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  1. Chapter 8 side objective
  2. Triangular gate issues with fatal wounds
  3. What games have you put on hold to play E.Y.E. (or stalk the forum if u can't play) ?
  4. Joining Fed/Jian
  5. Karma
  6. How many servers are there?
  7. Why can't we have a limited hour play before buying?
  8. Never noticed this before
  9. hosting a multiplayer game for dummies?
  10. The Excidium
  11. Give Brouzoufs or Experience
  14. There is something wrong with this game, people just don't see its fun
  15. Missing research help
  16. Instadeath and the Mysterious Man
  17. Resolutions, and bypassing.
  18. The Underlying Story Beneath The Text Summed Up and Possible Clues to 4th Ending
  19. Increasing DIfficulty (spawn and HP) [game mod]
  20. Glitch that needs fix for next patch
  21. Wierd design choises?
  22. Only one research per a game?
  23. **covers face in shame before asking**
  24. Where is the tomb enterance on Mars
  25. Need a few research questions answered ^^
  26. [somewhat solved] Restart chapter in coop campaign to fix bug ?
  27. So any news on when the patch will come?
  28. Custom UI
  29. Fatal Wounds and Stat decrease
  30. Gamespot Review 7.0
  31. Armor Customization?
  32. Are the Devs planning on expanding on the core game?
  33. {sticky request} Textures - requests and creations
  34. Is there anyway to get the game's skybox to work?
  35. Weapon balance discussion
  36. Custom map - White Box
  37. Best way to "farm" bandits?
  38. Random gameplay
  39. Humor
  40. Resurrects
  41. A Full Final Search For the Truth.
  42. Random slow-downs
  43. English is completely broken in this game!
  44. Character Build Planner?
  45. Console dont work
  46. A simple question
  47. Help (spoilers)
  48. Can't detect server in browser + co-op lag
  49. Spiculum Ovum (Grenade Launcher) ammo doesn't drop...?
  50. Group to Find True Ending and More!!!
  51. [VIDEO] EYE Co-Op with Ripper X & Friends
  52. I Know It's a Longshot....
  53. Immortal King Quest
  54. Achievement Suggestions
  55. How the final boss fight can be such a poor design?
  56. Secret door in 2nd Level?
  57. White women?
  58. Keeps launching
  59. Can't increase my accuracy
  60. Low fps.
  61. [Spoilers] When you have to defend for....
  62. Critters
  63. Attention - Hacking doesn't suck
  64. Music cuts in New Eden / other places
  65. turrets?
  66. All my missions have been reset ?
  67. Nice, E.Y.E is number 1 over at gamespot
  68. Still waiting for the Patch?
  69. Can't drop any of my equipment!
  70. Why isn't the game DX8 compatible ?
  71. Mouse Sensitivity?
  72. Research
  73. One thing that truly amazes me about this game...
  74. Attribute points are dropping???
  75. Where is my E.Y.E. patch?
  76. The armor system in this game is lacking something really vital
  77. Breakdown this game for me please
  78. Problem with looter infiltration mission saving
  79. How many total levels can you level up?
  80. Health never at max
  81. Auto Level?
  82. weird stuff
  83. The Gates and Wounds
  84. To the Developers.. How many endings?
  85. Cave Level Secret?
  86. Legendary Classes and Achievements connected to them
  87. Several small issues
  88. Weapon key bind?
  89. Dual sword not always working?
  90. Armory?
  91. Buff Deus Ex Machina!
  92. Forget 32 bit users, take care of us 64 bit users!
  93. Stuck in 2nd storyline mission
  94. E.Y.E on Gamebanana
  95. Research Questions
  96. Spreadsheet for helping maximize stat points
  97. Getting started guide?
  98. Great Game! <- Review Thread
  99. Do we really have to lose the rest of the magazine?
  100. The "green fog" map before New Eden.
  101. Feature Request: Hacking Interface Improvements.
  102. Grenades
  103. Found the Fourth Ending!!!!
  104. EYE 2009, and some of it's features...
  105. How does one disable the finite(?) amount of respawns?
  106. 50 Min of E.Y.E. From Giant Bomb
  107. Unlocking Scrab or Turret
  108. E.Y.E as a Steamplay title?
  109. Hated it at first, now I love it. GOTY for me (at least till the next "big thing")
  110. What does E.Y.E. stand for?
  111. Wait...has anybody noticed this ? (potential spoilers)
  112. How do I make a new character?
  113. Research
  114. How Big is the Games Download??
  115. Psi character questions
  116. dream level *two portals*
  117. "My Accuracy Has Increased" No longer appears.
  118. Two questions. (cloak and eye implant things)
  119. E.Y.E from steam backup cache
  120. Wait so... Where am I supposed to go? That way? No, that way!
  121. What armour is that?
  122. Space Pirate's Treasure
  123. Small question. Server specs. Adequate for 4-8 players?
  124. New actions (toggle crouch, sprint, lean modifier, etc.)
  125. Hacking Questions
  126. Karma mechanism
  127. Decent First Build?
  128. Choppy NPCs
  129. Any sort of healing in this game?
  130. Another Vision of Reality
  131. Possible workaround for constant crashes...
  132. Choices and Sides: A Deeper Look
  133. How about a maze level?
  134. Is it possible to protect vital mission teammates?
  135. Unlimited Exp/Brouzoufs Glitch
  136. Lost Savegame in this buggy PoS game
  137. Level cap?
  138. mission help!
  139. How does stealth work
  140. PSI Powers/Cyber Control
  141. No Commander Rimanah
  142. Looking to trade for this
  143. Integrated Intel HD Graphics support?
  144. Is this game fun?
  145. Researching
  146. Missing Psi Powers?
  147. whats the cmd in game to change diffculty?
  148. Guys, I just realized something. Possible Spoilers.
  149. Nice 343 Roll!
  150. Best game ever
  151. The All Important "Ask a Question" Thread!
  152. How similar is this to Dystopia?
  153. Story questions [spoilers]
  154. Screenshots
  155. Lets support this game!
  156. Someone should work on the Wikipedia page of this game
  157. Transferring; HELP?
  158. Is this game a practical joke?
  159. Is There a Patch in the works?
  160. E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Clan (US)
  161. Noobest of noob questions!
  162. I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions
  163. Where's Akmall?
  164. scrabouillor doesnt upgrade
  165. Sound lag during MP when using semi-auto with assault rifles
  166. Nutshell Tutorial
  167. Is there a weapon hotkey workaround?
  168. Crash to desktop: All progress lost?
  169. weapon effects and fire modes?
  170. Tips for the last battle (minor spoilers)
  171. E.Y.E.::.DC Model Pack For Garry's Mod
  172. Should i buy it?
  173. Ghost (implant): What does it do?
  174. Challenge Maps & Editing
  175. @Skacky: Patch contents?
  176. A bit confused about Fatal Woulds and Bioregeneration...
  177. Game Currently Not Avaible.
  178. Found a workaround for the research bug
  179. Would an in-game store be a good thing?
  180. E.Y.E .exe has stopped working
  181. Recovering mental stability
  182. How excactly does researching work?
  183. Multiplayer VS.. or only co-op???
  184. Starting a new campaign without a new character
  185. SDK/authoring tools?
  186. I really don't need...
  187. Light Armor. Why?
  188. gamespot Now Playing E.Y.E
  189. Wait, you really cant switch weapons with number keys?
  190. Various thoughts on the game
  191. Coop with friend & how to open console?
  192. Not resurrecting.
  193. Wrong Game Detail?
  194. Patchday !!!
  195. New bugs thread?
  196. The patch notes.
  197. Post Patch Impressions?
  198. "- Decreased the exploit of Fatal Wounds optimization" Anyone figure this one out?
  199. need help starting a server
  200. Klaadum's Ladder question.
  201. Huge door in the tutorial cave
  202. Jumping on people
  203. few questions
  204. How big a difference do stats make?
  205. Save Character! Tip concerning "Dark Secret" (Minor Spoilers) Save Character !
  206. The Ending (Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler)
  207. Did the new patch reduce multiplayer lag?
  208. Try sv_cheats 1 in the campaign
  209. Patch release
  210. Ok, so basically, armor is useless now
  211. Possibility of a Mac port?
  212. awesome game just got epic !
  213. stuck on desert teleporter mission
  214. Gen5 regeneration + Patch = still having head traumas
  215. Corrupted Save (slight spoilers)
  216. Something I want to know about the patch
  217. Eotech sight mod
  218. Did the Patch Fix Mob Spawning?
  219. Can't find the commander. . .[newb spoilers]
  220. Necessity to start a new character after patch?
  221. @ the latest patch
  222. Holy Grail & Revelation
  223. How to reset Achiviement
  224. Question about Bioregeneration...
  225. Patch log?
  226. Stuck @ 111 Brozoufs?
  227. Version number?
  228. Some questions!
  229. This is for Streum On
  230. No different for anyone?
  231. life bug?
  232. Resetting Achievements
  233. Interview with E.Y.E. composer
  234. HOLY GRAIL FOUND :D (spoilers!)
  235. medkit mechanics
  236. How do the Character Models/Player Skins work?
  237. Fix fatal wounds?
  238. So... Sequel?
  239. Resetting achievements?
  240. Apparently the patch is out?
  241. verifying cache problem.
  242. Power Converter; what is needed?
  243. Patch is BS
  244. Co-op Mission Hosting
  245. The End??
  246. Invisible walls, missing textures.
  247. Major grapich fail
  248. Crash On Start Up
  249. CO-OP game
  250. Arrancadora