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  1. Bug -- Unplayable
  2. Bastion is part of the new Humble Indie Bundle!
  3. Bastion Steam key giveaway
  4. Unable to Remap Controls
  5. Slow mouse
  6. Game Has No Audio
  7. The Mancer's Vigil not unlocking
  8. Performs "first time setup" every time I open the game
  9. Bastion won't start. Am I lost?
  10. Strangely slow walking speed
  11. Weird bug
  12. Unbind Mouse 3
  13. Lost Forever?
  14. Gamepad glitch
  15. Do I have to beat the game again to unlock new game plus?
  16. Bastion achievements not unlocking
  17. Help running Bastion.
  18. Breakers Barracks
  19. Bastion Has Artifacts on Screen.
  20. Save Files
  21. XNA re-installs at every startup
  22. Bastion Soundtrack
  23. My save seems to have vanished
  24. Duplicate cores/shards.
  25. Save Files Help PLEASE
  26. Interesting Bug/Cheat
  27. Bastion Mac Bug
  28. Stranger's Dream?
  29. anyone have a spare key for bastion??
  30. Crashing on Mt. Zand - Mac version
  31. Logitech RumblePad2 not being detected?
  32. The ground isn't THERE!
  33. [TIPS] - Trapper's Shingle, Strangers Dream, 10 Idol Clear, etc. . .
  34. Problems playing this with an N64 controller
  35. Any point to score attack mode?
  36. can someone sum up the story?
  37. The Strangers Dream Completed With All Shrine Idols Active (Key Board and Mouse)
  38. Bastion steam code for trade
  39. My Review of Bastion. TLDR: Good game but not worth full price.
  40. The Bastion Story
  41. What do the Runes Mean?
  42. Post-Launch Review: Bastion
  43. Is Bastion an 'indie' game?
  44. Vote BASTION!
  45. The Official Bastion Campaign Thread
  46. Trading Bastion for another game
  47. My character appears stuck ...
  48. Love this game!
  49. what is the soundtrack like?
  50. For the unconvinced - my review
  51. Can i play bastion on both mac and pc?
  52. Bastion steam key for trade or Paypal
  53. bastion wont load environments or textures
  54. Bastion After Ending Question (SPOILERS)
  55. Bastion - Official Soundtrack
  56. Bastion keeps crashing
  57. Bastion just wont load!
  58. What the hell is up with the frame rate in this game?
  59. Question re: end of game
  60. Bastion Saves are Seperate
  61. Cannot Remap Keybinds!
  62. Occasional 1 second freezes and background music stopping.
  63. Are the giant Stinkeye spawners killable?
  64. Bastion crashes when I try to launch
  65. Movable City Crest Statue In "Who Knows Where" ??
  66. My game is gone!
  67. Lore
  68. Mancer Observatory -- IMPOSSIBLE?!!?
  69. Bastion - The Mercy Vigil
  70. Need advice on NG+/Time attack
  71. Simply Amazing
  72. My Bastion Playthrough
  73. Trapped for good.
  74. I think I'm stuck
  75. Transfer From Humble Bundle
  76. Does anyone know how to make a copy of the save game profile?
  77. Score attack total score?
  78. Started a Bastion Let's Play
  79. Lil' Squirt's mad at me
  80. Miracle of Sound does a Bastion song
  81. (Another) glowing review of Bastion via IGR
  82. No gamepad detected
  83. Move save data from one computer to another
  84. I heard a lot of great things about this game
  85. Controller or mouse/keyboard combo
  86. Extract Narration Audio?
  87. Skybridges WTF
  88. Cant build on a foundation?
  89. Bastion DX9 installation
  90. Transferring Mac Savegame
  91. Cant find the game on list!
  92. Game progress deleted itself.
  93. The Kid as a Dota 2 hero?
  94. Linux port (on Steam)
  95. Unable to save game to device!
  96. Help, can't use keyboard while in game so i cannot play
  97. Running Bastion in Virtual Machine Virtualbox
  98. 2.9mb update
  99. Need English Subtitles
  100. Bastion on linux no sound
  101. savegame dont work
  102. Transistor (new game from Bastion devs with trailer)
  103. Bastion at Humble Bundle, pay what you want(min $1)
  104. Diagonal movement fix doesn't seem to work?
  105. 2560 x 1440?
  106. Does Bastion support Logitech controllers?
  107. Autoaim
  108. Resolution and Cursor Issue on Mac
  109. High fps (1500?...)
  110. Recording glitch
  111. Trading Bastion for another game (Dust an Elysian Tail)
  112. Main Menu Glitched Like Crazy on Mac
  113. I Beat the "Hard Bargain" Achievement - and You Can Too!