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  1. Some links according Chantelise.
  2. How old is Elise?
  3. Demo is odd
  4. No "Coming Soon"?
  5. "This game will unlock in approximately 21 hours"
  6. Anyone else see this?
  7. Odd Japanese game
  8. There we go! Chantelise - released!
  9. How do I get my saved game from the demo?
  10. They fix demo issues?
  11. Only three items after Ignan Ruins?
  12. Missing files help
  13. Fullscreen?
  14. Chantelise was made before Recettear
  15. Bought as soon as it was available on steam.
  16. [ Bug ] knights shoot projectiles through walls
  17. Screenshots issues?
  18. I have tried the demo and I am NOT disappointed in the least.
  19. How do I air dash?
  20. Chantelise v1.12 has stopped working
  21. Demo crashes before I even get to the main screen...
  22. Game not showing in the community pages?
  23. Why did it take so long Blog post at Carpe Fulgur
  24. glad the game isnt dubbed.. THANKS
  25. Moving the camera with right stick, bug?
  26. Thank you Carpe Fulgur
  27. A few questions
  28. Not exactly a complaint about the game but...
  29. Beep beep beep beep *twitch*
  30. Played the demo a bit and have a question re: camera
  31. So many frustrating situations
  32. "Intel Integrated Graphics below IntelHD series not recommended"? Why?
  33. Help with 360 controller
  34. So did anyone else get to use your Demo saves? Cause I sure as hell didn't
  35. If you're trying to find the treasure on volcano path...
  36. Tips on spending money?? (spoilers?)
  37. Crashing on Startup
  38. Why does the dash move need two buttons?
  39. for those who played it
  40. Cave Treasure - seriously???
  41. why is 2nd boss so much harder ?
  42. Mod the HP bar... please!
  43. Tips on beating the first boss
  44. Great news! Game works on Netbooks with Intel GMA 945! =D
  45. Are gems always cast as "Last In, First Out"?
  46. Fail text
  47. Chantelise Walkthrough
  48. How about putting Chantelise and Recettear up on GOG?
  49. Fishing Issue
  50. Has anyone else spent an inordinate amount of time fishing in this game?
  51. Treasure Guide (treasure location spoilers... -.-)
  52. Purple blobs?
  53. Boy I reek at the game!
  54. Streaming Chantelise~
  55. Where is the 4th equipment slot?
  56. Widescreen Support?
  57. Fence / Red Banner graphics
  58. Is there any way to [spoiler] in the post-game?
  59. Dashing is funny? (bug?)
  60. Binding keys
  61. Music box
  62. New weapons.
  63. Minor text issue (Sea Bream)
  64. Game not working... period?
  65. Box Version
  66. Screenshot with Japanese text on store page
  67. Disappointed so far.
  68. ATI-Driver problem
  69. Buying it is not the question...
  70. List of spells.
  71. Never played Recettear, impressions thus far...
  72. Survival Dungeon Issues
  73. Fourth item slot (spoilers)
  74. CAMERA
  75. Survival Dungeon Display Error
  76. Screen tearing and game crash
  77. I think I'm missing something... (Little help?)
  78. Worst keyboard controls ever?
  79. Low Health Warning
  80. Is it just me or is the wyvern messed up
  81. How do I unlock the bonus parts of dungeons?
  82. Best Magic Combinations
  83. anyone else get SERIOUS screen tearing?
  84. In french too ?
  85. custom.exe has stopped working...
  86. Fishy Nitpick!
  87. Rotating, rotating, rotating.
  88. Having a tad few issues
  89. Is there a heal spell or usable item to restore HP?
  90. The near death beeping sound is grating on my ears
  91. I have no idea if I want to buy this game
  92. HP up items missable?
  93. Missing translations in Jukebox mode.
  94. Length of game
  95. Final boss' danmaku form...
  96. I love RECETTEAR, so ...
  97. Why is it
  98. Can't carry four items?
  99. The Music Box / Jukebox
  100. No screenshot making
  101. RPS interview with Carpe Fulgur regarding Chantelise
  102. Need help !
  103. How to get the secret treasure from boss 4
  104. Scammer alert
  105. Steambackup and savefiles - halp
  107. Unavailable in Russia?
  108. Anyone have a spare copy?
  110. How do I beat the metal guy in level 2?
  111. Game won't start up right
  112. My Review
  113. I'm actually really surprised this game is on steam
  114. How about Steamless execution?
  115. Playing with a keyboard?
  116. Great Game
  117. How do I change the resolution to 1080p?
  118. Should I buy Chantelise with Recettear?
  119. Fine in one area, lag in the next.
  120. Resolution Mod
  121. Tips Needed
  122. Incorrect Priest Hint
  123. Any way to lower the volume of the Low HP warning?
  124. Demo won't even start
  125. I want to trade my Chantelise for Red Nation
  126. Chantelise freezes my computer after a day being installed
  127. window is immediately close when I go to first cave.
  128. Auto camera rotation setup
  129. Fortune Teller?
  130. What folder contains the save data?
  131. Ending Question [SPOILERZ]
  132. How do you deal with the winged eyes?
  133. Low Color Depth in Full Screen mode
  134. Treasure won't clear
  135. Chantelise: The Review
  136. Windowed Fullscreen? Possible?