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  1. Just one thing...
  2. Any old spider web exile&avernum fans?
  3. Things I miss...
  4. Thanks for the fair and price
  5. SpiderWeb Appreciation Group
  6. Great RPG
  7. My map indicators are being funky :O
  8. Avadon: The Black Fortress - Video Review
  9. Is there a chance for a french version one day?
  10. Troubles at the main screen
  11. Just can't stop Playing!
  12. Really hard to read text.
  13. Demo questions
  14. Daily deal thread
  15. Do the character models reflect the equipment they are currently using?
  16. Wall Spots Achievement
  17. Into the circle *spoilers*
  18. Better Equipment?
  19. Party Member Gone?
  20. How do you use Spirit Claw?
  21. Nathalie's Ambition Quest
  22. Screw this crap - lol
  23. Multilanguage support in future? (german etc.)
  24. Is the "casual" difficulty setting too easy?
  25. Well Read achievement is broken
  26. Achievement help
  27. Walkthrough?
  28. Anyone remember how the dev was complaining about Indie games being too cheap?
  29. Please make fun of me here
  30. No menu and mouse trails
  31. Is 1.0s the latest version?
  32. Someone wants to trade the Avadon
  33. [H] 50% off Avadon coupon [W] Coal
  34. [H] Avadon [W] Section 8: Prejudice
  35. I have a coupon for this game, and wish to hopefully trade for a RPG game coupon
  36. [Have] Avadon [Want] Other game offers
  37. [H]Avadon [W]Greed Corp
  38. Have this for anything
  39. The Sixth Ritual Quest
  40. [W]Avadon [H] Titans or 1..2..3..Kick it
  41. [Have] Frozen Synapse [Want] Avadon
  42. Augment 50 items
  43. Want Havadon, Have 2 for trade
  44. [H] Avadon: Black Fortress [W] any game really
  45. coupon
  46. I have a 50% coupon to give away free
  47. Recent Game Update ?
  48. Menu frame rate is < 1.
  49. Magic Missle?
  50. Crashing issues
  51. What is the Shadow Beast weak too?
  52. Was the interface designed for tablets?
  53. Stuck at Eye Mamora
  54. Wretch Message (minor spoilers)
  56. Should You Buy Avadon: The Black Fortress?
  57. What Stat Controls Spirit Claw & Firebolt?
  58. Avadon BF Shadow Beast Quest