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  1. First! Just would like to say..
  2. Finally!
  3. Okay I'm excited but...
  4. From Dust vs Bastion
  5. The wait was shorted than expected...
  6. Good interview and video of Bastion. from TotalBiscuit
  7. Help Bastion be a success!
  8. Will there be a demo?
  9. So expensive.
  10. Excited for this!
  11. System requirements
  12. Purchase me a copy
  13. Will mac come?
  14. Dear Steam. 15% off for pre-order please.
  15. More like Zelda or Diablo?
  16. Pre Purchase idea?
  17. Bastion no longer available to South Africans?
  18. So the 360 version is NOT 1080p?
  19. Preordered!
  20. @ kid_zomb free content patches? xpacs? anything like that happening?
  21. Bastion's PC controls
  22. Will modding be possible on PC?
  23. Preload option?
  24. "Controller Enabled"
  25. So I pre-ordered the game and I live in sweden...
  26. Does it unlock at midnight in the states?
  27. Direct reply from game devs
  28. A quick thought
  29. Console port?
  30. Region Differences?
  31. How linear is it? What about replayability?
  32. i have bastion xbla code. need pc version
  33. Gifted Bastion, but doesn't say I own it
  34. As I write
  35. Can't purchase "Bastion Soundtrack DLC"
  36. Soundtrack Format
  37. Bastion has been released!
  38. Anyone able to download the demo?
  39. Anyone wants to gift this to me [CLOSED: TAODEMON is a Hero!]
  40. How to get the 360 controller going
  41. Bastion Controls
  42. Bastion Livestream
  43. With only 8MB left, the download speed dropped to zero
  44. Lawl - The Pack is $0.01 more expensive
  45. Bastion support FAQ (updated Jan 22, 6pm PT)
  46. Skyway broken?
  47. Purchased soundtrack, how do I get it?
  48. Stuttering/Jerkiness
  49. Demo not working
  50. Worst port in quite some time
  51. SKYWAY IS BROKEN!!!!!!!!
  52. Crash on selecting "moving and fighting" from the "how to play" menu
  53. Thank you!
  54. Can't turn off the damage and XP numbers, no buy.
  55. Cant download demo?
  56. Video issues
  57. Resolutions
  58. instant crash when clicking how to play--> moving and fighting
  59. [Bug] Wrong Screen
  60. instant bought after playing the demo
  61. Is This Coming To PSN?
  62. Game locked at 48 fps?
  63. Game is broken for me
  64. Unplayable: Sound playing, but no display.
  65. Resolution issues: I've contacted Bastion, got a reply
  66. Not detecting gamepad
  67. Great Great Great!!
  68. The narrator voice...
  69. Why is bastion region restricted?
  70. How does save works?
  71. Solution: For those using Other Gamepads beside Xbox Controller
  72. Game is amazing, the storyline and lore
  73. Game wont load
  74. Doesn't seem to support Crossfire...
  75. Devs: Which File stores Bastions settings?
  76. Game Updated.
  77. How do you change targets with mouse/keyboard?
  78. After updated, I always get Steam Cloud Sync warning every time the game launch
  79. played the demo
  80. Smaller Hud
  81. No support for Eyefinity/Surround
  82. Lower resolutions?
  83. Sound effects lag.
  84. CTD on startup with dual-monitor setup.
  85. Troubl with control on keyboard...
  86. Wow! Great game!
  87. Bastion is a MUST BUY! - HD VIDEO PROOF
  88. Set refresh rate?
  89. Let's Play Bastion
  90. Wow two birds with one stone nice job
  91. not installing??
  92. Huge Graphical Glitches
  93. Crahes on loading screens
  94. Control Scheme
  95. Short but fun
  96. Should you buy it?
  97. Anyone found any eastereggs?
  98. Gameplay Video & Guice - For those curious
  99. Just Beat Bastion
  100. Problem with directx.
  101. Every time I start Bastion - Directx
  102. (minor?) Gameplay bug found
  103. A message for the Devs.
  104. Love the game, but have one minor question for the devs...
  105. Soundtrack?
  106. Extra Materials in +
  107. So what's your favorite weapon? (minor spoilers possible)
  108. Bastion crashed when trying to switch to Window mode
  109. Screen is in letterbox?
  110. won't install?
  111. Can't roll in certain directions
  112. Profiles ?
  113. Issues with cloud saving
  114. does blocking and counter works 360 degrees?
  115. Game available in Brazil and South Africa again?!
  116. What were your choices at the end? (SPOILERS)
  117. WASD
  118. No sound in bastion?
  119. Using Shield without auto lock?
  120. Just wanted to share some love
  121. Can't remap "Block" on controller
  122. Achievements: 12/13?
  123. Startup Fail
  124. No sound in Bastion
  125. Upgrading weapons
  126. The Stranger
  127. High-Res bug
  128. Bastion impressions
  129. Saving
  130. VRAM requirement?
  131. Trouble with remapping keys
  132. Nice Gel Canister
  133. No sound - ZCinema
  134. How long is the full game?
  135. Bastion Major Resolution Bug
  136. "The End" achievement issue?
  137. My save game keeps rolling back, not playing till this is fixed
  138. Hey devs!
  139. Soundtrack?
  140. PS3 Gamepads Don't Work
  141. Slow/jittery animation
  142. The devs should get a reward...
  143. Just got this...now I want a 360 controller.
  144. This game is a gem!
  145. Developer to Developer question
  146. Finished the game - Opinion.
  147. it tries to install dx9 everytime I start it?
  148. "Bastion has stopped working" bug
  149. Crash on entering the Saloon
  150. Game lacks documentation specific to the demo and it's limitations?
  152. Update 06 released (check FAQ for details)
  153. Can't Load...error
  154. What did you use to play?
  155. Screen flickering on start up
  156. Game freezes when I die.
  157. Funny thing about -nofixedstep
  158. Still having issues with Left Trigger right trigger?
  159. Game apprciation thread ( the 164984th one)
  160. Want to play this game, but...
  161. WASD control issues
  162. Trading extra copies of games for Bastion
  163. Proving Grounds Guides!
  164. what weapon and secret skill to use with 10 idols?
  165. Narrator makes this game really special
  166. Unable to Use Shield Standing Still
  167. bastion soundtrack ?
  168. Odd Item/Activate Names?
  169. Can't run the game!
  170. Logitech Rumblepad F510 working perfectly + amazing support from devs
  171. Lost my savefile?
  172. A couple suggestions/complaints
  173. 360 controller crashes demo?
  174. Ashely Barret has a beautiful voice!
  175. Can't Buy Soundtrack w/o Buying Game?
  176. One missing acheivement
  177. Bastion won't work.
  178. 4th building
  179. Achievement typo
  181. Freezing issues with the Breaker's Bow Proving Grounds
  182. Game doesn't prevent screensaver
  183. Game just updated. Any idea what it was?
  184. Leaderboards - ranking criteria?
  185. Second Monitor Problem
  186. Box Art Wallpaper
  187. A couple of bugs: Running animation and Help screen.
  188. Bastion locks up
  189. a bit of bastion gameplay
  190. Bullhead Shield trial (spoilers?)
  191. Is this game as incredible as the demo?
  192. Soundtrack
  193. Netbook Performance
  194. Free Aim with Shield? (M+K controls)
  195. I want to buy this game, but the framerates are too low!
  196. How long?
  197. is someone kind and cool?
  198. So just wondering if I was correct in this assumption (SPOILERS)
  199. Need Bastion to buy soundtrack??
  200. Found the smoking pipe but how to get back in?
  201. Importing save data.
  202. Dual monitor bug
  203. More achieves!
  204. I'm very impressed
  205. Microsoft .Net framework problem
  206. Art Appreciation Thread
  207. Lost save data
  208. Xfire users wanted to get Bastion supported
  209. how long is this game, and is it a good buy?
  210. 12 out of 13?
  211. So what would you be if you lived in the world of Bastion?
  212. What exactly does "Fetching Fizz" do?
  213. WASD Dodge
  214. Memorial bug/typo?
  215. Awesome Metacritic user review
  216. Installs Direct X 9 on every startup D=
  217. Want more!
  218. Game crashes constantly now
  219. Show only 8 Achievements
  220. Shield and Lock on - Help?
  221. Bastion - return to completed levels?
  222. If I buy the Soundtrack on Steam, I can put it on my Ipod, right?
  223. Its amazing what Greg Kasavin Can Do When...
  224. Oversight with Who Knows Where
  225. What's Your Favorite Weapon + Skill And Why?
  226. The Journal (spoilers)
  227. Haven't seen this posted, so here you go.
  228. Bastion Wiki?
  229. Completed the game but no achievement? (spoiler)
  230. Wicked Game
  231. can you avoid killing bosses, but clear the map?
  232. The kid just rages for a while
  233. 360 Gamepad Not Working
  234. Fantastic.
  235. [SPOILERS] Canonical?
  236. To the devs, I just want to say thank you.
  237. "Kid reminds me of myself when I was young." (Spoilers possible)
  238. [SPOILER] Achievements
  239. What are the Mailboxand Outhouse for?
  240. >> Bastion Steam Avatars <<
  241. Unable to Select Gel Cannister
  242. This was a great game but it needed more variety.
  243. Problem with the last update of Bastion
  244. Small improvements I feel would benefit this game
  245. Help a noob out.
  246. (minor) Pack graphical glitch
  247. Stubborn FPS issue
  248. How do I access my soundtrack for Bastion?
  249. Slow character movement
  250. Corrupted files