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  1. Demo?
  2. mods (other than text/sound/texture)
  3. A message to new buyers of this game
  4. Is this game dead?
  5. DLC incoming
  6. Does this game recognize old SSE processors?
  7. [Mod] Bullet time
  8. Model Viewer
  9. avg deleted my eye file
  10. Is there any difference between the Russian / US version?
  11. Australian servers?
  12. Have a 4 pack copy to sell me?
  13. Demo news?
  14. question about skill costs
  15. What is it with failing a hack and die?
  16. I would love to see a third-person shoulder view in this game
  17. I think I'm just doing it wrong
  18. how to stop bleeding?
  19. Game Crashing on Exiting
  20. Is this game worth it? is the online dead? is the game buggy
  21. Dedicated server hosting
  22. Questions for the Devs
  23. Respawn rate
  24. Portal question
  25. Can't attack with melee weapons after blocking?
  26. Will There Ever Be Another Patch?
  27. Game Ending
  28. waiting a long time for promised DLC really....
  29. Unable to finish steam download
  30. Bounty brozoufs not awarded on coop server
  31. Weapon selection is random?
  32. What bugfixes/changes would you like to see in EYE?
  33. Trapped in the scenery, help
  34. So game is dead already?
  35. About modifying the maps
  36. EYE
  37. E.Y.E. Daily Deal
  38. No 4-pack deal?
  39. just saw the trailer, this reminds me of nihei tsuomu's manga works :D
  40. Local Co-op?
  41. PvP mode announced
  42. Disappearing first mission
  43. Review
  44. Hello?
  45. Is it just me or...
  46. Please, Devs...
  47. Zurp's Guide to EYE
  48. How do you reset achievements?
  49. My little batch of Tips and Mechanics
  50. How I Win at Hacking Every Single Time
  51. Heard they were releasing a demo?
  52. Autumn Sale
  53. Poor performance?
  54. Resurrection glitch?
  55. 2 questions/issues
  56. Rimanah's Secret?
  57. Really hard to find info on this game. . .
  58. Character reset to level 1
  59. Blood Stains . . . we need Blood Stains!
  60. Brouzouf and skill Cheat?
  61. Version number?
  62. Problems with XP sharing
  63. Hacking and attributes questions
  64. cannot advance campaign online. please help
  66. Cannot hack door in Mars Mission
  67. Any news on the patch?
  68. This game is great
  69. The Gift [Xmas Achievement]
  70. Was a patch just released?
  71. Profile suddenly gone
  72. free weekend plz
  73. New Game
  74. Any notes for the recent patch? Also, price drop!
  75. Winter Sale - EYE is $5 4-packs are $15
  76. High pitched squealing?
  77. Co-op connection problem. Do I really need port forwarding?
  78. Wtf?
  79. Steam winter achievement save?
  80. Inventory problem with multiplayer
  81. Game is 75% off on steam now
  82. What's good about this game, eh ?
  83. Anyone have an extra copy for trade?
  84. Co-op and stability
  85. Worth it? (Daily Deal)
  86. Got a 4 pack...
  87. Question about this game's engine, is it like Nuclear Dawn?
  88. How active is the multiplayer?
  89. Trading a copy of frozen synapse for this
  90. trading HIB 2 or 3 for this
  91. If anyone has an extra copy I have TF2 items I can offer
  92. My EYE video review
  93. 2 Question, if someone could answer.
  94. Error after buying 4-pack
  95. download size
  96. NPC dialogues in co-op
  97. I haven't played very long, but I already love this game.
  98. Extra Copies
  99. 1 Extra Copy Of EYE To Trade
  100. Lot of trouble trying to get multiplayer to work.
  101. In game fonts are incredibly hard to read.
  102. Christmas Achievement - The Gift (Savegame + Video Guide)
  103. One copy: 1.24; Four copies: 5.62
  104. Anyone have 2 coppies to trade?
  105. buying E.Y.E for 4+ coal barters welcome!
  106. Strong ghosting: feature or bug?
  107. Infinite NPC respawn
  108. Which character builds are there??
  109. Fed up.
  110. Why is this game so hard on performance?
  111. This is a hell of a game for $2.49! If you're on the fence get it
  112. Tricks and tips for newbie please?
  113. Yes it's totally worth it. Buy this game.
  114. Missing Textures and What not
  115. Trading away E.Y.E gift for Monday Night Combat
  116. Coop Mission Dialogue
  117. "Retranslation"?
  118. Needs a demo
  119. Don't read the reviews, its not what you think
  120. No classic pdf manual for this game?
  121. 2 Copies for Trade
  122. the game stopped saving
  123. Why do people think this is such a good deal?
  124. so is this 2 or 4 player co-op?
  125. eye_german folder?
  126. I have an extra copy of Frozen Synapse. Looking to trade for Eye.
  127. No Sound
  128. How do I get out of the temple area thing?
  129. Hmm..
  130. Ccreen "flinch" problem.
  131. Texture Problems - Please help?
  132. last try. 5 coal for this game
  133. Setting up 4 Pack
  134. Explain what this means
  135. I want to buy it on 4-pack. I would preffer someone from US. ;)
  136. If this was on any other engine...
  137. Recover the merchandise!!!
  138. Disappointing.
  139. Stats keep resetting to the low 20s
  140. This game is amazing
  141. This game seriously needs an english patch
  142. The store page says this game is "controller enabled," but how do you make it work?
  143. Trading coal for this game.
  144. PVP?
  145. Game is a slideshow
  146. Where can I go for a walkthrough or help for this game?
  147. Download stuck at 99%
  148. Locked out of Console
  149. antivirus quarantined the eye.exe file
  150. Anyway to Lower FPS?
  151. Want to trade -50% coupon of this game...
  152. I want this game, I have a lot ot trade for it!
  153. This game is currently unavailable. Please try again at another time. ???
  154. My game is stuck before it can even launch.
  155. EYE The Real Deal
  156. I fail see whats all the hate is about on this game
  157. How u get new weapons in the armory????
  158. constantly having to re-validate my files
  159. the gift
  160. I have e.y.e. as a gift. Does anyone want to trade something similarly priced for it?
  161. Trading some TF2 stuff Coal Coupons For this
  162. I get absolutely absurd loading times.
  163. Protect Objective Help
  164. Co-op Lag
  165. Couple of questions?
  166. Anyone who needs a 50% OFF E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy coupon?
  167. Trouble buying weapons
  168. Texture problem
  169. Needed: a few good admins
  170. Got 1 copy E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy to trade
  171. Not saving any settings/saves
  172. Well it seems someone found the dead Jian's murderer after all
  173. Any plans to expand the game?
  174. Game wont start
  175. Keyboard Key Mounting
  176. How host in this game???
  177. A few questions.
  178. How to change FOV?
  179. No sound at all, apart from loading icon.
  180. Crashes on launch AFTER alleged "fix"
  181. How do I hacked anything
  182. i can't start E.Y.E
  183. If u deside to betray u mates and double cross the federation at the ship, how u get
  184. Cyber Eyes
  185. Dedicated server - help
  186. Messed Up Textures
  187. Game has such potential
  188. How the hell do you sneak in this game?
  189. [H] 50% off Arcania Gothic 4, 50% off Puzzle Agent 2, [W] EYE
  190. Extreme Biotech Surgery
  191. Returning the save feature from Source?
  192. HDR Full or Expanded?
  193. Can't Fully Heal
  194. Any one ever gotten the Forgotten map to work in co-op?
  195. Multiplayer doesn't work...
  196. co-op server :(
  197. Power Conversertion = Karma loss...
  198. Mission on mars the 6 portals
  199. "Game Unavailable"
  200. Next patch ?
  201. The Gift
  202. Broke the game, Cannot unequip HMG
  203. gameplay trouble
  204. Mutliplayer Matchmaking
  205. Questions From Someone Who's Already Playing It
  206. Really want to like this game...
  207. (SPOILERS INSIDE) How to get the true Ending.
  208. How do you get health?
  209. that 40k feel
  210. [H] Frozen Synapse [W] E.Y.E.
  211. You crazy french people...
  212. Hey Streum...
  213. Objective Location Markers
  214. Bad Performance
  215. Commands and loading dedicated server
  216. Lost ALL my lvls!
  217. What is the max level?
  218. Bugged inventory
  219. Resurrectors ???
  220. What.... How?
  221. How many endings are there?
  222. Researches
  223. Secondary mission portals
  224. How to restart
  225. Doing missions I've already done
  226. [How To] Skip the Intro and First Mission
  227. Few bugs/glitches
  228. bad issue : sudden character level reset to 1!!!
  229. Immortal King Quest and Dutchs Death
  230. So, who have you killed?
  231. Side Mission Broken?
  232. Validating game files everytime I play
  233. Stuck on Noctis Labyrinthus
  234. "Even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly" - the oddity of the speach
  235. What do you lose when you... lose?
  236. Auto xp enabled
  237. hacking menu is messed up
  238. Pointers?!
  239. Server is not responding.
  240. Stats Question
  241. Helloooooooo Devs?
  242. Does this game make any sense whatsoever?
  243. Demonstration playthrough of Electric Sheep (youtube vid)
  244. would like to trade for this game of a coupon for this game
  245. Power Conversion
  246. 50% OFF - Cheap Price
  247. Federal Cruiser Bridge
  248. Is there a console command to boost the flashlight?
  249. Level Cap
  250. Help me im missing textures