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  1. Did you buy? Sign here
  2. everybody limbo!
  3. 360 controller doesn't work in-game...
  4. Demo coming?
  5. Another Half-Effort Port? What Took So Long???
  6. Limbo on PS3 supports 1080p and yet on the PC it's upscaled 720p?
  7. Which controllers are supported?
  8. Res and Window mode, please?
  9. LIMBO
  10. Manual
  11. Pricing fail. If you are not from UK or USA you should know this before you buy
  12. windowed mode?
  13. Graphics in demo are broken!!
  14. Settings?
  15. New secret section of the game!
  16. Need a little help with the first box...
  18. Bought this game again :)
  19. Bit Disappointed
  20. I just beat it.
  21. limbo demo crashing
  22. [SOLUTION] Gamepad: Logitech Rumblepad 2
  23. Playdead-16:10 support on PC please!!
  24. Limbo works great in stereoscopic 3D Vision
  25. Great game but too short
  26. First swim puzzle..
  27. Troubles with Wireless Keyboard!
  28. How to get past this part
  29. Control Customization
  30. Achievements not unlocking
  31. Avast alerting that Limbo.exe is a trojan
  32. Unresponsive Controls
  33. Crashing on start
  34. How long is the game?
  35. Thank you
  36. Nobody should be playing this on the keyboard
  37. Save Game Data Location?
  38. How to get past [spoilers] with keyboard?
  39. Eyefinity?
  40. Demo Problems.
  41. No Large Icon/Artwork
  42. How to get windowed mode to work
  43. Game freezes when I jump
  44. some of you concern about purchase?
  45. Too easy :(
  46. What did you think of the ending?
  47. Really want to play this game, but ...
  48. .. what do I do!?
  49. Incredibly weird bug (>) Ending SPOILER
  50. 3D Anaglyph
  51. The DING! achievement
  52. sound volume very low ?
  53. Problems
  54. Did you get all the achievements?
  55. Alone in the Dark part 2
  56. What does being stuck in limbo mean anyway?
  57. Criticisms
  58. stuck on chapter 35: 2 huge crates, gravity reversal, magnet
  59. Demo: This game is currently not available. How to fix?
  60. Should you buy it? (Pros & Cons)
  61. Game not working please help
  62. Secret Eggs #1
  63. Am i having some problems with sound or LIMBO HAVE NO MUSIC? WTF? Overrated game?
  64. OMG this Game is sooo coool :D
  65. Great Game
  66. Stuck on what appears to be chapter 23
  67. Steam Image fix
  68. Controls
  69. LIMBO on Steam: What took so long?
  70. When I try to install it. . .
  71. How to change LIMBO's resolution!
  72. Freezing at end?
  73. Trade
  74. How I fixed my crash on startup problem
  75. A Gamer Review of Limbo
  76. Don't think I can bring myself to play it.
  77. 2 Hours, 1 Tear and 154 Deaths! - Death Compilation Video Inside
  78. LIMBO failed to start (error code 80)
  79. Game is unavailable, please try again another time.... what!!??
  80. Screen in screen?
  81. Video Card confusion
  82. Secret secret eggs removed?!
  83. Turn off gore?
  84. LIMBO: FAQ
  85. Let's Play: LIMBO
  86. LIMBO Update
  87. Limbo in 3D
  88. My game doesnt work :(
  89. Is there a way to make the character climb without jumping?
  90. FYI... Update blows away current setting file
  91. Savegame gone after the game updated.
  92. Less than 3 hours .. really ?
  93. Limbo physics engine
  95. If Limbo was a movie.....
  96. Somewhat disappointed
  97. This is the first game I consider "art"
  98. I can't install this game..
  99. Control problems
  100. LIMBO Gameplay Video!
  101. Logitech Controller does not work with limbo
  102. Is Limbo an art? No, Limbo rip-off of russian "Hedgehog in the fog" (1975)!!!
  103. GAME IS TOO SHORT! We need official assets and level editors ot make it longer!
  104. Can we have a walk key?
  105. So I heard about this game here Limbaugh
  106. Are there Secret Eggs in the Steam version?
  107. Tempted to buy but is it pointless like the demo?
  108. Mac Compatibility
  109. New Limbo review
  110. Which one should I buy?
  111. Limbo on disc (PC)?
  112. Be careful about buying this game
  113. This game is a masterpiece!
  114. LIMBO slows down in certain parts, I have patch, settings all way down, way to fix?
  115. Stuck word 5
  116. The one thing this game is missing
  117. i have one up for trade
  118. Limbo gameplay vid.
  119. LIMBO не появилось в библиотеке
  120. Can't press any key to continue
  121. Limbo Walkthrough w/ Bruffstar (Chapter by Chapter)
  122. Game currently unavailable
  123. Possible trade?
  124. So disappointed...
  125. Is LIMBO a scary game?
  126. 'No Point in Dying' Steam Achievement
  127. no sound
  128. Anyone play Limbo on Mac with Bootcamp?
  129. LIMBO on Halloween Sale or sth else?
  130. Stuck at title screen
  131. Weird bug at the end (Very minor spoilers).
  132. Spider After the Lake
  133. Limbo isn't even starting
  134. Can I run this game?
  135. So I heard this game is barely longer than an hour...
  136. LOL - 3 minutes to download!
  137. If you like to have fun, don't play this
  138. If this game was made in the eighties or nineties.......
  139. limbo wont start
  140. Do Any of the Puzzles Represent the Idea of LIMBO?
  141. [Video] First Impressions of LIMBO
  142. Game won't install!
  143. Limbo Not Starting
  144. Help, game controls stuck going left.
  145. Who completed it without 'cheating'
  146. some thoughts on game length
  147. 2.5 at gamersgate
  148. Post-Launch Review: Limbo
  149. LIMBO review to douse the flames and clear the smoke.
  150. The game will start up, but...
  151. Limbo not in my Library
  152. Can't make left jumps
  153. LIMBO starts....with just a black screen
  154. 3D vision problem
  155. Saved file gone
  156. [Fix]Preparing to start
  157. Limbo for Mac?
  158. So It Looks Like Steam Gave Me This as a Gift...
  159. Anyone have a spare copy of this game?
  160. Worth getting on steam sale?
  161. Could someone plese gift for me?
  162. What the hell did i just play??? Spoiler heavy
  163. Looking to get LIMBO...
  164. Quick question
  165. My take on the ending (Spoilers)
  166. Missed sale, any-one have any spares to sell?
  167. Lets have a go at: limbo!!!
  168. Limbo Speed Run
  169. Limbo crashes on startup
  170. [W] Limbo [H] Titans or 1..2..3.. Kick it
  171. 15 Programmers!?
  172. Volume level doesn't save on Windows 7
  173. Update today, what's the changelog?
  174. Limbo OS X gamepad not working
  175. Limbo is available for Mac now, anyone interested a -50% off coupon?
  176. Stuck between a box and a sharp blade *Possible Spoilers*
  177. need help with the spider
  178. LIMBO IRL
  179. Limbo crashes at last puzzle
  180. LIMBO not working as quoted on my MAC
  181. Limbo exe with virus?
  182. More games like this?
  183. Limbo on Mac VERY blurry
  184. Picture within a picture
  185. LIMBO Review
  186. Limbo Retail Collectors edition when & where
  187. jump ?
  188. LIMBO is never available
  189. So what puzzle stumped you guys? (spoilers)
  190. Have had since Dec. Game still won't run.
  191. Logitech Controller
  192. Cannot play it
  193. Similar Games? (Ending Wise)
  194. A humble request
  195. Limbo : The Death Edit [KeX]
  196. Don't even think about it - at $3.99 this is an instant must buy.
  197. Yes, Its worth it. buy this game
  198. I dont get to finish many games but..
  199. Scene where you use a dead body to solve a puzzle
  201. Limbo is part of the Humble Indie Bundle!
  202. Retail vs. Steam
  203. Limbo on Mac has very high CPU usage - anyone else experience this?
  204. So, so grateful for the soundtrack...
  205. Anyone else get bored with doing the same thing over and over again?
  206. Black Screen After Loading Screen [Need Help]
  207. Controller Issues
  208. Achievement stuck
  209. What's up with the T rating?
  210. Limbo Audio issues
  211. Limbo spiritual successor image leaked here
  212. A review
  213. LIMBO Appreciation
  214. cant pull mine cart
  215. Thinking of buying/playing the game?
  216. Computer shuts down after closing Limbo
  217. How long is LIMBO
  218. failure to save to steam cloud
  219. Can I play LIMBO without internet?
  220. Games like Limbo
  221. Die and Try Again
  222. Limbo with Flashlight!
  223. What are your thoughts about limbo?
  224. achievements Gong!????
  225. Missing card(s) in collectors edition?
  226. deadmau5 music video looks like Limbo
  227. Worst level design ever at 2 places in last levels
  228. The only thing missing from this game !!
  229. Spacebar for jump?
  230. My opinion!
  231. Secret Level
  232. games slows down after 10 mins of play!
  233. LIMBO - BUNNY HOP TO VICTORY, JIMMY!!! (Commentary)
  234. LIMBO PC Walkthrough [HD] Weird Commentary
  235. Limbo black screen after loading.
  236. received limbo as gift,can't redeem it
  237. LIMBO Review
  238. Private Limbo Giveaway on steamgifts.com!
  239. How I fixed Limbo's instant crash on start
  240. Trade Left4Dead 2 Want Limbo
  241. Achievements problem in LIMBO
  242. Messing with limbo (cheats)
  243. uploading to Youtube
  244. Let's Play Limbo Ep 1
  245. Can't pass chapter 17
  246. Let's Play Limbo Ep 2
  247. Let's Play Limbo Ep 4
  248. What to do with the LIMBO Steam gift key?
  249. Let's Play LIMBO - Part 1
  250. LIMBO Playthrough