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  1. 4 pack deal!
  2. This reminds me of Return Fire, Seek & Destroy, Zone 66 etc, and...
  3. this game looks like...
  4. What exactly is...
  5. Splitscreen - Xbox360 controller
  6. From the makers of Just Cause 2
  7. How bout the server?
  8. Ha ha, no DX9! Woot!
  9. 2 more for 4-pack deal! Update: Done!
  10. Singleplayer Quick Look at GiantBomb
  11. "Hard Drive: 10GB available space"
  12. Mouse/KB or Gamepad?
  13. New 4-pack deal USA
  14. Aus pricing (again)
  15. Got 1 copy left, who wants it?
  16. PSN preorder version content?
  17. Have 3 copies, would like to trade.
  18. Not Cool Avalanche Studios/SEGA
  19. Looks like it'll kick ***!
  20. Anyone have a spare copy of the 4-Pack?
  21. I Trade Monday night combat for Renegade Ops
  22. All copies gone!
  23. Sep 23 release?
  24. Copy for trade
  25. Trading Borderlands GOTY for Renegade Ops
  26. 4 pack group
  27. Buy Renegade Ops from GNG for $10
  28. Games similar
  29. I Really Hope This Will Be As Good as it Looks
  30. Is the 4 player co-op the full campaign?
  31. Got a copy for sale for 10$
  32. Gatling Gears co-op Very funny Commentary
  33. Also have 2 copies of Renegade Ops for trade ...
  34. So, no online coop for 2?
  35. Copies to trade (GER/EU)
  36. Release Date
  37. 2 Copies > Trading for listed
  38. WTT Frozen Synapse or Defense Grid
  39. Looking to trade Sanctum
  40. Demo for consoles but not for PC?
  41. Plan To Buy Renegade Ops? Take A Copy Off My Hands For Less
  42. PC launch not until Fall 2011
  43. L4D2 for Renegade Ops
  44. Serious Sam Classic for Renegade Ops
  45. Where's the game?
  46. I have it. it rocks.
  47. WTT Renegade Ops Copy
  48. GB quick look
  49. Trade One Copy of Renegade Ops (eine Kopie von Renegade Ops zu vergeben
  50. Cant wait
  51. Section 8 Prej w/ all DLC for Renegade Ops
  52. 83% from Germany
  53. Michael Bay the Video Game?
  54. Looking for Renegade Ops - Trade
  55. Trading The Witcher 2 hats for Renegade Ops
  56. Trading extra copies for Rock of Ages ($9.99)
  57. Release date?
  58. Its dang near the end of Sept
  59. Renegade Ops demo
  60. Free Copy
  61. WT...? HL EPISODE 3?!
  62. IT'S OUT atlest on homepage
  63. Trading a copy
  64. Game is 10.20
  65. 2 extra copies. U.S.A version.
  66. Another Spare to Trade
  67. The shopping cart of steam says september 23rd
  68. Hope it's part of the Sega sale
  69. GMG problems?
  70. Won't Download
  71. Delayed till october
  72. Games like this?
  73. Will Steam refund on an unreleased 4-pack?
  74. Send Avalanche an email asking them to tell Sega (publisher) to update site
  75. Trading Portal for Renegade Ops
  76. Can my PC handle Renegade Ops?
  77. What I Expect: Professionalism.
  78. trading MW1 for renegade ops
  79. Official Game Site Announce Valve DLC
  80. hl2 and ep1 for Renegade Ops
  81. New Release Date: October 14th
  82. XP`less... Refund time
  83. I played the 360 demo..
  84. Sega, back to their Arcade roots?
  85. Hey Avalanche!
  86. GreenManGaming Sux! - No Refund Offered
  87. Steam Vehicle?
  88. Will we get a racing mode, like Death Rally?
  89. Trading 2 copies
  90. Preload or anything?
  91. Trading Darksiders for RO.
  92. Copy of Renegade Ops to trade
  93. 3 copies to trade!
  94. Copy of Renegade Ops to trade on Dungeon Defense
  95. Buying This game with 7.50 USD
  96. looking to go into a 4 pack with someone
  97. HL2 vehicle question
  98. PS3 demo
  99. Release early plz :D
  100. ... Release ?
  101. Refund
  102. Delayed by 5 days. What's up with that?
  103. stop jerking us around with false release dates! >:{
  104. Before you all get upset about the delay
  105. Some Feedback please
  106. Ask for a refund
  107. In Support of Avalanche Studios
  108. You just screwed yourselves out of a sale
  109. co-op
  110. Hello.
  111. Renegade Ops prediction market? Can I bet it won't make another release?
  112. Who is playing this now?
  113. Wednesday release?
  114. So--any bets on whether it gets delayed again this Wednesday?
  115. About the price of the 4-pack
  116. WTT: Renegade Ops for Dungeon Defenders
  117. trading a copy
  118. Trading for Dungeon Defenders
  119. Extra copy for Dungeon Defenders
  120. 5 hours to go! read this if your waiting for renegade ops
  121. Yet another Renegade Ops trading thread
  122. 360 version was ok
  123. Delayed Again
  124. And here we go again
  125. Available: October 23rd, 2011
  126. Anytime October
  127. I just have one thing to say....
  128. Sonic Generations 4free for the delays
  129. Destruction just got delayed (again)
  130. A note to the Publisher/Developer regarding delays
  131. Vote down Sega's Latest Video
  132. It's Official Renegade troll(coming 2012)
  133. I'm with you but...
  134. You'll receive your download links/activation code by email the 10/20/2011 at 18EDT
  135. Official statement by Elexx regarding the current situation.
  136. OMG Sega said something about it finally!
  137. Delayed for further optimization of the game.
  138. The PC Digital release of Renegade Ops has been delayed for further optimization
  139. refund 1. time, please help
  140. Cancel your order-NOW
  141. Alright, I'm happy.
  142. Everybody, let's ask SEGA for a bonus for this FUBAR release
  143. done buying sega games.
  144. Push to Sega via Twitter.
  145. Bloody keys????
  146. Anyone else have the luck of...
  147. this is madness
  148. How to get a refund ?
  149. Where's my game?
  150. Another Refund. I gave it 4 chances.
  151. Why do people blame Sega?
  152. This game has officially crawled in a corner
  154. Renegade Ops: DNF/vaporware edition
  155. LoL
  156. Release date
  157. What the? game on new releases tab?
  158. Now it's coming on the 26th!!
  159. Danke Sega...
  160. finally a game to take me away from BF3
  161. I think I know what the problem is and this isn't a rant, I really mean it.
  162. Confirmed extras for PC version
  163. Has anyone got there refund yet?
  164. Renegade Ops the most disrespectful title for the costumers
  165. Why get a refund? You are going to buy the game anyways
  166. A suggestion for the devs regarding the delays
  167. I bet my TF2 Bill's hat it will be delayed again.
  168. Not Long Now
  169. There is NOT a date set
  170. really unlucky Avalanche Studios but bf3 is out now, cya
  171. May be more deliberate than you think....
  172. Iam just stating that...
  173. Preload ?
  174. Message From Developer (via Facebook)
  175. Looking to buy into a 4-pack
  176. PC vs Console version differences
  177. 26th october 2011 - 22.04pm - 1 hour till release!
  178. Released at last
  179. yay its out!!
  180. AVA_Main
  181. [FIXED] No more 4-pack ?
  182. The game is released, and...
  183. Muscle Car (HL2)
  184. Holy S*** this game is awesome
  185. Are you crashing / black screen on startup?
  186. So...game is released and controls are FUBARD.
  187. What are the PC controls like?
  188. no mouse in menus?
  189. Renegade Ops gamepads support
  190. Game pretends to start, then doesn't.
  191. Avalanche: Fix this game NOW!!
  192. Any suggestion on how to go about changing the KB/M controls?
  193. Issue with first time setup
  194. This game is a crappy console port
  195. 360 controller problem...
  196. Install C++ redistributable fix
  197. not enough storage is available to complete this operation
  198. Joining Multiplayer
  199. Audio issue - Character voices cutting off
  200. Incorrect screen mode on launch
  201. Player Saves Location?
  202. Tank Steering Doesn't Work With a Controller?
  203. game designed for controller != console port
  204. Not a terrible port but.......
  205. USB headphones causing crash on startup.
  206. Demo.
  207. Add support for Gamepad/Mouse in Splitscreen
  208. Max Character?
  209. Aiming easier with key/mouse, moving easier with pad.
  210. Fix I found for black screen start up
  211. Any Chance to change Controller Configuration ?
  212. Any aussies out there?
  213. Fail to start...
  214. First Impressions
  215. *sigh* Japan release date?
  216. Unplayable using Logitech Wingman.
  217. Who didn't pick Gordon?
  218. Eyefinity support
  219. Is it just me or is the lag very present?
  220. Game acts like it opens but doesnt.
  221. I have 1 Renegade Ops for trade.
  222. Crashing on startup? Try these fixes.
  223. Can't start multiplayer game! Endless Loading...
  224. Game just patched.
  225. Vibrations not working?
  226. Not Running Full Screen
  227. Awesome game
  228. is there a way to change the keyboard button mapping?
  229. My friends game won't start?
  230. Bug Report: Air-dropped Crate, Mission One
  231. Anyone wants to join a 4 pack?
  233. Looping Sound-ound-ound-ound-ound
  234. Looking for Co-op Players
  235. New patch!
  236. Steam profiles list (CO-OP)
  237. This game sucks using keyboard
  238. Game stuttering/not loading
  239. First level helicopter bug
  240. Possible Command Line Switches from EXE
  241. Game freezing for anyone else?
  242. Lobby fixes
  243. What does tank steering do?
  244. So... what made you guys think it was ok to release this without Steam Cloud?
  245. 2gb of Monocolor Goodness
  246. Steam Overlay Crash?
  248. Any news on PC patch?
  249. Just wait for a sale
  250. Error: There is not enough memory to complete this operation