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  2. Any TF2 promo hat for pre-ordering MW3?
  3. Will it have dedicated servers?
  4. No hats. No sale.
  5. Option to add to wish list?
  6. Remember when...
  7. One Hundred US Dollars!
  8. Pre-Purchase or Not To?
  9. $99.99!!!! WTF
  10. 40 Quid is a Joke
  11. game trailer
  12. Anyone know if we get to pre-download??
  13. Should I get this or Rage?
  15. 11.8.11
  16. And why exactly should I preorder this...?
  17. 60 = 86 dollars
  18. What is this rubbish on the store page?
  19. All I can say is NO...
  20. steam required?
  21. I don't think i've ever seen more whiners.
  22. too early for a HUGE pre order banner
  23. LOL
  24. Where's VAC?
  25. Buy Deus Ex: HR instead of CoD and save 15!
  26. Steamwork
  27. Preorder TF2 hats?
  28. Will this have a Server Browser and Server Mods?
  29. Price error
  30. Bad russians again
  31. New accurate trailer of MW3
  32. This or Red Orchestra 2?
  33. Why should I buy this game?
  34. BF3 OR MW3
  35. MW3 will have dedicated servers like COD4 did!
  36. That's a huge banner!
  37. It's A Trap!
  38. who the hell is going to pre-order for 60$?
  39. Stop lying steam!
  40. So you guys buy games without even watching gameplay ?
  41. Why are so many people still buying this?
  42. mw3 system requirements
  43. Why are people buying MW3?
  44. Dedi's is no longer the question
  45. This is why im buying mw3
  46. [rant] Why I don't preorder COD:MW3
  47. What's the point of pre-ordering
  48. Everyone Owns MW3!
  49. Horrible Photoshop
  50. Meanwhile in Gamescon....
  51. MW3 looks to much like.....CoD 4 5 6 and 7
  52. $99usd for a pre-order?
  53. Video game industry bled some more.
  54. This is how some of you make me feel...
  55. Any Australians See the MW3 Price?
  56. So is this basically a patched version of MW2?
  57. No Thanks..
  58. Amusing gamescom 2011 article.
  59. Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom
  60. The yearly CoD cost
  61. $59US to $100AUS - Rip off of the year !
  62. I still play Call of Duty because...
  63. $99.99 in Australia? HAHAHAHAHAHA
  64. How insulting!!!
  65. Awesome Game resembling COD
  66. Why should I buy MW3?
  68. How do we get this crappy game off of the store page?
  69. Any way I can BAN a game from my store?
  70. This is the CoD MW3 Forum, Right?
  71. Is this a joke?
  72. Why I will NOT support this company and MW3
  73. the graphics and game engine haven't changed...
  74. Troll Post Thread
  75. Pre-order!?!? For what?
  76. I lol'd. I rofl'd.
  77. buying MW3 for PC? look at BLOPS server browser
  78. Any Aussies that are buying MW3.
  79. Do I get a hat?
  80. Meanwhile at Gamescon.
  81. Please save the gaming industry and don't buy this game.
  82. MW3 is made with QUAKE 3 engine
  83. Steam news updates: 3 out of 5 for "new" CoD!
  84. MW3 = Justin Bieber of the Gaming Industry
  85. It's an Xbox game
  86. Who developed MW3?
  87. 39.99
  88. Another Copy Paste! wooot!
  89. Aren't games supposed to be fun?
  90. ValveTestApp42699
  91. That's Hilarious
  92. This game is a joke
  93. GAMEFest [UK]
  94. Why all the hate?
  95. MW3 and MW2 Ban
  96. I think we all know that MW3 is gonna win
  97. GTFO my front page
  98. Pre-Order MW3 Now.....
  99. Why not pay 40% more for MW3 if your in Australia?
  100. Why do idiots compare BF3 and CoD?
  101. Are we gonna get server files as well?
  102. D POS
  104. steamworks??
  105. BF3 my ♥♥♥ I pre-ordered!
  106. lol cod
  107. Do you know why we care about what you guys buy?
  108. 1v1 me u noobs i pwn u all!!!!!
  109. What the hell you done to AK-47?!
  111. what the [pink hearts]?
  112. So apparently mw3 is using some stuff from bc2.
  113. Not in the front page anymore ?
  114. Activision fires back at EA/DICE on COD vs BF comments, wishes them success.
  115. Never underestimate the power of a free hat...
  116. Guys, Just think about it....
  117. Gamemodes question
  118. mw2 tubing clan [TPU]
  119. Robert Bowling caught playing... BF3!
  120. Well, since we talk about BF3 here, then GG BF3?
  121. When you pre-order MW3,Steam shows ValveTestApp42699
  122. MW3 Dedicated Servers Announced!
  123. VAC and Punkbuster Combined For MW3?
  124. cod, chavs, and burberry
  125. MW3 players
  126. For whoever missed the first video...
  127. i have play button on mw3
  128. 2011 Modern Warfare 3
  129. Why the devs hate russia so much?
  130. Same every year?
  131. One word conclusion for "This Hatre"
  132. The fact that
  133. Why would you buy this game after what they did to MW2 and BO?
  135. Spec Ops Survial: Read this.
  136. Free for All Commentary w/ BadBadRobot
  137. How much longer will COD go on??
  138. COD MW3 Spawn system
  139. my final choice
  140. Killstreaks and Perks leaked
  141. Question about Pre-Order
  142. Are u people really going to buy this garbage?
  143. This Modern Warfare based shooter sequel is unoriginal
  144. Call of Duty left the topsellers!
  145. New MW3 Gameplay!
  146. Help, can I activate and play the game. (RUSSIAN REGIONAL)
  147. So when are they going to make MW3?
  148. Lets give this one a chance
  149. I will admit that one thing mw3 will do better is the coop mode.
  150. my preorder bonuses
  151. Dedicated servers AND matchmaking?
  152. Played MW2 for the first time after Weeks
  153. These are the people who are going to buy the game :D
  154. Already seen hacks for this game.
  155. Australia Edition
  156. DONT BUY BF3!
  157. Stop with wars!
  158. Pre Load MW3 before release?
  159. mw3 support !!!
  160. The positive MW3 thread
  161. MW3 fails at Gamescon 2011!!!
  162. Fair word of warning
  163. Really looking forward to MW3
  164. you girls buy this game for multiplayer and pay 59 dollars
  165. LEAKED! Perks and Killstreaks....
  166. [COMMENTARY]Modern Warfare 3 Thoughts.
  167. mw3 preorders
  168. I can't believe....
  169. Thoughts About MW3 and BF3
  170. To everyone who pre-ordered.
  172. Lets count how many people here will/will not buy this game
  173. Unjustified hate towards MW3?
  174. Think About It
  175. What are mw3 system requirements and can my pc run it?
  176. so...
  177. Modern Warfare Is Not Black Ops
  178. MW3 Matchmaking ?
  179. I hope you can tell team mates in mult. player this time.
  180. No BF3 on Steam? Sorry EA, I'll buy MW3 instead
  181. What won't return in MW3?
  182. finding mw2 games after mw3 release
  183. Please let Dedicated Servers not be the horrible mess there are in Black Ops
  184. Will MW3 cheaters be addressed?
  185. Cover System
  186. Why do you even compare MW3 to BF3???
  187. Servers "Like" CoD4?
  188. Will MW3 be balanced for lean?
  189. Modern Warfare 3 will have Steamworks support
  190. When the DLC's come out. what do you think the prices will be?
  191. Modern Warfare 3 has 32-player matches
  192. lolcod
  193. IF MW3 is $60, then why is Prototype 2 $50?
  194. mw3 is not going to be like mw2 in my opinion
  195. MW3 Fan page Latin America
  196. MW3 for $50.96 @ D2D
  197. Please stop it.
  198. So who Paying 40.00 for This DLC!!
  199. Hardened and Prestige Editions on PC
  200. Pre-purchased MW3 before news update, still get CoD4?
  202. xbox 360 controller ?
  203. I might sucker into buying mw3
  204. Please allow player hosted dedicated servers
  205. Survival mode bots with clays!?
  206. Why MW3 should be better then BF3 on PC
  207. MW3 MP Reveal Trailer
  208. Receive MW1 doubt...
  209. Wow this game
  210. Someone knows a big budget game more ugly than MW3 that arrives this year?
  211. Does anyone have an extra copy of CoD4: MW ?
  212. Call of Duty XP: Live Coverage Event!
  213. Wtf is this SH*IT
  214. BF3 multiplayer trailer VS COD:MW3 Trailer
  215. How many of you liked what you saw.
  216. Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer gameplay (no commentary, cut-outs, etc)
  217. Is no one entitled to their opinion anymore on these forums?
  218. New footage
  219. Why not give a free cod4 key to Africa?
  220. COD: XP Stream? here we go
  221. MW3 pay to play?!?!?
  222. 1.5 - 2 hour SP may break new ground??
  223. So much work put into MW3
  224. Stop comparing BF3 and MW3!
  225. Anyone up for trading their MW1 preorder copy?
  226. Wow
  227. I am excited. Confirmed Kill sounds like best mp mode over anything BF3 got
  228. MW3: Screwed over PC gamers, once again
  229. So how long is the SP for MW3?
  230. 50 bucks per year to have a stat screen and DLC's
  231. So what to do about the dlc situation?
  232. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer
  233. New Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Screenshot!!
  234. This game: Ruined find out why
  235. The new Multiplayer trailer : This game will be a good COD
  236. A chance to win BF or MW3!!
  237. Stop the IW love
  238. Does ELITE mark end of Xbox 360 exclusive release dates?
  239. Would you Pre-Order a Digital Hardened Edition if it was available on Steam?
  240. Two BIG questions we should all be asking IW
  241. PC gameplay?
  242. My only wish regarding MW3
  243. Very Good Fan made film
  244. for how much would you buy MW3?
  245. Seriously? no hardened edition for PCs copies?
  246. Deathstreaks..... Why ?????????? Whyyyyyyyyyyyy
  247. Where is my MW1?
  248. This game will be awful
  249. COD:MW 3 will be possible to create your own dedicated server?
  250. Call of Duty Elite full details