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  1. worth it ? hows it like?
  2. Hi Everyone
  3. Anything new?
  4. Impulse key not working on Steam?
  5. Mac?
  6. I already have the game
  7. Green Man Gaming key not working.
  8. This game is A LOT of fun.
  9. It's ok, just buy it.
  10. Nr.1 baby !! :)
  11. Great Time Killer
  12. Price change
  13. Great game, awkward controls.
  14. SPAZ Review
  15. Better buy Space Rangers (cheaper, too)
  16. Resolution?
  17. Suggestion for an AI command
  18. Technology Research
  19. Few questions :)
  20. TotalHalibut WTF IS
  21. Getting "TorgueGameBuilder has stopped working" during initial setup
  22. Any replayability?
  23. added respec?
  24. Cannot download
  25. How is the pace?
  26. Ship Design & Recommendations
  27. Advanced AI Orders
  28. What do I do?
  29. Tips for the newbies
  30. Note for CDKey entry
  31. Warning: Demo Saves not compatible...
  32. Data rewards for missions on insane?
  33. My challenge rules
  34. Balance of Power Part 1
  35. Red Text Difficult To Read
  36. Steam Cloud Support
  37. "I hope you are paying attention...
  38. Presets for entire fleet
  39. Minor bug.
  40. Are beam weapons just so much better?
  41. Whats with the random invisible mines?
  42. Improvements from the beta?
  43. Mac Version?
  44. Where to place your research points
  45. Is it possible to build?
  46. This game is insulting.
  47. Space Rangers 2 Reboot?
  48. Looks like Operation: Inner Space?
  49. New update?
  50. What a kind generous developer!
  51. Congrats on making the front page of reddit!
  52. Can't kill Skid puff, help
  53. To the dev's YOU BEAT ME TO IT!!
  54. Mine layer tweak?
  55. Dear mission to defend the mothership,
  56. Crew Based Weapons
  57. Problem with Black market shipyard.
  58. Can't register on the official wiki
  59. [Suggestion] More Hangars? <3
  60. Quick tip about Goons.
  61. Customisation in SPAZ
  62. Endgame
  63. Convince me!
  64. Tips on dealing with mines?
  65. Hull Mass
  66. Pretty Sane
  67. "under the rug" mission
  68. Neverending mission
  69. Love this game, but I've got a few problems with it.
  70. Zombie Ships
  71. Which one should I buy?
  73. Unitlost video of SPAZ !!
  74. Could use some improvements.
  75. How to upgrade mothership?
  76. Question about Crew/Goons?
  77. Enemy vs. Enemy
  78. Modding?
  79. What unlocks what?
  80. Suggestion: fewer blackboxes needed for large and huge ships
  81. Don't glue keys to a control
  82. Watched a review, played the demo, purchased the game!
  83. Good concept; poor execution, extremely repetitive.
  84. OMFG!
  85. Specalist question
  86. Questions on Buying Tech and Comments
  87. I'd really like to be able to bind a key to toggle automate turrets
  88. A few observations about game difficulty
  89. Final boss bugged or by design?
  90. X decelerates faster than thruster can
  91. Why buy when you can destroy?
  92. Very diffucult time in-game
  93. Trojan Horse help (spoilers)
  94. Am I allowed to post a giveaway?
  95. suggestion for repercussions of negative faction rating
  96. space pirates and zombies 2.0 suggestion
  97. Is this a sequel to starscape
  98. The voice-overs....
  99. SPAZ Giveaway
  100. Best Ships/Loadouts?
  101. Specialists
  102. Just me or do missiles suck overall?
  103. A curiosity...
  104. To All Having A Difficult Time
  105. Possibly a good tip.
  106. Weird shooting-pickup bug
  107. Any reason to make a huge galaxy?
  108. S.P.A.Z - Video Review
  109. General Gameplay Suggestions
  110. Get Rez?
  111. Admiral Jamison
  112. If I could make just 1 change...
  113. specialist speed loader
  114. Good concept; great execution, extremely repetitive, super addictive [FIXED]
  115. Friendly fire is a bit of a problem
  116. Bars vs. Numbers
  117. Great name...
  118. need a sticky here
  119. torquegamebuilder crashes
  120. Game wont start?
  121. Cannons are not balanced with other weapons
  122. Any guides around for finding ship black boxes?
  123. Subtitles
  124. Mass Bombs
  125. Keymaster
  126. Cloak vs. Shields
  127. Heh. Playing S.P.A.Z. instead of Deus Ex.
  128. Small bug with launching the game (the specific mode is not supported by this device)
  129. Downside to Goon Surplus?
  130. Double Mount Turrets Etc. (Equipping Issue?)
  131. Trouble mapping keys when not using qwerty layout
  132. Game completion achievement bug
  133. S.P.A.Z overview on Ars
  134. Drones?
  135. Custom Res not displaying pop-ups right
  136. [BUG(?)] Empty/Blank Game Start Window w/DX Compatability Mode (With Solution)
  137. Very complex game
  138. Storyline and game world
  139. Ars Technica article about indie devs (including SPAZ devs)
  140. since SPAZ is an attempt to honor games of old...
  141. End of the game is way too easy.
  142. [SUGGESTION] Long Range Data Scanner
  143. Cannon reload speed bug?
  144. Please tell your friends.
  145. Too complex at beginning.
  146. Blueprints..... WHERE?
  147. Insane broken?
  148. Mines?
  149. Purchase from Impulse, Activate on Steam?
  150. Cool game :)
  151. Problem with Warpgates
  152. Specialist Question
  153. How to make this game hard - start to finish.
  154. The second part of "we need a frickin laser"
  155. Just did a major-ish zombie battle for the first time..
  156. Black Boxes picked up by mothership/beacons don't work
  157. Any chance of this going on sale soon?
  158. How do you clear zombie infection?
  159. Does AI shoot Crew Pods?
  160. a few questions and bugs
  161. Screenshot button bugged...?
  162. more balance in the number of inner worlds and outer worlds?
  163. dirty word on space billboard
  164. Multi-Core CPU support?
  165. request for HD+ resolution support
  166. Modding?
  167. Attacking stations : How should I handle it?
  168. What does the 'booster' modules do exactly?
  169. Optional damage number popups!
  170. What is a "shuttle"?
  171. mine generators are OP in early levels?
  172. How do I upgrade the mothership?
  173. Demo ran fine, full game crashes on start-up
  174. [Suggestion] Galaxy map flags and filter
  175. Save file location
  176. Feedback
  177. Mothership blueprint crash
  178. Is it possible to get a galaxy without all the components available?
  179. I like this game- nice mix of RPG/shooter action
  180. Thumbs up to the creators
  181. Tractor beam bug
  182. Post what worked (and didn't) on your run!
  183. Excellent game! Here are some ideas!
  184. A question of Mass Bombs and later Scaling.
  185. Loud Buzzing noise from speakers on game start screen
  186. Radio Chatter Causes Lockups
  187. Having major slowdown drop in Chap 3
  188. Possibly a monstrously stupid question, but...
  189. Expert Achievement does not unlock after Insane Playthrough
  190. Graphics settings
  191. Possible SPAZ sale? Want to share with friends!
  192. Pleasing both sides and missions
  193. More Tactics Options & Movement Error
  194. Thanks!
  195. Official suggestion thread ?
  196. Desired Surplus Crew
  197. The Spaceship Graveyard?
  198. A thank you.
  199. A few problems with some missions.
  200. Patch due Oct. 3rd!
  201. how to set AI to mine rez?
  202. Why won't the game play?
  203. SpazGame Crash [FIXED?]
  204. Praise and suggestions
  205. Crew questions
  206. Escort Ship just running in circles?
  207. Changing Faction Strength/Level to make it easier to take out a station
  208. Bug: Toggle Cloak / Shields appears twice in options, Cannot remap C key
  209. In v .6 is it possible to beat the game with a straight cannon build on insane?
  210. Tech level and enemy ships
  211. Ship Controls - Can you tell a ship to go home, and stay there?
  212. Is it just me, or are beams much worse then cannons?
  213. Interview podcast with the creators
  214. Just thought I'd mention this "OH CRAP!" moment
  215. Question about Boosters
  216. How do you land "stealthily" on high-level hostile sat?
  217. Is it just me or small-medium AI ships being useless in mid-late game?
  218. Bought your Game
  219. Clockwork Upgrades/Equipment
  220. Sniper Achievement bugged?
  221. Are smaller Universes better?
  222. Zombie infection question
  223. More Gameplay Suggestions
  224. Escape Button on "Space-Menu"
  225. Best cannon build for Chap 4 [minor SPOILERS]?
  226. Having issues with stat builds.
  227. Thoughts on tech
  228. Noob Questions
  229. luv it!
  230. On sale...
  231. Love the Halloween patch!
  232. Trading Humble Frozen Bundle for this!
  233. Buy this game
  234. Runs under Crossover on OS X (but *really* slowly)
  235. Just purchased...a few questions...
  236. HELP stuck in galactic core
  237. Mod Ideas
  238. [video] SPAZ Quicklook/Overview for those looking at game
  239. Enemy ships flying away
  240. Seriously guys? I have to cross the galaxy during chapter one?
  241. 2 questions
  242. Carrier can't have dual turret mount?
  243. To the developers at MinMax
  244. Would Dr. Octogonpus beat the zombies?
  245. 4 Things
  246. v1.011 = 2560x1600 max res, and you can dump goons :)
  247. Mac porting questions
  248. Choppy game play
  249. Co-op
  250. Ideas and suggestions