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  1. What hardware spec is needed for max settings, Croteam?
  2. Sprinting toggle
  3. Controller Problems
  4. Sniper's locations? *May be spoilers*
  5. Sam Classic Change request.
  6. Just beat singleplayer but no achievement?
  7. Upgrading
  8. Secret Weapons Ammo Restocked at the beginning of Mission
  9. Secret I can't get
  10. SS3 10/12 levels?
  11. So, what do you think about melee?
  12. Where are all the guns at?
  13. Game says i cheated!
  14. Played for 4 hours friday. Now game wont start.
  15. So guys who have Super Sampling (SSAA) on: Turn it off
  16. Load of Scrap achievement
  17. Rocket Jumps?
  18. AI glitches
  20. Why are critics so out of touch?
  21. Controller not recognizez
  22. Kill count on the last level? (Possible spoilers)
  24. Bug with shadows?
  25. Serious review is now up!
  26. Some constructive criticism
  27. Nice review!
  28. Multiplayer (Third Person View)
  29. Sandwhale
  30. Anyone feel the game is blurry?
  31. What a game... WHAT A GAME!!!
  32. How long?
  33. How to disable mouse acceleration in this game. Croteam please fix!
  34. Achievements not unlocking
  35. SOLVED ! 10 minutes loading and very low framerate
  36. Crashing at startup
  37. Physics map from the Making Of.
  38. BSOD-Serious Sam 3
  39. So, this game is awesome, but...
  40. Versus Server/ Disabling black out when shot
  41. Malfunction when tried to save the game
  42. Quicksave and quickload reassign
  43. is there any way to remove the devestator scope?
  44. Serious Sam 3: BFE publisher on piracy: “people will pay for awesome”
  45. Thanks Alen Ladavac!
  46. Another like thread
  47. Mouse Freezing?
  48. Lovely stuff... future update inc. missing enemies?
  49. About the UI
  50. SS3 Dedicated Server Problem instalation!
  51. I liked the game but...
  52. How to easily overload game's engine
  53. Game Crashes and Choppy Vid and sound.
  54. about the sirian areas
  55. Game crashes when loading savegames
  56. Saving gameplay in coop???
  57. Crash on Startup только по Русски
  58. Secret weapon in level 1 ??
  59. Seriously serious players club
  60. How to know if our file is being flaged as Old School/Serious achiev?
  61. Alen Ladavac
  62. Blood Options
  63. Console FOV command not working
  64. The reason why this game runs slow on ultra.
  65. Two big thumbs up!
  66. Game Crash (Application has malfunctioned)
  67. What happened to my game files?
  68. C4 location, no C4 yet? [spolier]
  69. Graphics glitch: Objects disappear and reappear
  70. The level in which you lose all your weapons
  71. Demo Recording
  72. No launch trailer in bonus content?
  73. For all of you with frame rate issues, please try this...
  74. Can I play SS3 on my netbook?
  75. Weapons question
  76. It's a shame we don't get a full instrumental of Enlightening the World
  77. ERROR: Performing Execution Resets "Last Weapon" Key To Bare Hands/Mutilator
  78. LF Coop Partners
  79. nice steam community reception
  80. Any plans for post-release promotions?
  81. File signature verification failed!! by starting the Game
  82. What's the main flaw of SS3 in your opinion?
  83. Unable to load saved game error - How to solve this, please?
  84. Serious Run Achievement not obtained.
  85. secrets first level
  86. My serious sam 3 review
  87. Few achievement questions (with small surprise)
  88. Help - Not enough memory error?
  89. How's the performance?
  90. How Is This Game
  91. Application has malfunctioned error
  92. Serious Sam 3 - freezes/stutters on level advancement
  93. How long is this game and how alive is it?
  94. Singleplayer campaign progression
  95. pre-ordered deluxe edition but got no deluxe features..
  96. Thank you so much Croteam
  97. The Silent Riddler Secrets.
  98. Level naming explanation
  99. How to use the Mutilator?
  100. Serious Sam 3 BFE is a hardware-intensive game :-( Can better optimize?
  101. Serious Sam 3 Update - Dec 1
  102. Last boss unplayable FPS problem
  103. FOV in new patch
  104. Thanks CroTeam
  105. Loading problem
  106. Performance Graphs Megathread
  107. Witches = Anti-fun
  108. Control Issue
  109. Uhh, seeing only user-hosted games?
  110. I can haz old weapons?
  111. Idea: Achievements -> Character titles
  112. The game would have sold a lot if...
  113. No Place to Hide - Jumping Combo to rooftops
  114. Cinematics bug
  115. So on every start up, if I verify files, one file fails, it reinstalls MS Redist
  116. Question about all secrets in the game
  117. FOV Slider = ?
  118. Gameradar's Matthew Keast has serious(ly stupid) critique for Serious Sam 3.
  119. FOV and muzzle flash
  120. 4 Pack. Seriously.
  121. Does SS3 has an editor included?
  122. Serious Editor Broke?
  123. This game is just awesome!
  124. SLI performance?
  125. Deathmatch - Kinda weird?
  126. So what was the point of...
  127. manual
  128. Player list button doesn't work
  129. Multiplayer modes
  130. Serious Sam Performance issue. (bad)
  131. Serious editor 3 question
  132. I can easilly see all the bragging but where are the video?
  133. VERY low framerate
  134. How to parkour up walls correctly?
  135. additional 4GB of RAM - is it gonna help much?
  136. Toggle croutch?
  137. I'm stuck
  138. Change difficulty settings
  139. MY Serious Sam 3 review...!
  140. Malfunction Help
  141. Assault rifle in multiplayer - nerfed?
  142. application has malfunctioned, what next?
  143. Can´t install the game
  144. Whats the best bargain video card to to run ss3 flawless?
  145. This Game Should Support WorkShop
  146. GetGames Serious Sam 3 activation?
  147. Online players?
  148. Connection Timeout Issues
  149. application has malfunctioned
  150. Poor splitscreen performance in campaign...
  151. Anyone know of a TEX to TGA converter that works Win7 ?
  152. Cannot start serious sam 3 (have read faq sticky)
  153. light and darkness issues
  155. The Raptor Sniper Rifle
  156. Will the retail version be supported like the Steam version?
  157. Do secrets add more points to the score?
  158. Will there be a demo in the future?
  159. I'm 5 Hrs Into the Game - Weapons Question Please
  160. Wait is Sam supposed to be saying all this stuff?
  161. Controller Layout
  162. Can I run this game on my abacus?
  163. How "circle of death" and "headsman" achievements work?
  164. question about mplayer difficulty voting
  165. game saves ?
  166. CLASSIC outfit
  167. Can't play SS3 BFE till validate file everytime
  168. Congratulations Croteam!
  169. Can I play SS3 splitscreen with multiple mice?
  170. Serious Run Question
  171. stupid little details to be fix
  172. Enemies: who should be in, who should be out
  173. Malfunction & language disappered
  174. How to pass the level Under the Iron Cloud, near pyramids?
  175. So how's the game Serious Sam players?
  176. Metal X 61 Factor
  177. Is it me?
  178. 12/7/11 Servers all down?
  179. [SOLVED] Steam Error .. annoying !!!
  180. Low grafic in the UI
  181. SS3 review
  182. Similarities to TFE (spoilers)
  183. The best DRM ever!
  184. what makes ss3 an unique game
  185. My Serious Sam 3 video review
  186. Minecraft skin
  187. Finished single player campaign No Achievement
  188. How is it?
  189. Why do people play RAGE more than this?
  190. Serious Difficulty and Old School, B****es!
  191. WOW SS3 problem video wtf 8-) Is funny?
  192. In need of serious help - I can't play SS3!
  193. Multiplayer Coop/Deathmatch
  194. Serious editor 3 Script help
  195. Serious Sam Opening Problem
  196. Serious Sam 3 Update - Dec 8
  197. Thanks Croteam
  198. New Update 8.12.011 causes problems Multiplayer Game! My Log
  199. Your favourite tool of destruction?
  200. SS3 Crashing
  201. Where to buy Serious Sam 3: BFE product code to add into Steam?
  202. UPDATE 8/12/11 The game is censored? No blood? Bug? Error game?
  203. Gold Rush and Life Saver Achievements
  204. Does this game have LAN?
  205. performance issues (solution)
  206. Help, Graphics Problem after Update
  207. How is the splitscreen co-op in this game?
  208. Improbable Secret
  209. 60 Achievements now?
  210. Christmas achievement speculation
  211. having trouble with in game font
  212. played < an hour
  213. Update forced me to download 4+ gig
  214. Points calculation issues in the leaderboards
  215. Survival mode medals.
  216. Why is the sniper neglected?!
  217. Serious Sam 3: CRASH
  218. Need help with dedicated server
  219. 60 fps main menu
  220. out of memory With 4 gigs of ram????
  221. New application profiles released for Serious Sam!
  222. are you serious achievement
  223. Custom game achievements?
  224. 3 weeks since release and...
  225. Serious Editor 3.5 tutorials for beginners
  226. Steam cloud and serious sam
  227. It keeps telling me to update my video driver whenever I start up the game.
  228. I play at highest settings, save one...
  229. Completely Unplayable
  230. Hanging/Crashing after intro
  231. heheheheheh
  232. Scoreboard FPS
  233. How well could I run it?
  234. Where do I go to thank CroTeam for the PC Splitscreen option?!
  235. Crash on Server Browse
  236. serious runner achievement fail :(
  237. How well will it run
  238. Almost my 2011 GOTY
  239. Biggest framerate killing features/settings?
  240. Reason for my crashes.
  241. Outdated Driver Prompt at Startup
  242. Its official.
  243. CPU usage is the framerate problem in this game.
  244. AMD owners 11.11 CAP 3 is out!
  245. SS3 Fixed with bulldozer
  246. Up for multiplayer?
  247. Serious Cannon Bug
  248. New DRM Ideas
  249. Snowy Tree
  250. speedrun attempt: Poor performance during final boss battle + jetpack not working