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  1. OK First but..
  2. Co-op Ports?
  3. Demo?
  4. Minimum requirements 8800 GT 512MB?
  5. What the hell, this looks exactly like Trapped Dead
  6. Tech problem - unplayable - resolution error
  7. Bugs roll call - Bug Report Thread
  8. Does the multiplayer actually work here unlike trapped dead?
  9. My Thoughts Through Level 2..
  10. Why in the world doesn't this game have a steam trailer?
  11. Dead Horde Gameplay
  12. Considerable sluggish-ness on high-end system
  13. This game...
  14. cons about the game
  15. Controls?
  16. Considering of buying this game? DONT!
  17. Co-Op
  18. Is this game a copy of Zombie Driver?
  19. ANOTHER Zombie Game? Whatever happen to innovation?
  20. Don't understand...
  21. How does this compare to Zombie Shooter?
  22. Is this game anything like Dead Nation on the PS3?
  23. lost on level one at the switch?
  24. Tethered Co-cop? Wtf were you thinking?
  25. Suggestions
  26. What are the levels like?
  27. completed on normal achievement Q!
  28. 1000, 5000, 10000 kills Q
  29. Level Difficulty Question
  30. Stolen
  31. Waste
  32. Stay the hell away from this game
  33. Bugs & Suggestions
  34. Bug: game black out every 30 sec
  35. many bugs
  36. Dead Horde... Dead? (Co-Op)
  37. is this game easy to run?
  38. After Completing The Game..
  39. Buy me Dead Horde and I'll give you my Portal Product Key
  40. Please Optimize this game better.My laptop can't run it smoothly.
  41. WTF level 2
  42. Looking for a Doublepack purchase partner?
  43. Can anyone else find where the keyboard set up is located?
  44. [Questions] Friendly fire, Reviving teammate and Support 3-4 players Co-op ?
  45. airport
  46. The WORST $14 I have ever spent.
  47. Trying To Play Co-Op.
  48. Considering of buying this game? Just do it!
  49. insane mode is well insane!!!
  50. Mele weapons?
  51. How do I get a refund?
  52. So crap like this passes Valves quality assurance process?
  53. New M16 Sound
  54. Can't start
  55. Metacritic
  56. WTF is dead hoard?
  57. Havn't found any servers in online CO-OP (zero)
  58. [info] New updates are here:
  59. Surprised at buying Dead Horde
  60. In game talk removed after update?
  61. VERY VERY GReat GaMe
  62. Results of canyourunit.com. Please optimise your game =/
  63. Co-Op Barrier
  64. Could I get my money back for this game?
  65. Local-Coop with 2 gamepads - HOW?
  66. Revive Kit
  67. cant install
  68. more achievements?
  69. Trade copy for Frozen Synapse
  70. Fullscreen error
  71. Is there an invite feature for Co-op Multiplayer without port forwarding?
  72. What the heck? Lost all my upgrades!
  73. And now for something a little different...
  74. Number of kills?
  75. Awesome game
  76. Russian language added,but game is not available
  77. Just DLed 50 some-odd mbs
  78. Gameplay video + Win a copy, we have 5 to give away.
  79. Any good?
  80. Do NOT buy this game
  81. People in threads banned, GOOD JOB!! TY MODS!!
  82. creating render texture failed
  83. Game restarts infinitely
  84. Keeping weapons after beating Dead Horde
  85. I call up you zombiekillers: need a coop-partner!
  86. Checkpoint won't load
  87. Need co-op partner!
  88. Worth it?
  89. Coop on one computer?
  90. Two pack $3.74? You got a deal !
  91. What a dealbreaker...
  92. Indie Face Kick Bundle
  93. Trapped Dead or Dead Horde
  94. Bad game for its price.
  95. I haven't played a game this bad in a long time
  96. Game performing poorly.
  97. This game runs like garbage!
  98. Pc Shut Down! problem
  99. This game sucks - Don't buy it
  100. Don't get this. Nation Red is a much better twinstick shooter.
  101. not a great game.
  102. Update today March 9th, 2012 for DH
  104. I lost all of my stuff. What did I do wrong?
  105. Needs better weapon switching
  106. Need a coop partner please! Alone too hard
  107. Anyone want to play..?
  108. Awful Game, Awful Developer
  109. Crashes and brings my cursor with it.
  110. ready to play right now - hosting game as we speak.
  111. My Opinion
  112. What Deah Horde lacks
  113. can't find 1920x1080