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  1. What is this game?
  2. ...Sound files?
  3. Crashes on New Game
  4. Changing key binding
  5. Gameplay Video - Must See!
  6. Does the game run in 1920x1080?
  7. If it crashes when you goto new game
  8. Query about the music artists (mostly asking Eats)
  9. How to enable windowed mode and disable music
  10. Graphics bug changed, but still present
  11. props
  12. WTF is Defy Gravity Extended? [Video]
  13. Can't see mouse pointer
  14. Where can I find patch notes?
  15. New window mode to fix problems
  16. "The One" Achievement
  17. This game has my name.
  18. Option menu contiually resets and deletes saved game.......
  19. Great game
  20. It still runs even when I quit the game.
  21. I have A, W, and M achievements but not BT
  22. where can i get the soundtrack?
  23. Blank screen when running fullscreen.
  24. Save corrupted, is there a way to fix it ?
  25. Color on the marker