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  1. To Devs - A question
  2. Still can't get a multiplayer server up
  3. Click and Hold 'Mouse2' to aim?
  4. Deactivate beacons???
  5. Why deactivate console commands?
  6. Still insane lag for non-host
  7. Funny Console Message
  8. Ladder Control
  9. So...is the patch already live?
  10. Bad patch IMO
  11. Co-op rewards
  12. Was that it? (SPOILERS)
  13. How do you replay campaign with same char?
  14. Where is the Supreme Manduco, exactly?
  15. cloaking?
  16. How to build a PSI character.
  17. Regular lag spikes in co-op?
  18. best place to far researches?
  19. Thoughts on future content updates
  20. Armor piercing!
  21. It starts getting annoying
  22. A little bit of help please!
  23. SPOILERS: Rimnah's Dark Secret - Need Help
  24. transmutation vs poly clone?
  25. Help with getting started.
  26. Sentries and Hacking
  27. Still doesnt save or keep settings
  28. Question about achievments
  29. DESTRUCTOID Review
  30. Information about the Game: Weapons
  31. Experience Bug or Feature?
  32. How to become another class ? And other questions
  33. where do I find my characters save file?
  34. Ideas for Improvement: Charakter Creation
  35. Annoying bug here!
  36. Ghost: Too hard?
  37. Extremely Laggy Game
  38. Question to all, How many times did YOU
  39. Accuracy doesn't seem to do anything
  40. Hay there Devs.. REALLY liken you game. but 2 wishes
  41. Another suggestion
  42. Hacking Still Kills You?
  43. Ideas for Improvement: Mental Balance
  44. Fatal wounds, really ARE fatal wounds
  45. The Steam server are currently too buisy to handle your request.
  46. Does anyone know how to get the Detective achievement?
  47. Click & Hold for scope?
  48. Cannot Launch E.Y.E
  49. Why can't I sword attack sometimes?
  50. Where are the charakters from the promotional screenshot
  51. Post patch peek-a-boo farming video
  52. This crazy respawn rate is driving me crazy
  53. Game no longer starts (problems since the patch)
  54. Health issues ingame + cc_ancient map broken
  55. Weirdness of Allied turrets and hacking.
  56. How to summon more than 2 clones.
  57. Special/rare Ressearches
  58. Does anyone else play a hacker on multiplayer servers?
  59. secondary missions/bonus missions possible spoiler!
  60. EYE made worse by patch
  61. Fatal wounds suggestion.
  62. Karma Mechanics - May contain spoilers.
  63. DEV - Any plan to track turret/scrab ownership?
  64. What is your job or what job do you intend to finish with?
  65. Revisit New Eden or Continue Story?
  66. Death should set Energy/Stamina back
  67. Maximun amount of brouzoufs?
  68. Can't I remote control Hacked Unit??
  69. New Glitch?
  70. Can't connect to any server... please help
  71. secondary missions ?
  72. Dedicated help
  73. cc_noctis (AKA Mars) Glitch
  74. Ending question (Spoilers)
  75. CC_Noctis Mission Glitch
  76. Resurrectors not resetting properly
  77. How do I turn on Vsync
  78. Stat Cost Question
  79. Character reset to level 1
  80. Suggestions to new ways of spending money
  81. Worth it?
  82. Research list and ways of unlocking
  83. Find the Corpse in Forgotten Center sidequest?
  84. Game crashed, now will not start at all.
  85. Dumb questions
  86. New Eden Mission: A Looter looking for a monster guarding treasure
  87. Experience exploit still in game
  88. Does the controller work now?
  89. Mars mission help [Maybe spoilers]
  90. Mars - missing npc post patch (possible spoiler)
  91. Stuck outside of map :-(
  92. Is energy regeneration limited?
  93. Not sure if a bug or ghost setting
  94. Really wish there were more NA Servers
  95. Stuck on the Mars mission (with the portals)
  96. Where IS half of the trailer
  97. Crashing on Forgotten.
  98. My first "Rage" post
  99. Is there a way to go back a mission / undo?
  100. Character just got reset.
  101. I...I'm not sure how to alter the ending?
  102. Why hasn't Valve attempted a deep RPG like E.Y.E. ?
  103. Xbox 360 controller?
  104. The chicks in white hoodies
  105. Secret passage in tomb?
  106. [MOD | E.Y.E : Divine Langue Franšaise] Version 0.9 disponible !
  107. Game not starting
  108. How come no human NPC....
  109. Fatal Wounds farming... Is it intended?
  110. Proffessions and ranks
  111. Best Weapons in the Game
  112. My health never fills up to full
  113. Please, I beg you, Help me come to Enjoy this Game
  114. Apologetics
  115. It's official - E.Y.E. destroys DE: HR
  116. Character Creation Skills vs Actual Character Skills?
  117. Killing a Dues Ex Machina
  118. Crash in loading screen
  119. not finding any servers
  120. Several questions seeking answers
  121. Single Player / Multi Player Crossover?
  122. Did anyone noticed....
  123. Stuck on Vindico mission
  124. Anyone play with third-person camera?
  125. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW -spoilers-
  126. Need help with some weird inventory/armory bug
  127. my funniest death
  128. Flashlight sucks?
  129. Why do I lag on my server?
  130. Research tree?
  131. The "Protect Squad" Side Mission Should be Scrapped
  132. EYE review
  133. THATS the ending!?(SPOILERS)
  134. The Cuneiform Connection
  135. Auto XP?
  136. What just happened?
  137. 3rd person view
  138. Is our guy the only one with a katana?
  139. Looking for active players/co-op
  140. Iam not getting Brouzofs wtf?
  141. Equilibrium Lord?
  142. Research, how could ruin my life this way?
  143. Power Converter?
  144. The Treasure Of AAAAAAAARGH!!!
  145. The hitboxes are driving me nuts!
  146. New E.Y.E interview
  147. Things nobody seem to care about...
  148. Sharing the wealth?
  149. Fans of E.Y.E. should be interested in this upcoming game
  150. One thing EYE gets right that DE:HR doesn't
  151. Enemies still seem a bit too aware
  152. Horrible performance! (not playing on an emachine)
  153. How to Check My Version?
  154. Necrocybermancy?
  155. True ending discussion (hurt my brain, not my cyberbrain btw)
  156. Saved up 111 stat points so far (build discussion anyone?)
  157. forgotten center side quests no enemies
  158. AVA tabletop RPG?
  159. Upcoming patch details?
  160. Secret door on New Eden?
  161. The plot in multiplayer
  162. Fix the coop, please
  163. How do you get the second row of objects for research
  164. Poor Field Of View
  165. Anyone else prefer EYE to Deus Ex?
  166. Update news
  167. Increasing view distance?
  168. Suddenly Missing Research "options"
  169. The space pirates treasure
  170. Help me find other games like E.Y.E.
  171. Theme song from the second gameplay trailer (now on YT)
  172. How to save in the coop campaign?
  173. the treasure of ARRGH!
  174. How the F do I get these people to stop shooting me?
  175. What determines the amount of bounty brouzoufs received for completing side missions?
  176. The price
  177. Running = Blurry?
  178. Few questions
  179. Anyone else reach level cap yet?
  180. Mental damage?
  181. What is sapping my energy?
  182. Some questions and some answers
  183. How is the coop? its the only reason I'd buy it.
  184. I don't understand the 4th/5h mission, please enlighten me
  185. Still won't save my game :(
  186. Hacking; Tips?
  187. How Do I Continue Co-Op Game?
  188. Server List
  189. Grinding
  190. So.
  191. A Damn Problem
  192. Can't see weapons/models
  193. So just started an don't understand two things.
  194. A few questions about the game
  195. Where is the bloody manual/instructions?
  196. Mars mission! (possible spoiler)
  197. Is the game sort of dead?
  198. Farming custom map
  199. No official servers & notes to the Developers
  200. I really want to play this game online.
  201. Save locations
  202. Why is there so much complaining about bugs/ect?
  203. Farming guide
  204. Power Conversion Glitch
  205. Worst Game Ever...
  206. Question?
  207. Is there another patch coming?
  208. [Mod] Sound Mod
  209. E.Y.E. on Jimquisition
  210. Goddammit.
  211. Those three "energy" bars in the full HUD...
  212. Where's mah dream team?
  213. Resurrector Glitch?
  214. Can't play EYE or waiting on the patch? Hard Reset Demo Posted
  215. Some questions .
  216. Patch level
  217. multiplayer ports... really?
  218. Safe to buy yet?
  219. Can someone test the ENB Series Enhanced Shader for E.Y.E?
  220. The effect of silenced weapons.
  221. CC_Noctis Portals
  222. What is the real ending?
  223. to play online
  224. Max values for stats and upgrades?
  225. I don't get it, the ending that is....
  226. Advice
  227. competitive multiplayer DLC
  228. the bull with hacking
  229. death by hacking
  230. 4 pack copies for sale (all copies gone)
  231. Fans of E.Y.E. should be interested in that upcoming game
  232. Armory bug and some question
  233. Any way to enlarge the dialog text?
  234. Quick save and quick load?
  235. Why the uber low metascore?
  236. THE SHOWDOWN: E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy vs Deus Ex Human Revolution
  237. My E.Y.E. feedback thread
  238. Dystopia vs. EYE
  239. search and re-search and re-re-re-search
  240. Join Federal Forces ?
  241. Anyone for co-op from scratch?
  242. game crashes when loading secondary missions
  243. help with research
  244. explosive/area of effect type of weapons
  245. secondary firemode of Bk 444
  246. For EYE fans, very advised, a 2$ sale for Alpha Protocol
  247. B.O.S.C.O laser beam alt fire
  248. Unfindable goals
  249. ancient weapon(s) plan
  250. baffled by E.Y.E: which version do I have?