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  1. From Dust [Questions, Problems, Help]
  2. From Dust - I made a good purchase
  3. Final kick inna teeth
  4. Big Price, small game.
  5. Game requires seperate account on ubi soft
  6. Good, Bad and Ugly! WITH HD VIDEO!
  7. Preorder
  8. Connection required
  9. Low FPS
  10. help needed!
  11. 30 FPS CAP WTF
  12. Are the graphics of PC From Dust better than the Xbox 360 version?
  13. Issues with textures or effects. Lava instead of dirt.
  14. No offline play???
  15. Is the money refund possible?
  16. Actually This is a Pretty Great Game
  17. No Text on start screen
  18. VSync Not Working
  19. Ubisoft caught lying
  20. STEAM is not offering refunds of FROM DUST (Updated Title)
  21. error!
  22. My review of From Dust
  23. Crashing on startup - Details inside
  24. Extra mouse button(s) in controls.
  25. Steve Buys From Dust
  26. High Tides - Impossible ?
  27. Why am I being punished for buying a game?
  28. 5 reasons to BOYCOTT Ubisoft! (Mistrust)
  29. What's wrong with the mouse movement?
  30. Please help!
  31. Does anyone have a solution yet?
  32. Well, you can hate them for DRM
  33. Poor performance, dismal controls, spare yourself
  34. Foreign UI text on final story level.
  35. Flickering Sky
  36. Turning Rumble Off On a Xbox Controller?
  37. no online-highscore
  38. I can't even play the game
  39. Is 30fps cap real?
  40. Ubisoft failed again
  41. Dear Mr. Eric Chahi
  42. Will there be a patch?
  43. My game won't even start
  44. Instant Crash. Fairly good PC dont know why.
  45. does anyone think a patch will actually happen to fix everything?
  46. Didnt notice it was UbiSoft, oops
  47. How do I stop the mouse from moving half-way across the screen ...
  48. Solution for those who can't get past logo!
  49. game save sync always fails
  50. How Do You Skip Cut Scene?
  51. No eyefinity/surround support.
  52. From Dust Refunds.
  53. Sandbox; What have you created?
  54. Emergent Gameplay - the other solution
  55. Unnoficial 30fps/vsync patch available
  56. Anti-aliasing
  57. This game is really slow
  58. FD Makes my Computer Crash -- Help!
  59. Steam how about a credit refund?
  60. The First Power - broken?
  61. How has ubisoft not commented on the serious complaints?
  62. Any way to adjust the in-game sound?
  63. Why can't I trade my TF2 hat? Balls.
  64. People get stuck
  65. A great Pity
  66. UBI Sucks
  67. I have emailed Gabe
  68. Game Update?
  69. Solution for the QQ
  70. there was a problem...
  71. A problem starting From Dust
  72. Ubisoft a video history of evil,and from dust
  73. So, seems like they are going to remove the DRM
  74. Where are the Saved Games?
  75. Update on From Dust DRM situation.
  76. weird crashing .. today
  77. Crashing after the last map.
  78. Empty Splash screen (Win7)
  79. Crash on startup
  80. Refunds through Steam now available.
  81. How to Obtain Refund?
  82. game worked first day.. then nothing
  83. An honest video review of From Dust
  84. CD-Key dosent work
  85. From Dust playthrough starring X
  86. From Dust Non-Existant Key
  87. Great Job Steam/Ubisoft
  89. Crossfire question.
  90. I just got From Dust, and now I find out there are problems...
  91. Going for world record
  92. Account required?
  93. Just bought Dust
  94. Repel stones
  95. Get Bryce 7 instead
  96. Solution for "silent" crash after clicking Play on launcher
  97. Refund
  98. Demo? Or am I an idiot?
  100. From Dust just downloaded a patch (via it's own launcher) but no visible changes?
  101. The menu won't appear!!!!
  102. Full screen not really full screen? (Mouse issues with dual screen)
  103. Mask of Shaman?
  104. Issue with the main menu screen
  105. Bug: Steam doesn't link to this forum correctly
  106. Patch out
  107. Error since download patch
  108. A (Possible) Solution to the 30FPS cap
  109. Internet at all times removed
  110. the best part of this game is
  111. "Ubisoft Game Launcher Error. Reinstalling the game may fix this problem". fixed?
  112. terrible...
  113. Top Legit Time?
  114. Have the DRM been removed now?
  115. Is from dust blasphemous?
  116. wait for the 5$ sale.
  117. Key bindings won't stick
  118. Sandbox mode ?
  119. Trading Frozen Synapse for From dust!
  120. I want a refund...
  121. refund / exchange somehow?
  122. Ubisoft Is At It Again
  123. A nice surprise
  124. I should've known better...
  125. My Issues with the game (console port)
  126. Steam sale forum link broken on purpose?
  127. 7.50USD was the best you could do...?
  128. Is it worth it?
  129. There are a lot of whiny posts about this game.
  130. Problem - Launch
  131. 2.99 @ GMG right now
  132. From Dust Ubisoft Launcher problem
  133. Can't find Ubisoft game launcher
  134. Is there a way to test DRM compatibility
  135. Is it worth $5?
  136. No link to forum on store page
  137. [w] coupon - does anyone have one for this game?
  138. ERROR Solved
  139. What's the status on the DRM/Ubi bull?
  140. So I just saved $5?
  141. This is a Joke
  142. Help with an error?
  143. Upon quitting, the game freezes...
  144. [WTT] 25% Dead Island coupon for From Dust coupon
  145. Game keeps minimizing today
  146. H: From Dust W: Offers.
  147. Cant even launch the game
  148. no leaderboards?
  149. Not tracking?
  150. [Video] First Impressions From Dust
  151. It's worth to purchase From Dust? It's a good game?
  152. Great game! and some feedback
  153. DO NOT BUY
  154. cry some more
  155. The people and their language
  156. I keep CTD
  157. From Dust in HD With Antialiasing
  158. Finished the campaign at 23 hours
  159. boring sunday afternoon
  160. Making gamepad default controller option?
  161. An answer to PGuybrush's "DO NOT BUY" thread.
  162. Savegames
  163. From Dust
  164. From Dust will be unplayable next week
  165. Can't Play
  166. Moderators locking/censoring critical threads
  167. Just installed: Uplay and local saves.
  168. how do you start the game help
  169. Lol the end...
  170. Don't buy for PC! Get it on your console.
  171. usual Ubisoft crap. Huge download, Online mode not function. All steam keys invalid.
  172. Cant start launcher, "ubisoft game launcher error"
  173. From Dust coming to Google Chrome.
  174. Keep or get a refund?
  175. Great game. But half finished. Where is the content?
  176. 70% off at GG
  177. Computer Turns Off
  178. My only complaint is calling it a sandbox on steam
  179. Another will not start question
  180. 50% off? Still a no from me sorry.
  181. No Graphic options at all? LAG
  182. From Dust PC update
  183. Where did offline play go?
  184. Cd key already in use
  185. DRM is gone now right?
  186. So how are things? Any better?
  187. Controller Support?
  188. Synchronizing 0% and doesn't go any further
  189. Error opening bigfile
  190. Dear Steam, please ...
  191. Where is the play offline option?
  192. Help: stuck in main screen!
  193. Is this game worth buying at 75%
  194. Engulf All
  195. Is it like Black and White?
  196. Level 8
  197. Minor freezes, graphical issues, and occasional crashes
  198. Game Keeps Crashing at Start
  199. DRM info removed from store page
  200. warning for intel graphic users
  201. Your username or password is incorrect. Please try again.
  202. What is this uPlay stuff?
  204. Do not buy this game today - Servers are down.
  205. Ubi, thank you for the $3.74 reminder on why you suck
  206. Dear Ubisoft
  207. Anyone want to try to get a refund?
  208. uplay is back up
  209. Crash/freeze after Ubisoft logo - SOLUTION!
  210. Ubisoft Game Launcher Error - Solution
  211. Stuck on first screen after ubisoft logo?
  213. ADTECH Banner
  214. Stopped working
  215. So where my saves gone?
  216. This game is 1(1 Euro)
  217. All that and limited downloads too
  218. Ubisoft
  219. I really liked this game - a solid review at IGR
  220. Uplay/Ubisoft Servers Down