages
  157. Skeeball mode could use some work
  158. Troublemaker Achievement?
  159. No games found?
  160. Rock of Ages 1.01 Update Released
  161. Dear ACE team
  162. Video of gold time trials
  163. Vsync?
  164. [suggestions] New game mode and improvement to War mode
  165. Anti-Alias not working for me
  166. Official support for text chat ingame and 4 player co-op?
  167. Keyboard support when navigating menus?
  168. Will there be a demo version?
  169. Very choppy in fullscreen, smooth as butter in Windowed mode
  170. Rotating buildings?
  171. Pc or Console?
  172. Is this game disturbing like Zeno Clash?
  173. Brilliant! A must buy for everyone.
  174. This game can use portals :>
  175. Hooray for SkeeBoulder Mode!
  176. The Making Of Rock of Ages
  177. My bugs/suggestions thread
  178. Awesome Game!
  179. Lets Play with that song :O
  180. Serious Startup Error
  181. Save loss
  182. More levels in the future?
  183. Is there any way to remove the FPS cap on this game?
  184. Which characters would you want in a DLC?
  185. Sound Issues.
  186. Are we able to customize local mp games to have extra cash?
  187. Destroying own buildings
  188. Installer Fails
  189. PLEASE make a sticky on how to connect to MP GAMES!!
  190. Live Action Rock of Ages
  191. No 2560x1600 resolution?!
  192. WTT Frozen Synapse or Defense Grid
  193. Ok, I just have to get this off my chest
  194. help to install rock of age; ayuda para instalar rock of age
  195. Trackball?
  196. Game won't run. No crash, just nothing.
  197. Tips on finding multiplayer games?
  198. If you like the part when Charlemagne made a happy c: face...
  199. Multiplayer 2v2
  200. Flawless Victory
  201. Leavers
  202. It'd be awesome to build defenses in ski-ball
  203. OK, game is fun, but It's just racing
  204. How do you finish Madrid?
  205. I wish I was able to...
  206. Rock of Ages 1.02 Update Released
  207. BIG crash - BSOD, memory dump, etc...
  208. A Multiplayer guide from your friendly-troll boulder.
  209. Recovering your lost progress 'How to Guide'
  210. Any tips for the third gold key in Paris?
  211. Lose Achievement idea?
  212. Re-skin the rock?
  213. Offline mode is broken :(
  214. Rock of ages germany (censor?)
  215. Streamlining
  216. Cant start Rock of ages since Last Patch...
  217. About the Trollface
  218. Race Mode Bug?
  219. *Spoilers* The End of RoA
  220. I want to get this game... After a few questions.
  221. DLC Level Ideas
  222. Lobby joining problem
  223. 1.03 coming out tomorrow
  224. Cant seem to get connection!!
  225. Progress all messed up (not the lost progress bug)
  226. What do keys do?
  227. Rock of Ages 1.03 Update Released
  228. Achievement Ideas
  229. Online mode refuses to comply.
  230. Batman Doom
  231. Game + Intel Graphics
  232. I have complaints
  233. Odd crash
  234. Wont load
  235. Am I the only one
  236. A controller-related plea to the developers of Rock of Ages
  237. Gameplay not loading.
  238. Freeze in middle of the game
  239. Can't play online
  240. the game doest start up at all.
  241. 3 new achievements ?
  242. A status update?
  243. Is there a way to reset saved data?
  244. Crash after completing first tutorial level
  245. Where do you think ACE team gets their Acid?
  246. End Game Idea
  247. Capsule Computers Interview
  248. OMG!!! This is so funny!!!
  249. Looking for a buddy
  250. Multiplayer